6 Studying Tips For the Hopeless Procrastinators

Studying tips for procrastinators! #study #school

#study #school

Its true. Studying is one of those things, it's extremely difficult to keep up consistently. It's never helpful to just open a book. There are too many distractions everywhere, and you will never remember block text. For me, a person doing state examinations I have developed a method. And I find I remember better and in more detail. So here goes.

1. Mind-maps, Mind-maps, Mind-maps, and even more MIND-MAPS.

I will always be pro-mind maps. They may be time consuming to make, but they really help.They condense the information into smaller sentences, information is directly in front of you. I have probably made more than a thousand mind-maps, and I am not ashamed of that. Simply read them over, or learn them off. If anybody would like me to, I can show some examples.

2. Cramming is a God-given method of study.

I know a lot of people are impartial to this, but I am also pro-cramming, especially the night before. It is very possible to pass an exam just from night-before cramming (personal experience). I always, the night before every test learn off every mind map that I have made.

3. Study music all the way!!

Yes I am a sad-case. I listen to beautiful opera, and classic Beethoven while I study. And it aids concentration for me. Listen to whatever music makes you the most relaxed that you can be. I strongly suggest that you go for songs with no voice, or else a voice that you do not understand the language. Maybe use earphones so background noises don't disturb you.

6 Studying Tips For the Hopeless Procrastinators

4. Turn off notifications on your phone!

Except for your music, try and stay away from all forms of distracting technology!

5. Make sure your notes are neat!

Oops, I stated the obvious, but seriously! You are never going to be motivated to study a block of messy squabble. Contrary to that, you will feel more motivated if your notes are tidy and clearly outlined! .

6.Actually, what are you doing right now! Get back to work!!

I know it's easy getting distracted, but once you realize that you are distracted, it is rather easy to stop. So if you're distracted right now at this moment, continue studying!!

I hoped this helped. Enjoy study *evil laugh*

6 Studying Tips For the Hopeless Procrastinators
6 Studying Tips For the Hopeless Procrastinators
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