5 Things I Wish I Knew (Or Did) In High School

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1. Keep Playing The Clarinet (And Actually Take It Seriously!)

5 Things I Wish I Knew (Or Did) In High School

Everyone at our school had to play an instrument for 3 years (from year 7 - 9, grade 6 - 8 if you're American). Even though I did play in year 10 too, I never took it very seriously. My teacher would always get annoyed because I couldn't keep the beat and I hardly ever practiced. I think I really missed out on something here because I never really took it seriously.

2. Not everyone is going to like you, and that’s okay

5 Things I Wish I Knew (Or Did) In High School

It used to be my mission to make sure that every person that I ever encountered at school or otherwise thought I was simply great. It was really stressful and time consuming, trying to say the right things at the right times, but not to talk too much. I formed a type of list in my head of who I should approach and who I shouldn’t speak to unless spoken to. It was a mind game of hundreds of names and faces, and I tried to remember what ticked people off, or what topics they loved to talk about. I still did it until about a year ago; I was getting exhausted and it wasn’t doing me much good. I came across a poemy-quote that has really helped me.

"You must learn that you cannot be loved by all people.

You can be the finest apple in the world; ripe, juicy sweet, succulent,

And offer yourself to all,

But you must remember that there will be people who do not like apples.

You must understand that if you are the world’s finest apple,

And someone you love does not like apples

You have the choice of becoming a banana.

But you must be warned that if you choose to become a banana

You will be a second-rate banana.

BUT you can always be the finest apple.

You must always realise that if you choose to be a second-rate banana

There will be people who do not like bananas.


You can spend your life trying to become the best banana …

Which is impossible, if you are an apple.

OR you can seek again to be

The finest apple."

Save yourself the trouble I went through, and don’t waste time on people who will not be a positive part of your life.

3. Get More Involved In Sports

5 Things I Wish I Knew (Or Did) In High School

I played soccer in Intermediate but like everything else I didn’t try very hard. I played well enough but I never really gave it a shot and again, I think I may have missed something vital there.

4. Grades do matter. Take every class seriously and try your best

5 Things I Wish I Knew (Or Did) In High School

You cannot, and will not, be able to convince your teachers to bump your C up to an A. You actually have to earn your grades. If you build strong study habits in high school, you will only carry your habits with you into the future.

5. Do not worry about the little insignificant things

5 Things I Wish I Knew (Or Did) In High School

Seeing photos on Instagram of a party you weren’t invited to isn’t the end of the world. The girls who betrayed you or the boy who rejected you will soon be forgotten. Also, stop dwelling on that one bad quiz grade. It’s not going to change the course of your future.

5 Things I Wish I Knew (Or Did) In High School
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    I disagree about the grades. I graduated as student of the year and valedictorian and in the end it meant nothing. I still got the same piece of paper as everyone else. I'm still in college like everyone else. In the end the adults lied to me about grades mattering. I regret getting such good grades. I wish I had enjoyed the social scene more, actually having those magical, coming of age romance underneath the stars type moments that films are based off of.
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    • RedRobin

      But getting good grades gives you more options for your degree

    • Are you going to a real highly-rated college? Or just the average level college? To me it wasn't important to go to "the best college". I'm glad I went to one that was a bit lower-key. My major was hard enough and I didn't need it to be harder. LOL... // Yeah I missed out on the high school romances also, but not because I was trying too hard for the grades but just from my own issues at the time. I don't lose sleep over it. I've made up for it I think. LOL...

    • RedRobin

      @ArrowheadSW I went to the best in my country, most people from my school did though and I went to an integrated school, it was a good school but it's not like it was amazing, it's rated about 81st in the world though so it's not like it's really high up compared to a lot of American Universities.

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  • coolbreeze
    Great tips and advice. Wow you played soccer? That is so cool. lol. Yes grades are very important. And so true you can't make everybody like you and make everybody happy. It is to much work and very exhausting. That is also cool you played the clarinet. I played thr recorder.
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    • RedRobin

      Yeah, I did, I wish I kept playing both of them, it was fun. I should start again. Didbyiy play anything?

    • RedRobin

      * did you

    • coolbreeze

      Yes its never to late to play things just for fun. They always have leagues and classes for stuff. I played alittle soccer.⚽. I was a goalie. Haha. And I played other sports some for school and some for fun. It's never to late to do or play anything.

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Most Helpful Girls

  • candyaurora
    Nice Take. The only thing I regret is not having enough fun moments with friends. And oh grades really are important the ones saying otherwise would have realize their worth had they been rejected by the college/university of their choice!
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  • Luci92
    Good advice :)
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  • ArrowheadSW
    I studied hard and got good grades. I wasn't shooting to get into a high level Ivy-League type college so I am OK there. I did go to college and did well. However in high school I probably would have got more into the social scene. I did have friends but I didn't do the stuff like going to school events.
  • Zorax
    Great Take, I never played any instrument, but I used to play Dodgeball in high school, unfortunately, there aren't any Dodgeball leagues in my country. Maybe I should have tried Handball, I was good at it as well, but I never gave it a shot.
  • skeptic002
    Grades don't matter. don't take any of it seriously
    I wish I knew this ahead of time if I was to take anything from high school it would be this after middle school you don't need anything else
  • ginny_weasley
    I totally agree with this list.
    1. It would be really cool to be able to play an instrument and be good at it.
    2. It took me way too long to realize that not everyone will like me. I was a quiet student and never bothered anyone. I would wonder why some people didn't like me, I never bothered anyone. Until I realized that there's always going to be someone who doesn't like that I'm quiet.
    3. It wasn't until my senior year of high school that I realized that I'm pretty good at volleyball. With some proper training, I could've been really good.
    4. Now that I'm in college, I wish I studied more and learned how to take good notes. The only reason I'm studying so hard all of a sudden is because at this moment in my life, I want to be a registered nurse more than anything.
    5. Yes, I've made it a goal to be more adventurous even if I'm just by myself.
  • SleepingSnorlax
    I wish i lifted weights more seriously in high school
    Maybe kept on playing football
    And there are two girls i regret not trying to date
    Also prob wouldve taken someone else to prom
  • Maxemeister
    I've noticed that instruments actually don't matter as much as I thought they did in the educational scheme of things
    • RedRobin

      When I stopped playing I felt like I was a bit slower

    • But that's the thing. I started playing because I thought it would be fun. It wasn't. Then I kept playing because I thought it would help with college but apparently it doesn't affect it much

  • RainbowFanGirl
    I like this! I'm in the marching band in my school. I play the flute!
    • RedRobin

      I really wanted to play the flute or saxophone but our teacher wouldn't let me swap

  • SlightlyCrazy
    Life doesn't matter other then grades til Collgee more or less
  • Adigelunar
    i dont care grades the important thing is what i learnt because exams can't measure all the things u learnt from the course
  • OrangeBoy
    Hey you can still get into Clarinet , or other music instrumental.
  • John_Doesnt
    I wish I had an abortion-beam in high school.
  • RedRainbow
    I really like this take
  • hotstuffSRD
    High school grades doesn't matter