4 Things I Learned From High School

4 Things I Learned From High School

In the real world, your GPA doesn't matter! :D

Alright guys! High school is ending for me really soon, so I shall share with you a few things I learned this year about life. I'll be honest, junior year was the worst year of high school for me but it's ending soon so hopefully senior year will be better. Now let's jump to the list.

1. You don't have to go to college to make money and be successful.

For years it's been jammed into our heads as children that in order to make good money, take care of yourself, and have a well paying job, you have to go to a four year college. I've talked to several college graduates and some of them are depressed, missable and don't even have the job they majored in. But most of them are drowning in debt. We've basically been told that your worthless without a college degree when we all know that there's trade schools, the military, starting a business, and other ways you can make money to support yourself and probably even be rich. College is not for everyone and not everyone is going to do well in college. I guess we don't need plumbers, electricians, or EMT's?

2. In a few years, high school won't matter.

I think us as a society put to much emphasis on making perfect grades, high school relationships, drama, and such. Chances are a high school relationship won't last long, all your friends in high school will most likely ditch you, you might grow apart from your best friend, and in a few years that high school bully will forget you even exist. High school is a tiny portion of your life, so please don't take it too seriously or dwell on all the negatives.

3. Weirdos and social outcasts will most likely be more successful.

My favorite one! I'm talking about all the victims of bullying, the socially awkward kids or the kids that always struggled to fit in. Since we lack friends and have small social circles, most of the time become friends with people like ourselves, we can focus more on our grades, hobbies and even have more time to work on ourselves. Since we think differently from most people we find ways to be more creative and we're more thoughtful. So it's a plus! :D

4. Never change how you look to impress people.

Back in middle school I was bullied for being ugly looking. Kids would often glare at me and quickly change seats away from me. They told me the reasons why was because I was fat, hideous, ugly retarded, and an "it" I was also told I was an embarrassment to majority of the kids in my class. Some kids would only allow themselves to be seen with me outside of school, or just stopped talking to me completely. So I got my teeth straightened, I lost weight, wore makeup, got my mom to style my hair differently, and I dressed differently. Suddenly I was no longer being bullied for my appearance and everyone started telling me how beautiful and amazing I look now. Even one of my old bullies offered to date me when she saw my transformation. I even got much more attention online. But guess what? That didn't change the amount of friends I had in school. I still got bullied, I still didn't have much friends, In fact I'm pretty sure I had more friends in middle school than I did in high school. The only friends I talk to don't go to my school.

Isn't it funny how life works?

4 Things I Learned From High School
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