7 Things I Hate About High School

7 Things I Hate About High School

I know, someone is going to rage in the comments like, “Why are you complaining about high school? When you get out in the real world, it will be so much worse!” Blah, blah, blah. Well, being a teenager can be rather stressful when it shouldn’t even be that stressful, and high school is one of those things. High school has been rather okay for me, but other aspects of it have been absolutely no good, so I decided to make a little rant about it.

Here are a few more things I despise about high school:

Waking up early

This is a big one. Why in the world does school start so early? The school wants us to do all of these extracurricular activities, and then pile up work, exams, and projects… then they wonder why we are so tired when we get to school. Well, I had to wake up at 5:30 am to catch the bus to take me to this stupid place! Of course I am exhausted! Why can’t it start a little later, and let me catch a few more hours of sweet, precious sleep?

7 Things I Hate About High School

Summer reading

My school requires us to read books over the summer, and then do a project to go along with it. I don’t know if your school ever required this, but mine does, and it sucks! I love reading, but not the boring things that the reading teacher assigns me. Isn’t summer supposed to be a break from the woes of school? Why are you giving me work during the one of the only times I will have a break from getting piles-upon-piles of work from you? That’s why it’s called summer BREAK. Hello?

7 Things I Hate About High School

Gross school lunches

Sometimes when I am rushing to catch the bus, I forget to eat breakfast or pack a snack, so I am left with the grotesque pile of slump that is school lunch. I don’t even bother eating it. It’s disgusting, not to mention not at all healthy. I remember freshman year when I caught the stomach flu from eating those gross spaghetti and meatballs (could you even call it that?). After that, I vowed to never touch that shit again.

7 Things I Hate About High School

^ Ew.

Unnecessary math courses

Tell me: Why do you even need to learn calculus? Oh that’s right, you don’t. Unless you’re striving to be a mathematician, architect, engineer or some other career, you shouldn’t have to worry about taking a course like this anyways. It’s insanely difficult and unnecessary. I know some math geek is going to be mad that I called out calculus on it’s bs, but I was never a math person, and I just don’t see the value in taking such an advanced course that many students won’t even need in the future.

7 Things I Hate About High School

Being absent and missing work

So you get sick and are out for a few days. You come back and it’s like you were gone for a whole year! Most teachers are way less than lenient when it comes to turning in late work. Some of them even expect you to turn it in when you get back. I was sick, and didn’t get your work! Can you at least explain it to me so that I at least have an idea of how to do your stupid papers?! It’s so bogus, and ridiculous how some of these teachers are. I’m sorry you are too lazy to go back and grade what I missed. Some teachers understand and those teachers are awesome.

7 Things I Hate About High School

Teachers who are bad at teaching

This is hard to explain, but you should know those types of teachers who give you a worksheet and expect you to know what you’re doing, and get mad when you don’t. Well, excuse me for not knowing how to find the residual value! You spent like ten minutes on the concept and expect us to know? The types of teachers I like are engaging, exciting, and always dig a little deeper than what is on the surface. Those are the best types of teachers, whom of which I had chemistry with.

7 Things I Hate About High School

Exams and standardized tests

The SATs, the ACTs, the blah blah blah… I know high school doesn’t force you to take these, but they scare you into thinking that you will absolutely fail at life if you don’t. These are another pang of stress that adds up on top of all the other crap that you have to worry about as a teenager. If I don’t pass, I won’t get into a college. If I don’t get into a college, I will fail at life, if I fail at life, I will… well, that’s why I need to stress out until my hair is blue-grey about these damned tests! They can die for all I care!

7 Things I Hate About High School

What do you, or did you hate most about high school? This list is just my personal opinion, and you may possess a different one. I know there have been some similar takes about high school and what people hate, but these are just some things I absolutely despise. Thanks for reading!

7 Things I Hate About High School

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7 Things I Hate About High School
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  • BlueCoyote
    I was always bad at math but I have to disagree with you on your point about calculus. Can math classes be annoying? Absolutely. Are they still important even if you don't become a mathematician? Yes.
    Now, why is that? In my opinion, a good government has the responsibility to give its people a good and UNIVERSAL education. It's a fundamental principle of the western education system that stems from European enlightenment in the 18th century. Only people who have a decent knowledge of ALL important aspects of life can be good citizens. This has nothing to do with math in particular but math is a part of the equation. As a European, I also think it's embarrassing how little importance American high schools give to foreign languages. These things - whether it's a basic knowledge of trigonometry or a basic knowledge of Spanish - make your life easier even if you're never going to use them in your job. They enhance your general knowledge and make you a better informed person. This helps your brain build bridges to new fields that may not necessarily be connected to the original thing you've learned. Think of high school classes as a set of tools that society gives you. Even if you're not going to be carpenter, it can still help to have a hammer or a pair of pliers in your toolbox. Maybe you're going to use your hammer to make music instead of building something or maybe you'll take of the wooden handle and use it for something else but it's still good you were given a hammer.

    In my country, it is mandatory for anyone who wants to study a humanity-field at college to be proficient in classical Latin. Since my high school was not one of those high schools who teach it to their students, I had to go through a very painful course at University where I had 10 hours of Latin a week (plus another 20 hours of homework) and I had to learn the same things that other people learned in 4 years of high school within just one year. I didn't take any other classes during that first year because that stupid Latin course was so exhausting. Now that I am in my Master's, I have to say that I don't actually need my Latin very often. So on the surface, it seems like the effort was for nothing. But that's not really true. I still profit a lot from my Latin even in fields where you might not expect it. For example it helps me to compare the structure of Indo-European languages to Korean, which I'm currently learning and thereby gain a better understanding of language in general.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • redeyemindtricks
    Baha am I the only one who noticed that it's actually 5:56 PM in the "hitting the snooze" gif? 😂😂

    "7 AM"... LIES... DIRTY LIES... ahha


    I actually liked high school a LOT.
    Good thing I did, too, since I was battling the absolute worst of manic-depression (what's now known as bipolar 1) at the time.

    A few reasons why:

    My high school was HUGE (almost 6,000 students). Absolutely a place and a group for everyone and everything.
    If you made a Venn diagram of a whole bunch of diverse social groups -- the Mexican car culture crowd, the video-game nerd crowd, the hip-hop percussion crowd, the overemotional girl-drama crowd, the burlesque-rockabilly crowd -- I was the intersection of all of those. I had many, many "crews".

    I was (and am) racially ambiguous, so I was also pretty much accepted by every racial group, in a school where racial divisions -- and, unfortunately, racial gangs, especially at that exact time -- were a very very VERY big deal.

    My father understood my need for extra sleep, and, frankly, didn't give a shit about my endless succession of tardies (and resultant detentions and demerits).

    I am very tight with my brothers, all of whom went to the same school (except my little brother for exactly one year before he, too, went to our school).

    I had a couple of teachers who actually inspired me to love learning.
    Yeah, I know that sounds corny af. But, really, they did.
    Not in the "Stand and Deliver" sort of overpowering-oratory-that-saves-kids-from-the-streets sort of way... but in the "lazy but awesome #nurdgurl who inspired me to play with stuff hands-on myself" sort of way.
    I have especially fond memories of my geometry teacher, who was absolutely the first person to convince me of just how good I am at figuring stuff out myself. (:

    Just as importantly, I don't remember any of my high-school teachers expecting any less of me learning-wise, or expecting me to think any less quantitatively, because I was a girl. Yeah I'm a hard-ass, but, those sorts of early influences are still important.

    I mean, our school had (and definitely still has) a LOT of academic and socioeconomic issues. But, I am one person who definitely came out of there a winner.
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  • sovetskii13
    Oh don't remind me. I agree with almost everything you said.
    #1: Little kids naturally go to bed early and get up early. Teens naturally go to bed late and get up late. But that's not what schools think. Elementary starts late while high starts early. Idiots.
    #2: I actually never received summer reading in high school. I did in middle school. Yeah, it's supposed to be the 2.2 months out of 12 to relax and enjoy life but schools make students feel like it's school all year.
    #3: I always brought my own lunch. Cheaper and healthier than school food.
    #4: I had a very very nice and understanding math teacher all four years. Sure we still did calculus and other topics that seem useless. I guess it's part of brain development. You might never need to remember all that stuff but it does make your brain become Syrians better at thinking in the future. So, it's not a total waste of time and effort.
    #5: All my teachers made catch-up sheets with at least some explanation of the things I missed while absent. But I had to learn or study the real work myself. If you compare it to work experience then it will probably be similar. You miss a few days of work thus miss what happened in the office. Your manager and co-workers will help get you on track but you still have to do extra work on your own to catch up.
    #6: Not all teachers are equal and not all the material is equal. It sucks but again, you won't always have a sweet boss and co-workers. Teachers play a huge, huge role in how well a student performs. I had a horrible English teacher in 11th grade which forced me to fail and go to Sumner school. But in 12th grade I took 'Essay Writing' which is still considered as an English course. The teacher was so great I enjoyed the class. There was a lot of work like every night but he made it fun and useful. It made me want to do the work. I learned more in that one semester than I did in any other semesters. If it were not for him I would've failed.
    #7: I've always been bad at tests. Even when I understand the material something about knowing that this is a test messed up mind as if I never understood anything. Once it was over I remembered everything. That's how the mind works for some people.
    Great topic.
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  • PizzaPrincess
    I hated high school because

    1. I was practically invisible. Only when I wasn't, and when I wasn't, it was usually bad. Guys wanting to perv on me, people wanting to make fun of me. All the good stuff.

    2. I am a literal demon in the morning. I'd get up five minutes before the bus got to my house and some days I had to take my brush on the bus because I was so lazy.

    3. My grades were shit. I didn't give any fucks about doing well in school. I passed by the skin of my teeth.

    4. I was deathly shy. I bombed multiple assignments that had to do with socializing just because I refused to. My brother told me I didn't get most shy because I was too shy. 😂

    5. All the teachers thought they knew what I was capable of better than me. I remember this one time, a science teacher was getting mad at me because I didn't know something. So he's like screaming, and I'm close to tears, and this douche in the corner is calling me stupid and just. Yeah. So pleasant.

    6. The people weren't very.. Accepting of other religions. There was this group of Christians that would collect in the mornings and they would always go around and try to recruit everyone. If you said no, you're a devil worshiper. If you're an atheist, which I am so I always told them that, you're a devil worshiper and they insist again that you join.

    I could probably keep going but I'll stop there lol. It was a really rough time for me, I was depressed and suicidal and there were days I thought I wouldn't make it to graduation.

    As much as I hated it, shit really hit the fan once I left and I'm kinda lost. 😅
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    • I have severe depression as well. Did you know how to deal with it?

  • amarahorrorstory
    I personally didn't mind high school. Had a nice group of friends. Still friends, REAL friends. I packed lunch. I went to two different school everyday. One was a governor's school for art, one was my home school, so I made plenty of friends. However, wasn't a fantastic student, I've got a learning disability so I tried my best. Smart kid, terrible student. Yeah high school is unfair but it's kinda unfair from then on.
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  • Mesonfielde
    Hmph, math is easy, you just need to learn the rules you need to apply.

    But waking up early is stupid. They've proven time and time again that sleep deficiency is the primary cause behind students not performing nearly as well as they could.
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    • Haha. I'm just not a mathematical person.

    • I don't think there is such a thing as a "mathematical person". It's just rules you have to apply to numbers

    • I don't understand it. I'm in statistics and I understand that but other math courses not so much.

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  • Blonde401
    School is fucking horrible. I wouldn't go back if they paid me. Absolute worst years of my life. The adult world is fucking hard don't get me wrong but you have money and more independence so it trumps school every time.
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  • Prof_Don
    I'm a substitute teacher, and this week I took on a 7th & 8th grade math class with no permanent teacher.

    So I was full on creating lesson plans from scratch, for 4 consecutive days.

    Challenging yet fun, and I can tell the kids were understanding me! 👌🏿
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  • FashionQueen86
    1) I guess it's like with any other job. Most people do rise in the mornings. I especially feel sorry for bus drivers, cafeteria workers, and any other job roles that require people to wake up very early, especially news anchors. I was on the way to college one morning and was listening to a study on the radio of how students were performing better when classes started a little later then early in the morning.

    2) Yes, summer should be a break from school to be yourself, enjoy your freedom, and breathe before classes start up again. That's such a stupid idea the school is doing. And if they make you read somethings, yes, it should be interesting. I never understood how reading To Kill the Mocking Bird was so damn awesome in class. I just couldn't get into it. What I did like was my English teacher letting me pick out books from the library, and then doing a summary and questionnaires on it.

    3) Yes, it can seem like schools do waste your time with classes you'll never use. I think what is most helpful is implementing classes that teach you everyday math, like balancing a checkbook, finance, measurements, and stuff like that. I took physics, geometry, statistics, and do not plan to use them at all.

    4) Oh man, I LOVED school lunches. I always asked for people's food! I guess it depends on the school's investments. If they had a nice fruit and salad bar, that would make a lot of kids happy.

    5) What bothers me about missing class is that absents are not always excused. And whatever work you missed, it's just missed, and reflects your grade.

    6) Teachers can really be dicks sometimes. I remember a geometry teacher I had who was very condescending, and made students feel stupid for asking questions. I remember I wrote with a pen once for my homework, and he took points off just for that, which made me fail the assignment. I remember my homework was stolen when I turned it in early before class started. I tried to tell him and he made no effort to hunt the paper down. Somebody erased my name and turned it in as theirs. So, I had to redo the homework and got half credit. Asshole.

    7) I NEVER agreed with standard tests like the Leap and GEE tests, becuase not everything is taught throughout the year that resembles those tests. Many say that not even teachers can pass the test. Even if you make good grades through class, but fail the test, that's it, you fail the grade, unless you make it up in summer school. So... what's the point in the good grades you have?
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  • Crumbles
    The thing I don't like about high school or school in general, is that you don't learn things linear, it's very much non-linear. For example: In Classics I might be learning about The Romans, but then I'd ask myself, "What happened in history before The Romans emerged? What other cultures were there before them?" And questions like that. If I were to study anything, I'd want to study it from the beginning and in order.

    Another thing is when teachers aren't motivated. You can always tell when a teacher hates there job because they never put any effort into the classes. They just get you to read out of textbooks, or they pretty much copy lessons of the Internet. There's no enthusiasm in their voice whatsoever. And this turns an interesting subject into a boring one.

    Another thing is teachers who are shy and don't feel comfortable talking in a classroom. I had a teacher who was really self-conscious and she stuttered every-time she talked because she was nervous and she was always unsure if she was teaching or speaking the right things.
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  • ThisDudeHere
    The bad teachers were the worst - everything else you could circumvent somehow but there was noting you could do if you were bad at a subject and the one who was supposed to teach you about it was bad themselves.
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  • Máiiréad
    I do agree with all of this, as I hated high school as was thrilled to leave on my graduation day.

    But girl, when (and if you are going) to college... The amount of work you will need to do will make you freaking cry. :/
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  • bloodmountain1990
    Some of these are true in college. But yeah the bad teachers are the worst. I mean the student is responsible for putting in the effort as well but I've had teachers who didn't really teach and would expect you to learn everything yourself and be upset if you didn't know as much as they did. It's like you're the teacher and I'm hear to learn from you. If I already know this material then why would I take this class.
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  • ParamountArmada
    i hated school too, everyone hated me, and plus, i always never did everything they made me do i just wanted a passing grade, until i was old enough to drop out / quit school.
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    • Hm, you dropped out?

    • yup, i wasn't going to graduate with the proper diploma anyways due to being in low end special ed classes.

  • Nice_Guy_Last
    To be honest, I have wanted to be back in high school the moment I graduated. I miss it so much.

    To be honest, though, waking up at 5:30 AM is pretty normal for working adults. High school is a laundry list of tough lessons so you won't feel like a fish out of water come adulthood, when you don't have the luxury of small mistakes.

    As I said before, 5:30 AM is a normal time for working individuals to wake up, summer reading is a subtle hint that summer vacation is not the norm for adults, bad lunches show you that if you rely on others for the things you need, you will be disappointed more often than not, "unnecessary" courses are just like the unnecessary stuff you have to deal with every day, it's just what you have to do. Missing work when you are absent is exactly how jobs are. You just have to catch up. Just like there are bad teachers, there are bad bosses, and, as much is it may suck, there is just a certain bar you have to reach with your work or you will get fired, just like how there are standardized tests.
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    • I disagree, while you have no way out from school one can always change jobs without much changing. When one is on vacation, one doesn't need to worry about work because that shit will be waiting to be done and no one's gonna be light years ahead of you expecting you to understand complex subjects within minutes.
      The anxiety that comes with taking so many tests isn't comparable to work stress because guess what, your future doesn't depend on it!
      And lunch is pretty much terrible everywhere where there is a canteen.
      School could be so much more efficient but it isn't.

    • agree. Where I live you're lucky to even find that 1st job let alone leave. I miss it so much too. So easy to meet people. So easy to wear whatever. Or if you had a uniform you could still be emo later or dye or cut your hair weirdly lol

  • dangerDoge
    1.) I'd actually say waking up in college is strangely more difficult. It requires more self drive which is difficult if it's that one course you really hate. The extra hour or two is nice, but doesn't always help.

    2.) Luckily, there's no summer reading in college and my high school hardly had it :D

    3.) School lunch does have its perks. It's often cheap as crap and is easy to get. Depending on college schedules work out, one may not even get a lunch break. The lunches on campus tend to be expensive too. Unless you make it at home (which can be annoying to carry around), they are often unhealthy as well. Hence the "freshman 15" or whatever. Luckily, walking EVERYWHERE on a huge campus helps burn college calories.

    4.) I feel like math in high school helps prepare one for college. Even if you don't use the math specifically, the way of thinking and analyzing is quite important in my opinion... even if it sucks

    5.) Yeah... the bright side of high school is that they will give a student make up days. College sucks in this sense-- you are responsible regardless whether you are there or not. You see people around campus wear the sickness masks during flu season as they go to class lol... and college professors will put you on their "shit list" if you ask them something like "So, did we do anything important ____ day? I missed it."

    6.) I definitely feel ya there. A good and bad teacher makes a huge difference. I've had to deal with a fluctuation of people through high school and college.

    7.) Homework/testing in general:
  • mermaidrocketship
    A teacher saying 'no' when you ask to use the bathroom. That should *literally* be illegal.
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  • Vesuvius87
    I hated hearing the same loud, obnoxious people talking on their cell. In my mind, I would be thinking "why on earth do I care about hearing your stuff, talk normally... not so loud."
    I agree with you on the uneccesary math courses and being required to get a high SAT and ACT score. Though, I still made it to college without passing either of those exams.
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  • Cccgala
    I couldn't agree more! I share most of your grievances except for the school lunch. I personally bring food to school, so it's not a problem to me. In my case, the only thing that needs to stop in high school is the need for group works-- they're bothersome, A+ grade breakers, and the initiators of "fake" camaraderie.

    As much as I despise Math too, I think all disciplines are worth learning and are necessary. I think you meant, "Necessary math courses that are not worth prioritizing for me"
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  • JajaBlackSheep
    School sucked. Hated that the image of the shining pupil was to be the A student who was in student government and took all the AP courses. Congrats to those kids, too bad staff didn't give much of a f*ck about the rest of the students. The work didn't bother me, it was the attitude. It just felt like one giant disgusting rat race to see who was better than who and who was the best above all; I had no pride in my school at all. I much prefer college.
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  • NatashaJ
    Wait I have a question is it just American schools for lunches? are you guys are not allow to leave the school during lunch?
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    • if you have a car and you're a senior then you can leave (at least for my school).

    • NatashaJ

      @kellogg022458 what really? in Canada your free to go anywhere during lunch.

    • Wait, do you mean like to leave the school? or just to leave the cafeteria?

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  • Death_of_rats
    "Why are you complaining about high school? When you get out in the real world, it will be so much worse!” Blah, blah, blah" - im going to be that asshole :p but only because i want you to realise that being a teenager isn't that bad. also, take this post with a pinch of salt, i know its a stressful time. we have all been there ;)

    Waking up early - how could this be worse? how about having to wake up early then spend 10hrs a day at a shitty job knowing you have no escape because you have responsibilities. to top it off, you have very little to show for it because all your money gets spent on bills.

    Summer reading - try working over the summer, including weekends and public holidays.

    Gross school lunches - i'll give you that one. i can eat what i want for lunch :p

    Unnecessary math courses - try unnecessary work courses like manual handling and health and safety. how about unnecessary PC bullshit and constantly having to pretend to be happy because customers like a smile.

    Being absent and missing work - i love those sneaky days off. enjoy it.

    Teachers who are bad at teaching - try managers who are fucking retarded and have no right to be in charge of anyone.

    Exams and standardized tests - yeah, ok i'll give you this one as well. im also at uni so i know how stressful exams are.

    so, there you have it. stop complaining, its not that bad ;)

    (PS. i know someone will take this too seriously so i'll say it now. yes, its stressful being a teenager at school, and life is full of BS no matter what your age or circumstances)
  • Luci92
    You have literally summed up my life!
    Good take :)
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  • Mikaychay95
    Nah I thought my high school days were worse. However most of the stuff above you will still have to deal with in college but the people I am surrounded by now are so much better than the ones I was in hs with.
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  • ginny_weasley
    I think I am the only nerd that enjoyed doing summer reading. Everything else I agree with.
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  • pervertedjester
    They didn't make us read over summer break when I went to school. I always hated the rigid structure of HS. I always thought by the time you get to HS you have a pretty good idea what your strengths and weaknesses are and you should be able to take advanced classes in those strengths and remedial classes in your weaknesses so they turn into strengths.
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  • Fathoms77
    Considering they don't seem to make anyone read IN school anymore, at the very least, you could read when you're out of school.

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  • Library
    Those are the things I hated too. Getting bullied was the worse and I hated it the most.
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  • anonman32
    wow is that one slice of pizza an entire school lunch? also my school never served any food to us, i know my brother's school did but not ours. but it was ok, i could leave during the lunch break.
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  • PG1997
    Gotta add how you're only allowed to pee during the break. STFU, I don't have Jedi control over my bladder. I got to go when I got to go.
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    • Right or when they'll have a limit for how many times you can use the bathroom in a short period of time or say why didn't you go during lunch, it's like because I didn't have to fucking go during lunch.

    • I know right :)

  • Zorax
    Good reasons, in fact, I hated high school for the same reasons :D
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  • starryeyedkitten
    Wait till college and you'll have the time of your life :)
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  • phil2
    i hated high school too. i felt like i was an ugly loner... funny thing though is i married someone who was the class stoner!!! i dont know how i ended up with this bad boy.
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  • meganchennn
    Stop bitching about late work!!! I was gone for one day because I was throwing up and my mom would literally not drive me to school. I tried to walk there but I was too weak to do it as I was sick. I got back to school I missed 2 tests a presentation and an English book meeting which dropped my grades from high A's to C- to C+. At least you get to make up your work. We aren't allowed to as it is unfair to others.
  • Unit1
    Hated school. Hated every moment of it.

    1. Insecure bullies
    2. Stupid assholes
    3. Hungry from the morning until afternoon
    4. Uninteresting material
    5. The responses, that we have it easier or that we don't know the adult life. Well duh, we live too, we are just younger and that is all.
    6. Scumbag adult assholes hating/bashing on everyone, who is younger than they are.
    7. The feeling, that if you do not pass a test, that you are automatically considered stupid and incompetent.
    8. Idiots as classmates

    I was the most distinct student and as a result, I was laughed at a lot for being that. I took life like a professional.

    School is a mandatory conviction, a battlefield. Everyone is convicted for this shit. And if you're even a halfway decent person, you will have to deal with other fellow moronic prisoners (students).
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  • TripleAce
    Nice one. Also do one with things that you loved about highschool 😛
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  • astrOnaut01
    Are you kidding? They serve you that shit for lunch? I thought Michelle Obama was on a mission to make school lunches healthier or something.
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  • Saoirse_Nua
    Lots of stuff I would agree with from my school days
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  • MyNameIs97
    Let me tell you this: I have finnished high school last year and getting in the "real world" is honestly the best thing ever. Do whatever you want.
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  • zagor
    I never took a class that started before 8:50 and almost never ate lunch in HS, so I avoided those. The thing I most hated about HS was the social hierarchy BS, which had nothing to do with school itself.
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  • Pilulu
    As a sophomore, theh domt make you do summer reading at my school, it spends on the class or if you're in AP.
    I definitely agree with you on the math thing. Math is my east favorite subject, and I nearly bombed my final last year. And to make things worse, im now in honors geometry!
    School lunches are ehhh
    They have this new policy now here if you miss a day, you HAVE to make up work in like, a few weeks.
    Standardized tests are the worst.
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  • EmpatheticLady
    - Waking up early wasn't fun, but it wasn't as bad once you got into the routine of doing so.

    - I never had summer reading for my high school, so that was totally fine. :P I can see how it can get annoying, though, wasting your summer to read a book you really aren't interested in.

    - Some of the school lunches were nasty, but I always brought my own. I solved that problem quickly.

    - Math... just ouch. :(

    - Missing work wasn't too, too bad thankfully. Of course, I didn't miss a ton of days where I had the assignments piling up.

    - I don't think I had too many bad teachers. Maybe a few that were a big quirky, though...

    - Ugh, yes, the standardized tests were always bullshit. I love the gif that you added to accompany it. XD
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  • Giacomanzo
    About the Math part, you can't say the same about every single subject. Whenever will I have to know which is the difference between Neoclassicism and Mannerism if I'm not an Art critique?
    Having a bit of knowledge outside your own interests is a good thing, not a bad one, because it helps you seeing things from different point of views.

    And no, you are willing to say that Math is difficult, well, that is just you. For me, for example, memorize stuff is way much harder than managing to use my logical skills to comprehend them.
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  • capturemyheartnow
    I always hated my high school. But my mother ensured that I was always present in the class. At that time I did not know why school life is so important. As years passed and as I finished my school and college education , I still kept on hating my study dates as a waste of time. But one fine day , I felt that I had shifted gears and started realizing that these difficult years in my life are what have shaped me to be a fine example of myself in the eyes of the world. Now I look back on my school days with much more pride.. I realize that I could not have been me if I had not attended school and college. Such are my thoughts about my school life.
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  • Muhammad1999
    Nice take and yes high school sucks and specialy when you have an idiot teacher that teaches you an important lesson like Math or physics lol
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  • ClauseViter

    You will come to miss all this shit so much

    N you probably hate calculus because you don't fully understand why your doing it. It is a pinnacle of human apprehension that we can apply concepts of infinity to make finite calculation n the applications of such are numerous.

    Shit lunch does suck but I mean u can pack, pretty soon you'll have to cook ur own shot anyways

    And reading academic text does seem boring at first but really it's so essential that you understand the classics and begin to pick up on themes that inspired these authors because they r still very relevant.

    N you will have to wake up early sometimes, just go to bed early as well. Get lit on the weekends. Enjoy what you experience now. That shit us precious.
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  • QooLipBite
    There's a famous quote that says "Never let schooling get in the way of your education". Although it's a strong paradox, it's very true.

    School is not for everyone. Doing badly in school doesn't really mean anything. Some people have a natural knack for it just like others have a knack for sports, music, art etc.

    School is too restrictive. It raises children and caters them for the age that died out 30 years ago, the Industrial age. You don't need school anymore. I could have dropped out when I was 16-17 and started my music and arts career earlier.
  • 19magic
    What time does your hs start 7?
    2. Summer hw is normal and gives you prep work so that you can understand what's going to happen next year. Plus you have 6+ weeks a book or two isn't going to hinder you that much.
    3. Yeah totally agree, always bring your own lunch. Make it the night before and you have nothing to worry about.
    4. I wish my school did that more advanced classes. Then again I wish they put us up or down classes.
    5. Most things you spend days or several lessons on its hard to miss anything in hs. Now uni fuck me miss a couple of days and it takes a month to catch up.
    6. Bad teachers just can't teach, spend weeks teaching the same thing or have never been teachers before.
    7. The SAT'S and other such tests are good things, they help you on later in life when you have assignments or projects to do. The only thing I hated is when I did my GCSE's I did around 12 in two weeks which was too close together.
    • I never had GCSEs. What are those like?

    • 19magic

      They are exams varying an hour to 2 hours long at age 15/16 done over two years. The scores help decide unis collages and jobs

  • lost_alice
    I am weird I know but I like school and I don't hate those things. life can't be perfect
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  • iceEverestere
    LOL, I had a different high school though... not better just different.
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  • Dred1614returns
    Yup. The only thing I miss about high school is the camaraderie.
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  • TokyoGhoulLover
    Q-Q this... is beautiful
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