6 Reasons Why I Loathe High School

Reasons why I hate school. (high school)

I don't mean to be all "stupid teenager who doesn't appreciate the glories of education" or anything but I think we all know there are some specific reason why we all hate school, and it has nothing to do with disliking learning itself.

For example:

6 Reasons Why I Loathe High School

1. Waking up too early

I don't know about you but I need my rest, and I don't function too good without it. Waking up at 6am is way to early for me, It would do me so good if school was at 9am or 10am. I desperately need those extra hours. (I don't know about y'all but I have serious sleeping issues lol)

2. Teachers seeing stuff that's not supposed to happen, but let it happen anyways

I can't count the amount of times I've seen a student do something they weren't supposed to (like bully, harass someone, or talk about something that they aren't supposed to inside school, etc) and I know the teacher sees but decides to do nothing.

3. Being called on when you didn't have your hand raised

I don't get why teachers don't understand that when I don't have my hand raised means I either don't know the answer, or don't want to participate. And especially when there are plenty of other students who do have their hands raised, but no you decide to call on me when I clearly don't have my hand raised.

4. Teachers who suck at teaching

At the end of the day teachers always complain about how misbehaved and dumb their students are, but sometimes it's not even the students fault. How do you expect to to get a good grade when I haven't even learned anything from you. There's just some teachers who I wonder why they're even are teachers, they are hired to educate us and yet they don't even put in the effort. It makes me feel bad sometimes, even though I know it's not my fault. There's just some extremely negativity going on in some classes.

6 Reasons Why I Loathe High School

5. Crappy cafeteria meals

Due to the early hours of waking up to school I tend to forget to eat my breakfast and on top of that the food at school is always so disgusting and it usually costs money that it's not even worth (Plus I can't count the amount of times I have gotten sick or thrown up after eating school food) so I don't eat it so the rest of the day I'm hungry and I can't consantrate in class. How do schools expect us to get a good education when we aren't even fed properly there, it effects my learning when I haven't eaten.

6. Being absent and missing your work

Teachers act like it's not a big deal to be Sick, and make such a fuss about us students missing days at school when we're sick. And then when I am sick and still go to school the teachers tell me I should've stayed home like ?!?!?! What do you want from me? Also when I do stay home when I'm sick the teachers expect me to bring in homework that I wasn't even there to learn about BECUASE I WAS SICK.

Sorry for my rant, I just needed to get this off my chest. Thankfully I'm almost done with school, I know most of you are already done LUCKY. I still have a week more of this torture and then it's summer baby!

6 Reasons Why I Loathe High School
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