Why it's Best to Plan Ahead


So in this take, I'll discuss my experiences from 2015 up to right now.

When I was in high school, I did well in all of my classes except in math classes. It was hard for me to pay attention in math. I would always fall asleep in math no matter how hard I tried to stay awake. That would cost me half of my senior year of high school, since those failed math classes caused me to go to a different high school during my senior year. I was surprised and angry.

Why it's Best to Plan Ahead

It really angered me because the school administration decided to wait all summer until a few days before school started to give me a phone call telling me to go to the continuation school away from my friends. I already took my school photo, bought my planner and my yearbook only to find out that was pointless. The thing that irritated the most was that my picture wouldn't be in the yearbook.

Why it's Best to Plan Ahead

My year at that continuation school went by smoothly but since the goal was to get enough credits to be able to attend my original high school again, I became determined to get all my credits, got all my points and by half way through the school year, I was able to attend my original high school again. I was so happy.

Why it's Best to Plan Ahead

I actually could have graduated early if I wanted to but I chose to return to my original high school to see my friends and to show the school administrators that I'm not a oaf. I actually enjoyed my last few months of high school, because I took fun classes like weight training and graphic design. I continued to discover that I have a lot of charisma as a result of taking public speaking, since everyone liked my speeches.

Why it's Best to Plan Ahead

I managed to graduate high school and get a high school diploma, I have to admit that I miss high school but I realized that there are many more exiting things to come. Thankfully I still talk to my friends as a result of social media. I even stopped visiting my psychiatrist because I felt better.

Why it's Best to Plan Ahead

I was nervous after I graduated high school because I officially started my adulthood. Immediately after graduating high school I realized I should have planned ahead. While all my classmates were attending college. I was still deciding if I should go to college or simply start working.

Why it's Best to Plan Ahead

My parents gave me permission to enjoy my summer vacation. After my summer vacation, I decided that I should start working and not go to college(bad idea). The only reason why my parents allowed me to have a summer vacation after high school was because my dad wanted me to work were he works(United Parcel Service) but since I had no work experience my mom wanted me to work at a fast food restaurant first. Well, my dad still went to help me get a job in UPS.

Why it's Best to Plan Ahead

It took a couple months just to get me a job interview for UPS. The places where UPS employees do their work are called Hubs. Basically they are warehouse environments. There are various jobs that are available in UPS; from Package handling, Supervising, management and truck driving. Everyone who works for UPS has to be a package handler before they get higher positions With better pay.

Why it's Best to Plan Ahead

My father is a truck driver for UPS, he's been working for UPS since he was 22 years old, now he's 63. He started as a package handler and eventually he became a truck driver for the company. Things didn't go exactly as planned since instead of working at the same hub were my dad works, due to there being no job openings there, I had to try another UPS hub.

Why it's Best to Plan Ahead

Unfortunately for me things got bad, I started to have some unneccesary worries as a result of anxiety and OCD. I couldn't do certain activities since they caused me to worry. I had to stop exercising, I couldn't even lift weights or use my hand grippers because of the amount of anxiety I was facing. Little did I know that these unneccesary worries would be a liability a month later. I did manage to get a job interview at the different UPS hub and the interview went good, I got the package handling job.

Why it's Best to Plan Ahead

The first week of my job was training. Basically I went to a room in the hub with four other recently hired employees, a instructor walks into the room and explains the basics(safety, how to properly lift boxes, rules, policies, procedures). He also showed videos on how to properly do the job, these training sessions went on for a week. We were still being payed for the training.

Why it's Best to Plan Ahead

I was working part time earning 10 dollars an hour but it didn't feel like part time because you'd occasionally work longer than 4 hours. Technically the job is a work out. The name that Package handlers are called is "industrial athletes". You wouldn't want to be dressed in your fancy clothes for this job because you are going to get dirty and sweaty. Appropriate clothes for this job are Workout clothes.

Why it's Best to Plan Ahead

Basically I had to load packages into trailers, 450 packages per hour is the required speed. Speed and endurance is required for this job. Most of the more experienced workers weren't built like bodybuilders, they were slim and looked like track runners. The longer you do this job, the more weight you lose because it's cardio nonstop for hours. The packages can weigh from 1 pound to 70lbs. The heavier packages had to be placed on the ground. It wasn't as simple as throwing packages into a trailer, I had to build rows of walls within the trailer and I had to make sure the walls were sturdy. If not, they'd collapse and take up too much room.

Why it's Best to Plan Ahead

I started my job with the "Loader" position, it is said to be more difficult that the unloader position. If you want to see what loaders do, just look at the 3 minute mark of the video to the 4:30 mark of the video.

Here is what one of the UPS package trainers told the new employees.

People who think this is a easy job, would quit this job because they can't handle the intensity. Many former military personnel quit this job because they couldn't handle it.-Package handler trainer

The day I started working, all of us new employees met the lead manager. He had a high pitched voice(not that it is a bad thing), he was not in good physical shape and he seemed pretty arrogant. A lot of the experienced employees didn't like this manager for his smug attitude. I thought he was okay at first.

My shift started at 9:00PM and it usually ended around 3:00 AM. So I usually drove home when the streets were nearly empty. Some workers claim to have worked up to 10:00AM.

As I started to load packages, I realized that my anxiety and OCD was impairing my ability to do a good job. Not only was I having difficulty focusing as a result of my unnecessary worries; not exercising caused me to gain a few extra pounds which slowed me down. I could move and carry the packages with no problem though. Other issues I had was that the scanners used to scan the boxes were constantly malfunctioning and were poorly designed. My main problem was that I couldn't figure out how to properly stack the packages in order to make a decent sturdy wall.

after a couple of weeks, I realize that I'm wasn't hitting the 450 package per hour requirement. I only could get 250 packages per hour, rarely I got 350 packages per hour. I surely thought that was it with the job but no, I kept working like nothing was wrong.

1 week later I realized that so many things were wrong with the hub; such as poor management. They put emphasis on both quality and quantity but it seemed that they wanted quantity over quality. Most of the other workers are not careful with the packages, instead of handling the packages with care, they handle the packages like trash. Which explains why there are so many complaints against that hub and why the hub has a 2/5 star rating. Also as a result of working too fast, a lot of the workers had injuries or had suffered injuries from carrying heavy packages. One worker told me that he hurt his back. I was starting to think that perhaps the management doesn't really care about it's workers. I even heard that the other UPS hubs are better since they actually care about quality over quantity.

Towards the end of my first month working at UPS, I talked to some of the other workers. They told me that it's okay if you don't load 450 packages per hour. As long as you put in effort, the managers won't tell you anything. It seemed to be true because one of the workers in a higher position could only load 250 packages. In fact, most of the workers only loaded 250-360 packages per hour.

That was too good to be true because at the end of the month, I was fired for not being able to load 450 packages per hour and because my walls weren't sturdy. I knew the reasons why I got fired were; lack of work experience, stopped exercising completely, anxiety problems, and I didn't know how to make sturdy walls. So I left the hub and drove home.

I'm kind of glad I don't work there anymore, because of the hazardous environment(heavy boxes could fall, breathing in dust, lifting heavy boxes improperly could injure a person since the package put pressure on a person's back). I also didn't like the manager, he was biased since he was only polite to some people. The manager wanted quantity over quality and didn't even care about the safety of his workers. He was not in good physical shape so I doubt he could do the job any better. The supervisors were nice though.

So, I had won 1k dollars. After I got home, I told my parents that I can no longer work for UPS. I told them about my anxiety problems, my parents understood. So I enrolled in my local community college. Thankfully the classes didn't start till a few months later. So I had a few months to get my emotions together.

In order to ease my anxiety, I decided to try some herbal teas(Passion flower and chamomile). They only had a small effect on easing my anxiety.

Why it's Best to Plan Ahead

So long story short, I relaxed for those few months before my first college semester, I mostly stayed in my house. In January of 2016, I started my first college class of math. At first, it was simple. I thought "not bad" but anxiety and OCD would soon overwhelm me. The anxiety would not allow me to focus in class and sure enough I failed my first college class.

Why it's Best to Plan Ahead

I realized that I needed to ease my anxiety and OCD as soon as possible. Eventually I heard about a pharmacy that sells natural medicine. I went there and bought some more medicinal teas and supplements. Little did I know that I had found something to decrease my anxiety and OCD. That something is "St. John's Wort".

Why it's Best to Plan Ahead

One of the supplements I purchased was "St. John's Wort" which is a herb used to ease anxiety. It came in tablets that also had other benefits like zinc.

This product had 900mg of St. John's worth, and the recommended use is 3 tablets a day which would make it 2,700 MG of St John's Wort a day.

Why it's Best to Plan Ahead

So I found out that the combination of St John's Wort and herbal teas, actually helped ease my anxiety and OCD. I resumed my hobby of exercising(hand grippers, lifting weights, cardio) to get in good shape. The next college class I took I got a good grade in it. During the Summer, I retook the math class I failed and also got a good grade in it.

Why it's Best to Plan Ahead

I continued to get good grades and haven't failed anymore classes in college. College is actually fun now, because I've met new friends.

Why it's Best to Plan Ahead

I'm currently getting good grades in college and haven't been having severe anxiety or OCD. My OCD and Anxiety are minor now. I'm not sure what my major is going to be but I think it will either be a history, business administration or biology major. I'm still new to college so if I want to change my major, it's not too late to change my major. My advice is make sure you plan ahead when it comes to your career and education, don't start working at a decent job if that's your first job. Get some work experience by working at a minor job like a fast food restaurant or at a mall. To those that are still in middle school or high school, try to get good grades that way you can go to a university after high school. If you can't go to a university because of your grades; then go to a community college. If you have any emotional problems, get them treated so you can work and or go to college without any difficulties.

Why it's Best to Plan Ahead
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  • Idonthaveausername
    It's good that you're finally making advances in dealing with your anxiety. Anxiety certainly can cause an array of other mental and even physical issues if left to run rampant

    I hated math too! The school district I moved to wouldn't let me use a credit I got from taking a year of high school math in middle school, so I was force to take precalc even though that credit still counted towards my diploma. My math teacher was a bitch and that is the only class I ever slacked off in

    While I believe your job was strenuous and your management poor, that's a decent representation of the general workplace environment. I've had three jobs, all with poor management, and even though I like my current job, the management sucks. People yell at each other all the time and girls are always crying because upper management refuses to get rid of bad employees and good employees often get overlooked for promotions for seriously bull shit reasons. UPS may have been a terrible place to work, but you'd be fooling yourself if you think that going to college will automatically land you in a stress-free work environment. Work is stressful because nobody really wants to work and you're either going to be an asshole putting your job off onto other people or pissed off about having to pick up the slack

    While college can help you to become a lawyer or doctor, going in without a clear major can end up costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars. I know dozens of people who can't find jobs in the fields of their degrees and the few they can aren't able to pay off the student loans taken out to get said job. Going to college for the sake of going to college because everyone thinks you should can be detrimental to you monetarily for the rest of your life

    Not all good jobs require a degree. My current job doesn't require one, and I can financially support myself with it. I'm finally up for a management position after working there for 3 years, so my hard work is continuing to pay off. Once I go through the management training program, I'll be making the same amount as other people who have college degrees in the same position. The difference between me and my co-workers is I have no debt

    I could've gone to college, but I'm actually glad I didn't because I like where I'm at in life right now and I have a decent job. There aren't any jobs that would pay off being an art major anyway
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    • ADFSDF1996

      It's true, that no job is relaxing but I made a mistake of making package handling my first job. I completely undersestimated it. My lack of any work experience was one of the factors that cost me that job.

    • pavlove

      Remember in kindergarten where you were learning how to spell different colors and count past one hundred? remember how that was just fun to learn? That's what school is and was always supposed to be about. Young people keep giving the school systems a hard time like it's an industry! ITS A SCHOOL! IT's supposed to teach you things not get you money. Yes, if you go to graduate school and one of a small group of people who can do a job that well then technically because of school you got a job that pays but again it wasn't the school it was the fact that they wanted someone with your qualification.

      Go to school to learn because it's fun and a part of making you an intelligent person then when you feel like you've learned as much as you want to whether you're 50 or fifteen then leave. there's little to no connection between career and education.

Most Helpful Guy

  • That was a very revealing and thorough explanation of your problems with anxiety and OCD. Your advice at the end was excellent. When you are in high school, you rarely think beyond next weekend because you think next year will never get here. . . but it does!
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  • Paris13
    Beautifully Done, hun. Thank you for the Kind Invite, and for Caring and Sharing.
    Amazing, you have Come so Far thus Far. You Could and Should Write a Book about this. Many would Find this very Interesting Reading.
    Good Luck this Year, dear. xx
  • btbc92
    I agree with everything here. You must plan ahead for the future no matter how long it takes. The more you rush, the more you become overwhelmed. You have to do what is best for you before you can help others. Because the reality is the real world isn't a walk in the park. Education and early job experience is a must for today's society as it's highly competitive, and that's depressing enough.
  • deraz24
    Aww that's good you're doing well. I'm actually trying to get my motivation back and start college again, and I might get that St. whatever stuff I could use it when it comes to school. And all I could think of with those boxes is Tetris lol, I couldn't imagine working there or that job
    This was interesting, it got me hooked because this is a story about you. You fought a battle with anxiety/ocd and you won. I used to be the student that sometimes slept in classes too but I never failed a class. It's very important to plan ahead. I think you should start planning what you want to do after community college.

    I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life in freshman year of high school but I eventually figured out I wanted to be a tattoo artist in sophomore year so I started to work during high school to save money after I graduate. I worked as a life guard during high school. After I graduated high school, I got an apprenticeship and I worked as a part time model (I still do). I eventually moved out of my parents house when I opened my tattoo shop and had enough money to pay my bills.
  • John_Doesnt
    I planned ahead with Planned Parenthood. That abortion really saved little Timmy from being raised in a world full of retarded consevatives.