My Vex about Opposite Sex in the Work Place (Non-PC)


*WARNING* Highly inflammable triggering!

My vex about opposite sex in the work place (non-PC)

Imagine some office where the official hiring policy is too employ only women we don`t have to go that far any hardline feminist NGO would do.

This is my analysis and will affect how I will recruit my self and not some hand waving rant mytake.

Lets see how that translate onto the cooperative world from my experience offices where only women work tend to have a ‘powder keg’ atmosphere, I noticed they tended to compete with each other on trivial things.

Lot of productivity being wasted on gossiping and toilet breaks.

Then there is maternity leave and it hurts companies especially when there is an important project and an expensive replacement needs to be head hunted by an external recruitment agency.

Then there is the kid in school who is sick and needs to be taken home that is 2-3 hours lost

My Vex about Opposite Sex in the Work Place (Non-PC)

Frequent day offs for migraines and pretending to do work when its that time of the month.

There are two sides to the coin

There is a widely held consensus that’s believe having a greater amount of diversity is of benefit to an organisation and clients. Diverse backgrounds means more voices in the room when decisions are made. Which means a better chance of getting it right the first time.

Being pragmatic and knowing there are single mum families that depend on that wage my suggestion would be to allow for flexible timing for biological down days where they have to make up for lost time.

My Vex about Opposite Sex in the Work Place (Non-PC)
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