Got a Writer's Block?

Got a Writer's Block?

I understand you. Personally, I’m writing this Take because I’ve actually got one now. Though the point of this Take is because now that I’ve got one, I’ve got a few tips to avoid getting them.

Avoid Asking People what to Write about

Even though their ideas may be excellent, because you didn’t personally come up with them on your own, you are going too stop yourself from writing about the ideas given to you. Firstly, simply avoid asking people for ideas.

Write During Binging

If you’ve been feeling sad about whatever is going on in your life, have been watching a certain television show for the past few hours, or any other thing you’ve got your mind on, that is your time to write about it.

Do It When You’re Comfortable

When you wish to write, read, or watch television, make sure you are comfortable first, preventing you from moving around too much or boring yourself to sleep. The point is to make yourself feel anxious and ready to speak your mind into whatever you’re writing about. You want to make sure that you're writing about something that's on your mind.

Remember, the best writers gather up their points in comfort, and luxury. Make sure that you’re feeling ready to get down to it as soon as you’re ready for it! Trust me, you don’t want to go through what I just went through to type this!

Got a Writer's Block?
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