Why Kids Don't Like School


You wake up at 5 AM with your alarm blaring into your ear.

There is nothing to look forward to which motivates you to get out of bed, besides the fact that school is mandatory. You're exhausted from 5 hours of homework the previous day.

Why Kids Don't Like School

None of your classes are your passion.

Math, English, French, who cares? It is hard and time-consuming. Every day is the same routine. The brain is wired to only think hard when it is very much needed. School? Not so much..

Why Kids Don't Like School

It takes a lot of effort to think.

Cramming all that information in your head for exams and forgetting it right after. Then you're screwed for final exams unless you remember legitimately everything you've learned that year.

Why Kids Don't Like School

You don't like your teacher.

They don't care about your grades. You don't like your classmates who are too loud and smell. Maybe there's one class you enjoy. Art, Java, Drama, Orchestra, Spanish, whatever. It will pick you up in the middle of the day. But then it is straight back to classes. Lunch is 20 minutes and then you go home to be drowned in yet more work.

Why Kids Don't Like School

Homework is just classwork at HOME.

Teachers don't care if you're depressed, sick, grieving, stressed, anorexic, poor, abused, in pain, or anything. Hour after hour of homework until you're sleeping at 3 am. Sometimes it isn't even worth it. Who cares about exams? About grades? Just party and drink your problems away.

Why Kids Don't Like School

There is a reason students turn to alcohol, drugs, sex, self harm, fighting, etc. Maybe your parents are getting divorced. Maybe your brother just died. Maybe you were just diagnosed with an STD. Maybe you are pregnant. Maybe you have OCD. Maybe you're mum just committed suicide. Maybe your dad lost his job and you're struggling to pay the bills and have something to eat at dinner every night. But no, you still have to go to school every single day and learn things that won't help in the real world.

Why Kids Don't Like School

There are a few exceptions. Some schools are interactive and fun. Some students love to go to school. Some teachers are gems and care genuinely about their job and the students. Some kids have perfect home lives. Maybe you're rich, happy, loved, healthy, and innocent. Maybe school isn't hell for you. Maybe you're popular. Maybe you're not the bullied loser at school. Maybe you're attractive, confident, intelligent. That's good for you. But 44% of college students in the US have symptoms of depression and may contemplate suicide. 80% of them have symptoms of anxiety.

Why Kids Don't Like School

You get through every day with loud music blasting in your headphones, a joint in one hand and a cup of booze in the other. You pick fights with people to let out your anger and now you're labelled a troublemaker. Maybe you eat the stress away and now kids taunt you for being overweight. Maybe you try hard and put your all in school. Now you're a nerd, a try hard. It isn't hard to imagine this life, because it is the truth for millions. That's why so many kids don't like school. No, they aren't 'rebellious teens' or 'lazy.'

There is a problem with the education system when schools care more about skirt lengths, gum, and Wikipedia for homework than education. Studies show that teen suicide spikes when school is in session. I wonder the reason?

[almost made this anon because of the possible backlash. But it's all true so here I am]

Why Kids Don't Like School
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  • meowcow
    Haha it takes a lot of effort to think...

    Kids aren't motivated in school because they lack the competency to understand how education benefits them. If they become an adult with poor education, they are going to live the rest of their lives as low-income people, struggling to make ends meet, and living paycheck-to-paycheck. That alone would motivate anyone... except children who don't fully understand the implications.

    I remember the class clown/bully in high school. A total loser, who liked to beat up on smaller people. Never did his work, and basically just caused trouble for others.

    Skip 10 years later and I see him working graveyard at the Wendy's drivethrough. Still a minimum wage loser at 28 years old, while my peers went to university and are earning over 100k and living comfortably.

    Putting effort in school for 10-15 years is short-term pain and long-term gain. If schoolwork is driving you to depression and suicide, just wait until you are 30 years old, have no money, no job, no home, no food, and nobody willing to love you for it.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Allie_Oops
    Kids don't like school because they are spoiled and think everything they do in life should be entertaining. Plus, their parents don't value education. They value getting an 'A', which is not the same thing. I purposely don't give extra credit until the end of each quarter because kids think they can always redo something or do extra credit to get a good grade. Drives them crazy that I actually give them a reading assignment and then actually expect them to do it. Literally my students love the science teacher because he just shows them YouTube videos all day. My classes all came in talking about how cool the Vine videos were. Then they get to my room where I have to explain to 7th graders why it's important to know how to SPELL! Seriously. Kids aren't interested in being smart. I've had several say it's not important to be smart and they'd rather just be on the computer or listen to music.

    And this is coming from a teacher. And this is what they actually say to me. Don't hate the messenger.
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    • Allie_Oops

      Also, your comment about teachers is just flat out asinine. We definitely care about all of those things you listed. I've had students who literally showed up for half the school year due to illness, mental issues, and sometimes just because they have terrible parents and I still worked with them to help them be successful.

      Next time you try to inform people of something, try to be informed yourself first.

    • Jackblue

      Kids are hardly spoiled, between school time and homework they work significantly more than than most employees in this country. When I was student teaching classes began at 7 AM. Teenagers have growing bodies and need more sleep than that. Teachers on the other hand get the privilege of teaching things they are interested in, and in my experience are always whining about pay even though in my district they made a good 50 grand a year on average.

    • alright allie. First of all, in the paragraph above the bar graph, i clearly stated that there were exceptions. Believe it or not, but you're an exception. Little do you know, many teachers don't give a shit. My mother is a math teacher, so I am not bashing teachers in general.
      You are clearly very close minded and one of the reasons children hate school. You've stated your absolute disgust for these kids. "they are spoiled and think everything they do in life should be entertaining." "seriously, kids aren't interested in being smart."
      Maybe you shouldn't go into a career in which you're around people you dislike constantly. It affects the students too.
      I could not be more informed, thank you. And Jack, thank you. I know most kids are hardly spoiled and that students legitimately work harder than most adults. Al, the thing is, these students are young. They are kids, children, in their teens! They are hormonal and growing and they don't get paid. I know you went through school too.

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  • Josht13
    You go to some school in the pits of hell, the fuck you on about waking up at 5am after doing 5 hours of homework previous day, I'd wake up fresh at 7 and do like 2 hours a day most wasn't homework just revision, I wouldn't say even 1% of students do that much extra-curricular work and the number isn't that much higher when actual tests roll around. It's up to you to find the right revision technique not the schools fault at all.
    • Actually, stats say that it is on average 3.5 hours, and that's just for high school students. There are always exceptions, friend.

    • Josht13

      Well I'm sure you know statistics can be manipulated and there can be errors in collecting information because if they say asked the students how much they did then they are of course going to get misinformation. I just know I've been to quite a few schools and never did 5 hours of work a day that's insane when you get home at like 4 need food and free time.
      We are both in the UK maybe you go to some realy good academy.

    • this isn't really personal opinion. i don't really go to public school that often bc I'm ill, i just gathered opinions from my friends and online and things like that, and also from logic. but it seems that lots of people agree with me.

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  • BrittBratt2416
    5am? What school are you going to? No school I went to had kids getting up at 5am.. maybe 6 am cause school started at 7am but 5am? Nah... But I get what you're saying, I was never an early bird and waking up in the morning was extremely difficult for me. I was still asleep and extremely tired, some people bodies/brains don't wake up immediately and takes a bit of time to kick in. Being mentally and physically exhausted definitely won't help kids learns, I know some kids I worked with would go home and sleep then wake up hours way to early just to finish the massive amount of homework they had assigned to them. I think what needs to change is the hours of schooling, cause their making school longer now thinking it will help kids learn better which isn't true cause a person's brain can only process so much. Everyone learns differently and has different levels of intelligence. I think school should start at 8 or 9 (just so kids can actually mentally wake up), cut out pointless classes, I know some people like homeroom but it's pointless.. at least thats what i thought. It needs to be like college, you go to science, math, English, etc. the classes you really need and then afterwards kids go home. That way they can study, finish homework, and do whatever else needs to be done instead trying to cram howework till late hours in the night when they should be sleeping. that way they have time to relax and destress their minds... and actually have a life that isn't just on the weekends. (Now a days the weekends aren't even free time cause schools/teachers are making kids study two days straight with all the homework they give). I think school would be a lot more fun for kids if they changes took place.
  • ragequeen
    I like school and I`ve never had a problem with it, but I actually enjoyed reading this Take. It`s accurate for a lot of people and I think it`s ridiculous that kids in need are tortured in many ways. Teachers need to give a shit, and parents need to motivate their children and help them patiently.
  • Jackblue
    I am a teacher and I say that it is time to have more online education. Schools are disease ridden and classes are often difficult to control making it hard to teach as much information as students could get from home.
    • Jackblue

      I think you will find college much more pleasant than regular school though. A lot fewer hours and a lot more choice about what you learn.

    • The concept of school isn't bad. It's just the education system that is fucked up. If we reform it, it could be better. Also, I agree with jack. More freedom=more pleasant experience. I haven't been to college but I can imagine the difference based on middle vs highschool

  • sovetskii13
    Oh why did you remind me of my dark years? 4 years of high school are the worst 4 years of a person's life. 💣 Never getting enough sleep, too much homework, drama, pressure and stress, tests that are only for short-term memory, lack of choices, material that you will never use, summer school if you fail something... 💥 And a diploma is worth nothing these days.
  • oddwaffle
    Maybe they should lower employment standards to the 1600 where you didn't actually need to study. Just 10 years of being a slave will hopefully put you somewhere you can feed yourself by working 12 hours a day.

    There are only about 4-5 subjects that are important or relevant: Math, Primary Language, Physics, Biology, Chemistry and maybe some basic history.

    Most of them are important to day-to-day work if you want to go more than sone-to-be-replaced drone in a factory.

    Math, you use it all the time from coding skills to just pay your taxes. You also use it to write, structure sentences and shape your thinking. Those without math are doomed to forever never understand anything logical.

    Language, obviously, can't read properly then you don't qualify to be anything but a drone.(that can't read).

    Physics, chemistry and biology are natural science. Sort want to know a bit to be relevant these days. I mean, kinda hard to explain why your heavy boat doesn't sink but your light weight phone sank to the bottom of the ocean.
  • AynonOMouse
    If they use drugs, alcohol, or got an STD, they created that problem themselves and deserve no pity.
    Lots of people are poor and do well, just as plenty of people have money and do poorly.
    The majority of parents are divorced (USA)
    If you work out when you are young and learn to fight, getting bullied isn't really a problem and it makes you more confident so you have less stress.

    I think a lot of the problem come from parents that don't care and don't spend enough quality time with their kids. They prioritize making as much money as possible which takes up most of their time, or they prioritize partying.
    Some teachers are very good and care a lot about their students, and others are just there for the check. It is mostly luck if someone gets a good teacher or not. And the school doesn't knowingly let teachers pick their students, so sometimes the good teachers end up wasting their year on a bunch of jerks that won't try, instead of getting paired with the students that would actually value a caring, hard working one.

    Good take though. :)
  • Goochbreaker
    school = state indoctrination, especially highschool. Learning to read and write is THE ONLY GOOD THING one gets out of school. As soon as you figure that out (gr5 should be adequate) drop out and start living your life as you would want to to pursue the future you envision. Kids hate school because deep down they know these people aren't their mothers and fathers and that their authority is fake. Kids know a lot more than they can explain...
  • HereIbe
    You think school is bad? Try working for a living, little child. You drop of out school you "get in trouble". You drop out of working, you starve to death.
    • Just because one problem is worse than another doesn't make the less severe problem any better. If everyone in my family but me died tomorrow, it doesn't make it okay because at least I didn't die. If you drop out of school you don't "get in trouble"
      Your life will most likely be over

    • HereIbe

      I know people who dropped out of school. Their lives weren't over. You have absolutely no clue.

    • again, just because one thing happened doesn't mean it happens to everyone. you cannot tell me an education is not important. www.collegequest.com/.../...ducation-pays-2010.png

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  • YoungManTryin
    Luckily for me, I can take three music classes a day and no one will tell me that it's a bad thing. Philharmonic, Chamber Strings Group, and Jazz Band? What more do you need? Well, obviously music composition!
  • HikerDude
    The sad reality is that most of what is taught in school is not of real value to people. Many, if not most people would be better served by beginning focused vocational training at the age of 15.
  • jacquesvol
    I don't think minors are informed enough to diagnose and judge their mental health problems.
    • Jackblue

      Some might say the same about seniors.

    • jacquesvol

      @Jackblue you clearly don't know the value of experience.

    • I think when they say that they show symptoms of these things, that is not a good sign. Also, In any given year, 20% of American children will be diagnosed with a mental illness.

  • englisc
    I think that our schooling system today is terrible. I'll be homeschooling my kids for this reason.
  • ryancg
    It's not a bad take, but it is a bit generalizing. I didn't like school very much and I didn't have any of the problems you listed. School was too easy. I love learning, and I just didn't like school that much because a majority of the stuff they were teaching was shit that I already knew. And there's plenty of people who had the same experience as me, in fact, my main group of friends in high school was all like that.
    • Yea it is pretty generalizing but that's why i included the paragraph above the bar graph about exceptions ( :

    • ryancg

      Yeah, but oddly enough, even the exception doesn't really cover me. I had far from a happy home life, I wasn't rich, I wasn't confident, I wouldn't say I was good looking and I wasn't popular. I got bullied plenty, but that pretty much stopped once they realized that I didn't care. All I did have was my intelligence and a small group of like-minded friends. Basically, I had all the reason in the world to be depressed and all that, I just wasn't.

    • well... this isn't really about depression. it's about some kids not liking school

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  • chc0009
    I hated school because I was bullied a lot and had social anxiety as a result.

    I tried to retool myself in college, but I labored in vain and was always treated as the runt of the litter.

    So I ended up going to grad school online.
  • leifleoden
    Our current school system which is based on the one created in 18th century Prussia is dated and obsolete. Keep your kids home spend time with them and study on Khan academy. 50% of the school day is wasted on administratrivia anyway.
  • skytatoe
    I do think the education system is left wanting for improvements. Its outdated and I totally get the feeling that its useless. When you come out of it, you're at point zero basically. What you learned is just the basics, it has zero market value.

    Not many people like school, and yeah it is hard. But it gives you a spectrum of basics that you can build on when choosing a path in life.
    You can't be a properly functional member of society without some of those basics, believe it or not. And that does include history and literature etc... Sure, a lot of what you learn IS wasted. A lot of what you learn you'll never remember or use ever again. But a part of it will be fundamental to your life.
  • Mi2mi2a
    I like school but because the things they taught us is the things I excelled at. I know if there were mandatory subjects that I will hate I would have hated school.

    The education system tries to put every individual in the same caliber while everyone is special and different.

    About waking up at 5 am, I hate it. If I had a choice, I would choose not to. However, I find it good for me, my mood is better, my health is better. And you know there are studies that shows that waking up at 5 am is good for health. I think of it as a good evil, like eating spinach.

    Homework wise, I agree that there should be less to no homework, schoolwork should be done at school. A little homework is not bad but always having loads of it is harmful.
  • KateBR
    Kids are too emotional to realize that school is important.
    And plus it's not only kids, we are all lazy and our brain fights with any effort to learn something new
  • scooogy
    What fascinated me afterwards was how less others cared about what grades I took out of school after that much work I've put into it.
  • McKellar
    Well my thoughts on this is,.. if you want to motivate your students & be very passionate about these types of courses,... teach them something that will be useful in the world today. Teach them various forms of math such as trade math, mechanical math & so on, then when they pursue that path,.. Boom they have it. If the students want to work at a chemical or oil plant? Teach them the science & math that they need, so they are far more ready for that next step. All of those fields of which I've mentioned pay a great deal amount of money. The high school which I attended to,.. they had the education, half of the time, but never gave off a detailed explanation as to why we needed to learn that stuff or why would should learn it. Those kind of teachers very much lacked in those areas.
  • NitroCat
    The issue is that there are too many flaws in every education system.
    To be frank and honest here, I think it's good that some subjects are in school, even when they don't seem useful to kids.

    For example, thanks to the computer classes I got in school, I discovered my passion for computer science. While first I found history extremely boring, thanks to history classes, I got interested in caring about it.

    Granted, a lot has to do with how good your teacher is and the school and such. But, I think it can help kids to discover their passions & interests. Their weaknesses and their strengths. School has a lot of advantages for everybody, but like with everything; it has flaws big & small.
  • Red-wolf
    did you just compare sex with drugs, selfharm and alcohol?
    • self-harmful sex. I don't mean normal sex. I mean when someone just uses sex to numb their pain. Even if the sex hurts and even if it is unenjoyable. It gives a sense of pride and control. It's just another outlet. People who pick fights want to prove themselves. Someone could do that with sleeping with lots of people casually. People who starve themselves want control, and a person could feel in control with being able to sleep with all these people.
      I compare it to drugs, selfharm, and alcohol, because they are all harmful. Sex used in the wrong way can be very emotionally/mentally scarring. It can also hurt you physically. So yes, that was intentional. It's just like how some drugs can be great and not harmful. Sex can be fun. Drinking with friends once in a while is fine. It just depends ( :

    • Red-wolf

      what do you mean with harmful sex? and why do you consider sex to numb the pain bad? as long as its save and with a person you trust is not really bad to have a stress reliever.

    • well maybe its fine for you. but it can be mentally deteriorating for others.

  • Deathraider
    School is great.
    • read paragraph above bar graph : )

    • Mainly the problem with school is that it's a monkey see, monkey do system.

    • i don't get what you mean but okay

  • Revolver_
    tbh I was going to commit suicide a few days ago
  • holly6090
    thank you for writing this!
  • xZoeyx
    Nice take:)
  • CT_CD
    School is cool
  • rapture
    Yes, school was bad
  • LittlePrince85
    I agree.
  • mikayla106
    cause of the pile of homework and people...
  • Anonymous
    kids are not suppose to be in school its an indoctrination program created by satanist

    they copied the kabbalah and called it science
    and if you think im lying go do the research yourself
  • Anonymous
    because you have to go to school and get told what to do, with no freedom. and you can't talk in class.
  • Anonymous
    its an indoctrination program to all kids drop out everything you think is true that they teach you is a lie

    this is the truth
  • Anonymous
    I agree with the my take.
  • Anonymous
    yes i hated school as well but adult life isn‘t really better
    you have to get up early as well, your boss sucks, sometimes you have to sit crazy hours, you go to bed and that‘s it
    so to sum up life sucks
  • Anonymous
    Im lucky that my school isn't like that. Everyone is really nice and majority of the teachers are great people, and there's almost no bullying.
    I love school, its way better than home for me and I had when breaks are longer than 3 days
  • Anonymous
    5 A. M? Not if you live near school, for example, my primary school was only 5 minute walk away. But you are right, nobody likes the morning alarm, I hated waking up at 7 A. M.
    • 7 AM is still way too early haha

    • Anonymous

      I know, lol :P

  • Anonymous
    you realize that the formal American public education system is bullshit
  • Anonymous