The Gender Divide in STEM

The Gender Divide in STEM

STEM. Science Mathematics Engineering and Technology.

STEM is the future, yet so many girls my age are discouraged from participating in these subjects. Why? Males and Females are born with the same blank brain. Take the gender aspect away from things, what are they? Human beings.s

These figures speak for themselves:

The Gender Divide in STEM

From the years 2015-2017 women in STEM increased from 22,020 to 22,340. Now that figure has decreased by 1%. That may not seem like a lot when I first say it, but 1% of 22,340 is 223. That's 223 women that left STEM careers.

I understand that many men do support equality, in these subjects, gender equality but there is that toxic amount who do not.

For example, on certain forum websites when I put that I am female, and ask a question concerning an issue that has arisen in my work, the males on that forum will make derogatory remarks. Be passive aggressive. Make me feel stupid, just because I don't know something. Yet when I keep my gender private their tone changes and they just answer the question. Why can't they just answer it in the first place rather regardless of my gender?

Without even seeing my face some of the males have assumed I'm on that website to look for someone to flirt with, not for my work.

Girls shouldn't be afraid of doing the subjects, and boys should help encourage them, not put them down. If we all come together and help each other this immense gap will soon be none existent.


The Gender Divide in STEM
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  • Anonymous
    No, the figures in the image you posted do not speak for themselves as you suggest. They certainly paint a clear picture, but not the one you want us to believe.

    The fact is that there are indeed differences in male and female brains, and in their interests, priorities and motivations. Those differences account for the gender disparity in STEM. Studies show that the more gender equal a society is, the less likely females are to choose STEM related fields. That is, the more freedom women have to choose their paths in life, the less likely they are to study STEM and choose related fields for their careers.

    I have female friends and relatives in STEM fields and they universally disagree with your claims that women are discouraged from studying and entering STEM. On the contrary, they say they actually feel a bit guilty about how much better they are treated than male candidates.

    So please lose the victim mentality because all you are really doing is undermining respect for female with this nonsense.
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    • Well I must say your female friends are privileged.

      But where I come from, it isn't like that. I've a friend who has an older sister who is doing a CS course at university, she is the only girl in her class in a class of about 30.

      And females are less likely to choose STEM because that is how society have made it. There's been campaigns in my country because women don't get picked for the job based on their skill , but if they look nice in a pair of heels. A coronation street star campaigned against this.

      For not one second am I suggesting take away their freedom of choice and force them to do STEM, but what I am suggesting is girls all around the world should be exposed to science, maths, technology and engineering.

      My comment about the "same blank brain" means that both male and female are born with nothing on their brain. It's what it's filled with determines how good you will be at something not because males are good at certain things and females are good at certain things.

    • Yes, both male and female brains do have differences such as structure, processing information etc.

      But that doesn't mean one brain can't do something the other can.

      Both may have different ways of doing the same thing, coming to the same conclusion.

      One way of doing things may be more efficient than the other, but I'm sure whoever has the more efficient way can teach the other gender their way of doing things.

    • Anonymous

      Of course they are privileged. They are women in the western world and they are the most privileged and entitled people in the history of the human race. They have more rights and privileges than men do. It is far easier for them to get into college, and especially STEM fields, because society rolls out the red carpet for them and provides them with millions of dollars in scholarships, grants and financial aid that are not available to their male counterparts. Women are treated like gold in STEM fields. So yeah, they are indeed privileged. Of course they are. And so are you.

      Whether you realize it or not, what you are asking for here is (more) special treatment. Society already essentially treats women like children, but you want to be coddled even more. You want to be protected from any adversity or negativity. Well I'm sorry to break it to you but that's not how the real world works, for ANYONE.

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  • Logorithim
    I think one turn-off for some women regarding STEM is the difficulty in balancing a career in one of These fields with raising children. Some may also be put off by male-dominated fields in general simply because they are male-dominated and, more important, males viewed as geeks (an unfair stereotype, but one that persists). For example, young women may feel more comfortable with a female mentor than a male one.

    I don't think women are necessarily put off by the difficulty of STEM fields- the huge female presence in biology and medicine indicates that isn't the case.
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    • True, but surely there are ways we can work around that.

      Why should a woman consider twice before she picks a career just because she wants to have children?

      She's bringing life into this world, who's to say the child she raises does not change the world in anyway shape or form?

      As said previously there needs to be ways of working around this, allowing the woman to pursue a career in these fields and be given time off to have children.

    • Logorithim

      I think there should be no barriers to a woman pursuing a career and motherhood, but female scientists in the country I live in (Germany) often are childless (far more than non-scientists) primarily because of the lack of available child care after 5 p. m.

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  • Anonymous
    I dont see how women are discouraged at all, goverments around the world offer special incentives and needing lower grades for girls to enrol in STEMs, it seems to be more about women making other choices. Like I was offered a college place for STEM even though I'm academically unfit and have grades below what a guy would be required to have to do a stem degree. They also offered me a large grant just to get me to do it.
    I think it's more important that we focus on the gender divide in female dominated careers like nursing, accountants childcare, teaching, secretarial, beautician, social worker, vets, administration etc and get more women into blue collared jobs such as sewage worker, plumbing, electrician, carpentry, bricklaying, manufacturing.The Gender Divide in STEMThe Gender Divide in STEM
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    • Why do governments offer lower grades for females entering STEM?
      Do they expect females to achieve lower grades?
      This is the problem.
      Grades shouldn't be lowered in order to let girls into the subjects, girls should be taught and encouraged how to get the higher grades to get into the subjects.

    • Anonymous

      They lower the bar academically for women to encourage more women to sign up for STEM. It's all about meeting quotas.
      Girls are taught and encouraged how to get the higher grades to get into the subjects, in fact on average they beat boys achademically and more women graduate college than men, there's a serious gender gap concerning boys education and their grades that goverments need to address. You have to account for girls making their own decisions.

    • And do you ask yourself why girls are more drawn to gender studies?

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  • mindequalsblown
    I don't think girls are discouraged from STEM because men intimidate women to not join the field or because there isn't as much support, especially not nowadays when companies do waaay too much to encourage women who are plainly uninterested.

    I personally don't have any interest in STEM because I just don't like it and there is no point forcing myself to. Just tell your daughters that if they want to do STEM, they can, but if they don't, honestly just give it a rest.
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    • Have you ever tried any STEM subjects?

    • Yes, I have! I went to a STEM-focused high school where I did five Math courses and four Computer Science courses in four years as well as 3 years of advanced Bio, Physics and Chemistry. Now I am in college doing Journalism/Broadcasting and life has never been better.

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  • meowcow
    Sorry, but I have to call bullshit on your take.

    You said that, "STEM is the future, yet so many girls my age are discouraged from participating in these subjects."

    Never in my life have I ever seen a girl in this country being discouraged from entering a STEM field. I have never seen a teacher or fellow student say anything like that, and my wife is a high school teacher, while I was a university lecturer for 7 years.

    What I HAVE observed, is that girls think that math, chemistry, physics... etc are "too hard". What I have heard... FROM GIRLS... is that they are more interested in applied sciences or arts, like psychology, criminology, music. But when it comes to particle physics, bridge engineering, inorganic chemistry... girls CHOOSE not to major in those subjects.

    So your statistics showing men dominating STEM fields is not proof that women are discouraged from such fields. Proof would be actually showing us that there is a movement to remove girls from STEM studies.

    When you have 100 STEM students, with 10 females and 90 males, it is not a surprise that companies will have similar ratios of male to female.

    You don't seem to realize that men and women are not the same. Humans are not blank slates. There are very fundamental differences in the way men and women think, and this is reflected in their life choices. Men are often more precise and calculating, which is a natural fit for math-heavy STEM topics. Women more often take a big picture view, which is not a natural fit for a math-heavy STEM field.

    It doesn't have to be exactly 50/50 for something to be fair and equitable. What is fair and equitable is that every man and women has the freedom to CHOOSE their field of study and that is exactly what is happening.
  • Schrodingerscat
    Being a girl in STEM , I haven't faced much of discrimination so far. Except only one sexist Math professor who believed that women would never be as good as men at Math. That's the only instance I can recall where someone from institution has discrimated against females. Other than that, my university and my country is extremely supportive of women in science. Special conferences , associations of women in science, special scholarships to pursue research and higher education... And that is so called conservative country like India.

    But... Even if your university, your government is supporting you... The remaining public- the kind you deal with on day to day basis... That's another story. Here's what I have come across while interacting with men online and offline

    - Women in STEM are ugly. I wouldn't date a woman in STEM. I don't care how smart and hardworking she is, she's just ugly to me.

    - A guy has already said in his opinion but I have heard it from plenty other men echoing it : women in STEM can't focus on family. They're too career oriented. They won't be able to raise children well. I want a girl with no demanding career like say receptionist, secretary etc.

    - Women in STEM are not feminine.

    If a girl is bombarded with such stereotypes all time, why would she want to pursue STEM, no matter how much government and University is supporting her?

    Yes, probably women do have preference to humanities and biology. But it is not entirely dependent on nature. The 'nurture' part also plays huge role. I know women who had great careers in STEM. They came from families with strong STEM background. I also read somewhere that girls are likely to be better at math and pursue it further if their parents are also in STEM.
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    • "Women in STEM are ugly. I wouldn't date a woman in STEM. I don't care how smart and hardworking she is, she's just ugly to me."
      To you, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder, your ugly may be somebody else's beautiful.

      "women in STEM can't focus on family. They're too career oriented. They won't be able to raise children well. I want a girl with no demanding career like say receptionist, secretary etc."
      Yes and this is why girls are discouraged from going into STEM. But surely there are ways of working around this.

      "Women in STEM are not feminine."
      I'm a girl in STEM, and I do consider myself feminine.

    • Hun, it's not what I believe in, it's what men have said to me all the time.

  • Celtero
    Yeah... fuck this shit. Feminists think everything needs to be in favor of women, well guess what? IT DOESN'T!

    If men are ~98% of combat fatalities and ~76% of suicides (1), I think they deserve to have their stem too. We don't need to force women into stem so it's 50/50 while men are still expected to be the breadwinner and almost ~90% of women have children (2), which interferes with their productivity at work. Men though? Men work HARDER once they have children in order to be a better provider.

    Yeah, I see that you've had some negative experiences in stem, but why does it have to be sexism? Perhaps men put up with shitty bosses and coworkers too? Maybe you will have to work harder, but once you're a veteran programmer you'll make a great mentor and example for girls who want (and aren't coerced into) to be programmers themselves.

    Still very well written for a 15 year old, even if I don't agree with the message.

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    • "If men are ~98% of combat fatalities and ~76% of suicides (1), I think they deserve to have their stem too."
      Who said anything about not letting men into STEM fields?

      "We don't need to force women into stem so it's 50/50"
      Nobody said anything about forcing women into STEM either. However, girls should take more of an interest about the future of this world. That is all I am saying.

      " while men are still expected to be the breadwinner"
      Why are men expected to be the breadwinner? Because that's how society have made it. I nor do any of my friends expect the man to go out and work whilst the woman stays at home looking after the children. There is nothing wrong with that, but we believe that anyone could be the breadwinner and anyone can stay at home, and that is okay as long as it is out of choice.

    • "Yeah, I see that you've had some negative experiences in stem, but why does it have to be sexism?"
      If it isn't sexism then what is it? Just because they're not open about it doesn't mean they are not sexist. When I put I'm a girl on my profile, some of the guys patronize me, call me names, make me feel stupid for not knowing something and wanting to learn.

      But the minute I don't put my gender, they just answer the question normally. No names, no patronizing. Why couldn't they just do that in the first place?

    • Celtero

      Men are expected to be the breadwinner because that's what women want. Very few women are willing to date a man who makes less than them.

      Women are being pushed into stem even if it's not what they're interested in. Lots of scholarships and programs designed to help women, and it would be stupid of them to say no to that free stuff. (which isn't available to men)

      And jobs aren't unlimited ya know? Every jobs snatched up by a woman through affirmative action is one less job for a higher qualified man.

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  • VaIiant
    Good Take, but humans aren’t born with the same brain. The reason there’s such a gap is because men naturally are more interested in mathematics and science- while women aren’t. It’s not sexism or gender stereotypes, and it doesn’t mean men are smarter. They’re just better at some subjects.
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    • Is it really that though? Or is that the narrative society have created and we blindly like sheep follow it?

      Yes I am aware that information is processed differently, and so on. But that doesn't make one gender better than the other gender at a certain subject.

      They may just have different ways of doing things, but come to the same conclusion. One's conclusion may be more efficient than the others but I'm sure the other can learn the more efficient way of doing things.

    • VaIiant

      I’ve studied the topic, as I was curious myself. Yes, it really is that. There have been hundreds of studies proving men use an important part of the brain, the part that is used for mathematics and science, more then women. This isn’t saying ALL men are better then ALL women, of course there’s some women who excel at those subjects as well.

    • Yes, men do use that part of the brain, but that's not to say women cannot.

      I am curious, if men use a part of the brain which is better for Maths and science then what do women use more often?

  • ThatPersonOverThere
    Sorry how EXACTLY are girls discouraged from entering STEM?

    Also of you're going to present statistics, do make a basic effort to choose ones which don't contradict each other.
    Which is it? 26% of STEM jobs are held by women, or is it less than 25%? Also for "STEM Facts on Women & Girls", why the hell was race brought into it? Some people just can't help but play identify politics I guess...

    Here's some statistics that may have been useful...
    What are the percentage of women who WANT to work in STEM? What percentage of women who want to work in STEM are, compared with those same numbers for men?

    But let's just ignore that women have the freedom to make their own choices and the majority of women are CHOOSING not to work STEM. (Just as I chose not to, but nobody bitches when men choose to do something else.)

    If you want to work in STEM, do what men do... shut the fuck up, quit blaming others for your problems, go bust your ass at university, take an entry level position, and work your way up. Hell, there are WOMEN ONLY scholarships, especially fo STEM. There are people out there who will literally throw money at you simply for having a vagina, and somehow you still find a way to fail! The only person stopping you is you dude.

    You want to know why men succeed in this world where women struggle?
    Men look for solutions to problems.
    Women look for problems to cry about.
    Men look at challenge and see opportunity.
    Women look at opportunity and see challenge.

    25% of STEM jobs are held by women? I'm surprised it's even that high all things considered.
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    • But ask the women why they don't want to work in STEM if they do not.
      And no, just because women point out clear problems in the world, does not mean they are crying about it. They simply see, unfairness in the world and oppose it.

    • WHAT unfairness?
      All you've pointed out is that the ratio of men:women in STEM doesn't match the general population.
      SO WHAT? That's true of most professions. Women aren't complaining about the injustice of lack of female coal miners right?

      Basically a bunch of feminists told you that you weren't welcome into STEM, you internalized it, and now you want to assert that there's some injustice or unfairness going on.

      If you want to work in STEM, and you're smart enough to do it, then go so it and stop blaming others for YOUR choices!

      If you don't want to work STEM because "Oh well I don't feel welcomed enough", then you aren't strong enough mentally to hack it anyway. There's a reason these jobs pay what they do, because they are Not Easy! If you're going to let such a flimsy reason as that stop you, then you have no business pursuing that path.

      You only get one life man. You can spend it following your dreams or you can blame others for your choice not to follow them.

  • dantetheexplorer
    Yes. It doesn't take anyone particularly observant to see the huge divide between the genders when it comes to, not only S. T. E. M, but so many other things. For example, I'm always fascinated by politics and political commentary, economic forums, civil planning, etc - but I find that the discussion in these topics/subjects are led by a crowd that is overwhelmingly male.

    I'm not sure whether there are more Guys than Girls in this place, but perhaps Girls-ask-Guys is also a microcosm of the greater divide you mention. Questions that deal in science or politics or finance, I've noticed that the response is almost always overwhelmingly male. The women here tend to congregate around those topics dealing in relationship, fashion, etc. As I said, it could be because there are more men than women on Girls-ask-Guys. Otherwise, you'd have to conclude that either (a) women are apprehensive when it comes to talking about such matters in a co-ed setting (b) women just don't care about those topics, or (c) some combination of the two.
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    • Your point about G@G is true.

      Girls should start caring about science and politics. Look at the women who fought 100 years ago for the women's vote. They didn't fight for the right to vote for girls not to care in the future.

    • VIVANT

      “Women should care more about politics”? How do you know how much women care around the world? Anyhow bullshittjjg on a site dies not truly indicate a husky interest it just indicates you like sounding like you care about stuff or have something to say... most people talking will just talk.

      Most political rights activists are women.

      Women on this site don’t represent women everywhere. This site is not specifically for politics. If you are on a political site there are many women.

  • NatashaJ
    Then they complain when they lose a sexual harassment case and have to paid a lot to the woman even thou they should know work is not for hitting on females or be disrespect to females in that way if you don't get that then have fun paying sexual harassment fees just because you don't know how to behave in society. Which is why I decide to go in a mostly female field I keep dealing with creepy men I am so done with this behaviour they think it's cool.
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    • NatashaJ

      Which makes no sense to me when I never gave them impression if they have a chance with me it's annoying most of these type of guys are so cocky when in reality they think they are the shit when they are not. Then complain when women wants hot guys, you mean guys they want to be with not you? lmaoooo

    • This is the issue.

      Of course a lot of women are discouraged from STEM subjects.

    • NatashaJ

      I don't want to discourage women from stem but I have heard stories from girls who do work in STEM and a lot of guys are rude in these fields like engineering for example you get guys you will believe your stupid just because you have a vagina which makes no sense since if there are female doctors you think females are smart enough for engineering but most of those guys are usually single for a reason.

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  • randomn_girl
    its true, very true but sometimes its not only men supporting women or such... women ay want to do something different from stem... maybe... so that may also be the reason in the 1% decrease

    always remember, there are two sides of a coin... maybe women don't get enough support... but another reason could be maybe some women aren't interested in it

    anyway ~ nice my take
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    • Thanks :)

      I am aware of both sides, but a lot of girls aren't even introduced to the subjects, if they aren't even introduced to the subjects, then how can they show an interest in them subjects?

      I'd really like to know the reason for the 1% decrease myself. If women want career changes because they feel STEM isn't for them fair enough move to something else.

  • Benedek38
    The brain of men and women work differently. That is why men are more inclined to work in STEM fields.

    Now, if you include STEMM, that is, Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Medicine - there are more women.

    Seriously, stop seeing a problem where there is none. It is women's choice to learn it. Nobody is suppressing or discouraging them.
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    • You'd be surprised about how many girls are told not to do STEM subjects.

      If I got £1 for the amount of times people have said to me about doing CS:
      "Are you sure?"
      "That's really hard."
      "But a lot of guys do that."
      "If I were you I'd move into a subject with more girls in it"

      If that isn't discouraging I don't know what is.

    • Benedek38

      Well, guess what I told my MALE friend just the other day?
      The guy is planning to learn computer science, but maths was never his strong side.
      I asked him:
      "Are you sure?"
      "That's really hard!"
      "A lot of annyoing, boring people do it."
      "If I were you, I'd try a subject more fitting for you"
      Each and every one of those are true for him. I KNOW he will suck at it. So does that mean I am discouraging him? Or am I just a realist?

      And guess what people told me before going to mechatronical engineering, probably one of the hardest courses in my country?
      "Are you sure?"
      "Sounds really hard"
      "You'll have troubke finding a girlfriend"

      The only reason why I escaped most negative comments is because I was a regular in maths competitions. My classmate that chose the same course (and surprise, failed to be accepted) was treated to a lot more discouragement. Does that mean we are discouraging boys from STEM too?

    • Benedek38

      The reality is that people love to drag others down, because they love to project their own insecurities on you. This is regardless of gender. In fact girls have it harder in STEM fields, BECAUSE they always have strong male shoulders to lean on. (NO I am not joking, I know plenty of girls who have a harem of guys getting them through the semester).

      You should shut your ears to toxic people, and not blame society for discriminating against you. I had just as hard a time as anyone else getting into the course I am, and staying there. Don't take away from my acheivements by suggesting that somewhere there is a girl better than me who was discouraged.

      Oh, and let me tell you something else. A female friend, who is really smart, was graduating last year. I encouraged him to learn maths, because I know that's her strong side.
      She started learning fucking accounting.

      Other female friend - finished in the second best highschool in the country - now she's learning sociology.

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  • dancing_in_nebulas
    Im entering the electro mechanical engineering half of my degree. My dad called me "Tink" short for Tinkerbell for my habit of picking apart electronics and putting them back together. At 10yrs old, I took apart three toys, moved the wiring so my one dragon toy could light up and make sound effects.

    Love that shit.

    The men in my class and intership job will ask me for help, or how I figured something out, they also high five m
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    • That's nice, this is what I like to hear :)

      It was my father who got me into computer science, and I taught my little brother to code. My dad called me coco digit for a while as well :)

    • *high five me and the professor cheers me on to do well, as I am not only 1 of 3 girls, but I am the only black girl in that STEM field, in the history of that college. EVER. They want to feature me in a local Engineering mag once I graduate regarding that to encourage both girls and minoroties.

      Now there's no one putting us down. The jerkish men are like the KKK who lost sight of why society was as is, and could not adapt.

      STEM jobs before, were EXTREMELY dangerous and harsh labor wise. Machines did not run off computer chips, required man power to crank, pull, grind, pressurize or move. Work conditions were dangerous and dirty.

      It was preferred that women be safe and not faced with that. Even some heavy tech companies dont hire women onto the floor for that reason.

      But, as innovation grew, the environment softened. Society is still adapting. Its nothing prejudice.

      I did what the STEM loving girls before me did.

      Jusr went for it. Encouraged or not.

    • XD @ cocodigits!

      I love coding, I got the software portion down but really want to get into mechanical / robotic design. I want to get on board with creating futuristic hands off technology and "Smart Cities."
      Or medical technology is pretty interesting too!

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  • jennifer_bloom
    Men are smarter when it comes to math and science - that is why they dominate stem jobs

    Woman are smarter at raising children and building relationships - that is why they dominate social science jobs

    No amount of complaining or whining or homosexuality praising will change natural biological differences between men and woman
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    • Uh huh. It's all genetics. Nothing to do with the culture at all. Nothing to do with the assholes who tell young girls that they suck at math and science. If you're a girl, that's it, you should know that you could never be better than a man at maths and science.

      Why? Because... genetics. Just accept your fate, women of the world.

      Funny, I remember an Austrian painter saying the same thing about the Master race...

    • Are you going to say the same thing about Blacks and other minorities? That Black people aren't in STEM as much as white people, because OH, they're genetically not as good as whites to be scientists and engineers? That it has nothing to do with racism and culture, and just something to do with their brains or their genes- that they just don't make good scientists and engineers.

      I can't believe that we're living in 2018 and people still think it's fine to say that every single choice that women make is because of... biology. That somehow, we live in a social vacuum, and it's 100% biological differences. And yet, they are not so free with those comments when talking about race.

    • @dantetheexplorer Men are smarter than woman. That is why they make more money.

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  • hellionthesagereborn
    Girls are not afraid to go into STEM fields. In fact we have more programs to try and push them into STEM fields, some places have actually barred men from getting into STEM fields in order to try to get more women into them. The fact is women CHOOSE not to enter them. I never understood this, why is it not rampant sexism that early childhood education is almost entirely comprised of women? Why is it not rampant sexism that psychology is over 80% women? Why is it not rampant sexism that social work (where women earn a dollar more then men) is over 80% female? Why is it not rampant sexism that pediatrics is over 80% female? Why is it not rampant sexism that female models can earn more then 20x their male counter parts? Why don't we have programs to encourage boys to enter these fields? Why is it not rampant sexism that boys are falling further and further behind in school despite all the efforts to make schools more "friendly" to women? Why is it not sexism that over 63% of all college graduates are female? Why is it not sexism that causes men to drop out at 4x the rate as women? Why are their no programs to get women into construction work which is over 90% male? Why are their no programs to get women into mining which is over 90% male? Why are their no programs to get women into waste management positions which is almost entirely male? All of that seems like sexism, why are you not talking about that? Oh yeah, because you don't care about equality, you just want extra privilege, you don't care about how shitty jobs, hard jobs, physically grueling and/or dangerous jobs are almost entirely male, you just want the glorified jobs. What you have written is nothing more then a sexist rant that completely ignores reality, the fact is STEM programs have actually closed because women continued to avoid them, they are far more likely to drop out of them then men are and far more likely not to choose them then men are. Its personal choice. Meanwhile in education boys are given lower grades despite giving the same answers as their female counter parts, boys are incredibly far behind in reading and writing SPECIFICALLY because of sexism whether it be that the teachers (almost all women (again, you seem perfectly content with that)) give them lower grades despite them giving the same answers as female students, to the reading material being geared towards girls almost exclusively (when reviewed the school reading list was 80% female geared reading).
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  • taleswapper
    Utter rubbish. Assumes it's conclusion. You completely miss the part were women don't WANT to be in STEM, and trying to rig the game to force them into it doesn't work. You assume that in a "perfect" world, women and men would be equally represented, but that's just not the case.
    STOP trying to turn women into fake men. You're making things worse.
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    • I'm not trying to force anyone to work in a particular field. All I am saying is take more of an interest in the future.

      And WHY don't women want to work in STEM? You don't ask that question do you?

      There's no such thing as turning women into fake men. Wanting to make them aware of their future is turning them into fake men?

    • Actually, I DID ask why. Turns out, why doesn't matter. Your goal of having equal representation of men and women in STEM assumes there is or should be equal interest. There isn't. For a number of reasons completely unrelated to the fields themselves...

    • Of course WHY matters.
      Because once you figure out why, you can get to the root of the problem.

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  • CubsterShura
    Fortunately here we don't have much against women in STEM, I mean, there is, but it is still not as bad as in many other countries far more developed than ours.

    I read a book once where the writer is a student of physics. He wrote that when he studied in our country, about half of the students were girls but when he went to America, he expected more girls in STEM but he rather discovered that there are so less women in STEM. There were very few girls in his class and it is because of the stereotype of women in STEM being robotic, boring, competitive and intimidating. I was surprised.

    I want to study physics, in fact I am a science student in school now and my father fortunately supports me. He would support me in any field I want to go and he is supporting me in this case too.

    My sister doesn't work in STEM but she does a highly professional job where only one in five employees are women because so less women take this field.

    And I am highly disappointed with the guys opinions here as always. Lol they don't even understand what gender equality in STEM field is but they feel like they can make a bold (nonsense) statement.

    I am actually abroad now so I am quite busy with traveling. I wish to write a myTake on gender equality in male dominant fields once I am back to my home. 😊❤
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    • Great! I'll be sure to read your MyTake.

      My father also supports me in doing computer science.

    • Physics 😍😍 welcome to the club 😇

      I'm disappointed at opinions on here too lol. Not surprised. I know a lot of girls who had great careers as scientists and engineers.

    • @Schrodingerscat me too. While I don't deny the biological and psychological differences between men and women, there is no way that we should underestimate a woman's capabilities 😇

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  • CindyRuns
    I'm and engineer and love my job and I'm making more money doing it at age 30 than I ever dreamed I'd me making.

    My biggest give back to girls coming up is to mentor them and help bring them along.

    I'm also part of a SWE (Society of Women Engineers) group that goes into high schools and encourages girls to go into STEM careers.
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    • That's great!
      We need more organizations like SWE.
      In my area there isn't really a lot of that.

    • CindyRuns

      Almost every university with an engineering dept has a chapter. If you're interested in becoming an engineer some day, check it out. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.

  • Guanfei
    And what if girls just aren't as interested in that field as guys? What's the point of it?
    Telling girls "invade all the stuff guys are interested in and take control"?
    And why don't you push girl to be interested in dirty and hard jobs, like construction workers or garbage collectors? Where are the girls in those jobs?

    I see people proning equality, but only where it's convenient. As for the rest, the hard jobs, well men can keep it to themselves, it's ok, right?
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    • That's not what I am trying to do.

      STEM is an interest of mine which I have seen a clear gender divide, I just want to point it out.

    • Guanfei

      No, you've seen less girls there than guys, which is true, no one is denying it. But that doesn't mean guys a pushing girls out of it. Just that girls aren't really interested in that field. As much as they aren't interested in construction work or garbage collect.
      And on the opposite side, most jobs with kids, as teachers, nurses, kindergarten employees are filled with women, with a few guys here and there. I tried to work in that field, and I've been clearly told that "it's not a job for a man".
      This is how it is. Men are interested in some stuff, women in other stuff, something they become interested in an unusual field, like you and me, but we're still a minority.

    • Guanfei


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  • lporter
    If we all came together... fill in the blank.
    There would be no wars, no fighting, no Democrats or Republicans, no social or racial or sexual issues. If we all came together - but the reality is we will never come together and all you have to do is open you door and look outside to see that
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    • I would disagree. We can come together but we have to want it more than our hatred of each other.

    • lporter

      @Trollfather “we can come together “
      Theoretically it’s true I would agree with that. But when in history has this entire world ever come together on anything?
      We all know racism is bad yet it still exists. We all know sexism is bad yet it still exists. So how can we come together when we can’t eveb coexist on the shit we KNOW is f’ed up?

    • So, why don't all the none racist, and none sexist and the people who believe in equality come together.

      That way, we become a majority.

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  • Shadow44
    Last time I checked girls weren't discouraged from stem. At the university I just graduated from there are lots of girlsin biology, chemistry, and biochemistry. There aren't many girls in computer science and my university computer science department does have programs that are ran by female computer science students to get girls from the ages of grade 5-12 interested in computers and programming. In physics classes there aren't many girls but then again the sample size at my university is so small since nearly nobody goes into physics, same goes for math but the numbers between the genders seem a bit more baclanced there. The physics department also runs similar programs to the computer science department.

    Engineering is mostly male and it's weird that it is becaus eit's the only major that I know of where girls get a $1000-$2000 scholarship for just being a woman (which isn't offered to men and nothing similar is offered to men). Yet I know of few women in engineering.

    Throughout all of grade school and high school teachers just pushed for women to get into stem. Nothing said about men, even though I was the only person interested in being a scientist, we had few who wanted to be engineers and even more who wanted to be doctors.

    We can't force women to be interested in stem if they just aren't. I know women who switched out of biology and went into nursing or business mainly because getting into med school even with high grades is a bitch. A knew a girl who switched out of physics and went for environmental studies because she didn't see the field going anywhere and hated how the chemistry department ran their courses.

    I think the problem with getting women into stem is that in high school and before people who liked the sciences and maths were seen as nerdy or dorky and it was uncool/unpopular to like those sorts of things. So guys who liked them were seen as the nerds. So that may put some girls off of it especially if the nerds were picked on. Also stem careers and degrees are hard and take a lot of determination (physics being up there) and not everyone has that determination and motivation to do them (this goes for both girls and guys).

    We shouldn't be trying to force women into fields they have no interest in and why is stem the only male do, inated fields we try to get women into? What about mining, plumbing, waste displosal? They aren't the most glamorous jobs but they do pay a pretty penny for those who take them up.
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  • ksoma
    I have two thoughts on this:

    1) I have never been, in any way, put off by, offended by, upset by, or disturbed by, any female of any age having any interest in STEM. So whether it is the fact that my niece likes to build little physics experiments with a $20/month home learning kit she is subscribed to, or the fact that my doctor is female, I don't think twice about it.


    2) blaming culture, society, or stereotyping on the fact that women go into it less is abjectly stupid. Men and women are not, inherently, the same in how our minds work, with only our genitals being different. Men and women's minds work differently in some ways, and in some ways those differences are subtle, and in some ways they are not. Why are there less women in STEM? Simple: because less women care about being in STEM. Best proof of this?
    Go to a women's study group where they are bitching about a lack of women in STEM, and ask them, bluntly, why they are majoring in women's studies, instead of in STEM fields.
    If any one of them can give you an answer more coherent than unbridled rage, they will most likely tell you...
    because that isn't what they want to do.
    So if they don't want to do it, and they surround themselves with other women who don't want to do it, why the fuck should they assume that millions of women do want to and are being kept out of it, instead of considering that... maybe other women have other interests to.
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  • JZ909
    If you want to do STEM, do it. There is every indication that companies are willing and even prefer to hire women in STEM fields, which probably has something to do with the alleged sexism in STEM, an allegation that companies are eager to avoid for PR purposes. However, creating a demand for a certain demographic in a field that is not related to competence creates a negative, biased environment.

    If women are being hired because they're women, not because they're good, it will reflect negatively on all women in STEM, regardless of their competence. Women will always have to prove their competence, because coworkers will accurately perceive that when a woman is hired, there is a risk that diversity and PR was prioritized over competence, a risk that is not present with men. It may be that this focus on women in STEM is creating the very bias it is attempting to eliminate.

    Males and females are not "born with the same blank brain" (ref 1) which may explain gender gaps in many fields. (ref 2). Perhaps the issue is not bias in the industry, but simply a lack of interest, or, at a macro level, lower competence. While it is extremely controversial to say that men may tend to be better at anything (other than raw strength) than women, it seems like a reasonable theory to explain the information at hand. This doesn't mean women shouldn't be in the field, it simply means we should expect a lower percentage of the field to be female than male.

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