The Gender Divide in STEM

The Gender Divide in STEM

STEM. Science Mathematics Engineering and Technology.

STEM is the future, yet so many girls my age are discouraged from participating in these subjects. Why? Males and Females are born with the same blank brain. Take the gender aspect away from things, what are they? Human beings.s

These figures speak for themselves:

The Gender Divide in STEM

From the years 2015-2017 women in STEM increased from 22,020 to 22,340. Now that figure has decreased by 1%. That may not seem like a lot when I first say it, but 1% of 22,340 is 223. That's 223 women that left STEM careers.

I understand that many men do support equality, in these subjects, gender equality but there is that toxic amount who do not.

For example, on certain forum websites when I put that I am female, and ask a question concerning an issue that has arisen in my work, the males on that forum will make derogatory remarks. Be passive aggressive. Make me feel stupid, just because I don't know something. Yet when I keep my gender private their tone changes and they just answer the question. Why can't they just answer it in the first place rather regardless of my gender?

Without even seeing my face some of the males have assumed I'm on that website to look for someone to flirt with, not for my work.

Girls shouldn't be afraid of doing the subjects, and boys should help encourage them, not put them down. If we all come together and help each other this immense gap will soon be none existent.


The Gender Divide in STEM
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