My Unemployment Nightmare

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My Unemployment Nightmare

As if being fired from the most nightmarish employment I had ever had in my life, wasn't enough. It was about to get a whole lot worse. I picked myself up, dusted myself off and re-ignited my 12 year old unemployment insurance account. Spent hours on the phone with multiple representatives trying to figure out why my security question answers weren’t working. Turns out, in 2008, when paperwork was still on paper my gender was mistakenly checked as male. I assure you I have a very female name and have always sounded female. (Despite the fact that some G@G users try to accuse me of being a man). How did 3 agents miss this???

Then I get something in the mail. My 8 year old runs in excitedly with a package and exclaims “Mommy! I think my Legos are here.” Unfortunately it was not Legos. It was a completely baseless, unsubstantiated, disturbing unemployment appeal. With the supposed evidence being: the 27 page company handbook. I had been naive to this point. I thought once unemployment insurance granted me eligibility that I was in the clear. Nope, my hearing was scheduled for a month away and I decided I needed a lawyer.

I found an amazing unemployment lawyer who knows unemployment law better than you would imagine is possible for one human being. She met with me on countless phone conversations and even a 2.5 hour prep meeting the day before my hearing. She charged me a single, reasonable fixed rate fee and it was worth every penny.

Then, less than a week before my hearing I receive an email from USPS that my piece-of-shit former employers are sending me “additional documents for UI hearing”2-day priority mail, but actually due to arrive the day before the hearing. Spoiler alert: they never arrived, but the judge got them, faxed them to my lawyer and she emailed them to me, so I was still prepared.

What could these mysterious documents be? (I’m sure you’re wondering as I did.) Well I’ll tell you, 2 of my former back-stabbing, lying ,mean-girl co-workers decided to write, sign and submit scathing, untrue statements about me. No worries. I had reasonable and plausible explanations for every supposed incident they wrote in those multi-page statements. Why? Because I was telling the fucking truth and they weren’t.

My unemployment hearing (best described as like a phone trial) which was supposed to last 1 hour lasted 2.5 and the judge had to reschedule her subsequent hearing to accommodate. My former employers (more like former abusers) tried to bring all of the above claims, only with the tables turned as if I had been the perpetrator. Under oath they testified that meetings and conversations I’d had with former co-workers, to which they were not privy, never happened. Yet, supposed “unacceptable” conversations by me they also weren’t privy to did somehow happen. All.lies.

It should also be noted that at one point during my hearing the president talked over the judge (ironically an offense they were falsely accusing me of). At another point, my former manager got flustered when my lawyer asked her a question and yelled at her. Boohoo.

My lawyer’s statements were air-tight. She argued under the law as it is stated in the statues that I did not intentionally, indifferently or negligently engage in any misconduct during my employment. Despite the fact that my shady former employers lied under oath, testified to things for which they had no direct knowledge and tried but did not succeed to trip me up.

Furthermore, my lawyer made an incredibly compelling argument that I am also eligible for unemployment insurance under a statute that states I am eligible if I am discharged due to mental illness or defect. (The one time in my life I have felt thankful for my stupid anxiety disorder.) No stigma.

Her closing statement was worthy of a mic drop.

All this to say, my lawyer had won cases with half as much evidence as mine, so I thought we had completely mopped the floors with them. To my surprise I had been given the only judge who likes to side with employers. She said I exaggerated and that because I failed to email the correct person, ONE time, because they were on vacation, apparently I don't qualify for my 3 months of unemployment insurance. What.a.fucking.joke.

They wasted way more of upper management’s time crafting that elaborate web of lies than what they owe for unemployment insurance. They wasted unemployment insurance’s time during covid when they are booked back-to-back with 5 hearings per day. Some people aren’t getting a hearing for as long as 3 months.

So there you go, that was my year from hell. I’m enjoying my fresh start at the best employment I've ever had in my life. 6 months into this one and I still absolutely love it. Of course I appealed the judge's stupid assertion that I somehow didn't qualify for my unemployment insurance. Still waiting to hear back about that (I was fired in Oct. 2020). My state has the most convoluted unemployment law you could ever imagine. I will never get to see go in front of another judge. I'm stuck with this immoral bitch who decided she didn't like me. Even my judge is a mean girl! What the fuck is this world coming to? Don't worry, I plan to run this up the flag pole. I am not giving up easily! Stay tuned for more updates.

Anyway, for fun I sometimes like to peruse my former client’s websites and social media posts to see what they are up to. In the months since I’ve been gone I’ve found a blog article with a photo that still had the stock photo company’s watermark on it, 3 holiday social posts that were dated incorrectly during a time the entire agency was out of the office and would be unable to correct them in time, along with countless typos. I never made even one error close to that egregious. They all deserve each other. Peace out.

My Unemployment Nightmare
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  • N192K001
    Ouch… Well, I'm glad you're having a better time now with an even better employer.

    And what the Hell with being registered as male‽ Was this ever fixed? That reminds my of my attempts to take control of my credit-record accounts from the U. S.'s major credit-reporters (Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax) during the 2017 massive Equifax data-breach. (Better to be the 1st to create your accounts and then keep control of them, before identity-thieves do it, right?) No problem with Experian & TransUnion, but faulty Equifax would reject my security-answers outright despite me getting in contact with them and showing them my I. D.'s. (In my case, the problem has yet to be fixed, and I've largely given-up on them.)
    Is this still revelant?
    • I did eventually get it fixed. A very helpful person named Dave said hr had to ask me a delicate question about my gender. I laughed and confirmed I am female.

      Credit in the US is so convoluted.

    • N192K001

      Good to hear! Please, keep us updated. It would be nice to hear of your eventual victory against that oppressive employer. Stay awesome!

    • It would be amazing. Thank you. 🥰

Most Helpful Girl

  • karaspara
    What a awful experience fingers crossed you get your dues don't give up the fight great news you are now employed again and enjoying your work 💁
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  • Mangospacho
    Wow. I don’t know what they had against you. Chances are they only like corporate hacks and you were too much of an independent thinker for that. It does happen frequently and it is puzzling for the person who is targeted but it usually runs downstream from upper management who are sociopathic. What’s aggravating is that the lawyer you hired could not cross examine the sworn statements made by your idiot coworkers. It would’ve been like shooting fish in a barrel. Chances are your former coworkers couldn’t even remember what they wrote in their sworn affidavit. You just reminded me I did work for a company like this. I did see employees get targeted for no reason and were subsequently fired if they did not quit first. I quit first and I avoided months of emotional abuse while other people stayed and got nothing after putting up with it for months. The best thing to do when the entire company targets you is to leave and never look back. At the very least, they do not deserve your hard work and you should not contribute anything of value to a company like this. What’s really poetic is that the mean girls that falsified statements about you will be chewed up and spit out by the same company they sold their soul to protect. They will definitely go out of business one day or will be sold to private equity where they will be treated even worse than you were. Luckily you still got out with your dignity intact while these two mean girls are working for a company that is doomed to fail.
    • N192K001

      Seconding that!

    • Thank you! I had been looking for alternative employment, unfortunately I hadn’t found anything yet and I have a family. I can’t just quit my job.

      In the end it was good because I never would have known about the job I have now if I hadn’t been fired. After I was fired I put “open for work” on my linked in profile and my now manager reached out right away. She had to lobby hard for 2 months to get my position created. :)

  • Red_Arrow
    Well, it seems your judge wronged you pretty badly, but judges are usually protected from punishment. I wonder if you can apply for compensation from the government for the financial and emotional suffering you went through. If so, and you win that, the government might be upset enough to piss in the judges cereal and maybe toss her. I hate hearing about people being so wronged! Good luck on your continued "journey" through this hell.
  • MrOracle
    That's terrible, but at least you know this company is on a path to crash and burn. I've seen it happen many times. As soon as this kind of stuff starts, it's best to get out and find something else. They'll all be out of work soon...
    • I really hope so. They shouldn’t be allowed to abuse people like that. Thank you for the support.

    That’s how law works, you can have all the legal and moral justification in the world but a single clerical mistake overrides all that instantly.

    Welcome to life, it’s the worst thing in existence, except being dead. LOL
    • It’s a total crock of shit


      Aka reality, just because you have a moral justification doesn’t mean the law will side with you.

      As the wise man side, life isn’t fair. Especially labor laws, I’ve had employers lie about pay and get away with it. I don’t think I’ve ever worked for an employer that didn’t break labor laws somehow.

      Burden of proof in a labor dispute is on the employee making the accusations since it’s civil matter. That means even IF the system is perfectly fair that the employee will still lose more often than not because they have to prove while their employer only has to cast enough doubt on their accusation to convince a jury or judge to cast doubt on their claims.

      In a perfect world absolute truth would make this impossible but the world isn’t perfect. Courts have to operate within the law as well as make a decision where guaranteed at least one if not all parties will be upset.

  • A_Bell
    I'm sorry but I couldn't focus through this enough to read it all because of a migraine.

    But I wanted to give my sympathies because I know how awful bureaucracy can be.

    I hope your kid got their legos.
    • Thank you. I am sorry about your migraine. Feel better. He did get his legos!

  • ShineDJJ
    Wow, people can be real bottom feeders sometimes. It's good to hear that you're in a better place now and I hope you win your appeal (sounds like you will). Also, your lawyer sounds like a boss. I hope to find someone that good if I ever get into a legal fight.
    • Thank you so much! I appreciate the support.

  • monkeynutts
    Yeah the business world is ruthless, I have had people try to get me fired only to have this shit backfire eventually, and I did not stoop to the level of having them written up back, generally if you are a good worker, management will protect you. But yeah life can be difficult sometimes, even when you do the right thing anyway.
    • Not this time unfortunately. Management promoted the narcissists and fired the hard workers.

    • Sometimes they look after there mates.

    • Yup. They deserve each other.

  • InventorofWarp
    Damn, I didn't even know an unemployment lawyer was a thing. Or that you could be taken to court over it.
    Fuck the amount of unemployment the pandemic caused I imagine those people got off rich.
  • thathonestman
    Good that you are in a much better place.

    However, a teachable moment exists here. Don't make friends with anybody at work because nobody at work is your friend. Don't share anything personal about yourself unless you want it used against you at a later date.
    • I agree with that 100%. The 2 co-workers that wrote those scathing statements didn’t have anything personal on me. Just lies. 😒

  • Omar5881
    In my country no such thing as unemployment insurance, sounds like a lot of hassle and as a person who’s diagnosed with anxiety I understand the mental and physical toll these things can cause , i hope you have a clearer vision on what’s worthy of your time in the future , good luck
    • It was worthy of my time. It was 3 months pay.

  • jshm2
    Reading that, I can only be happy I do not live in the USA.

    Sheesh, no wonder you guys are the worlds largest consumers of antidepressants.
  • exitseven
    Your former employer wants to wear you down. Insurance companies do the same thing. After a while people just give up and get on with their lives. It is unfortunate that this has to happen. In today's world if a company had to bad quarters in a row they start the layoffs. I is a way of life.
    I hope that you win on appeal. You deserve it.
  • Ronald_25
    Damn, I used to have nightmares of being unemployed after I graduated university, with ADHD, I thought that If. i was unemployed, if spiral into depression and under the students loans debts and eventually commit suicide. Luckily, I had received a job offer before my final university year finished.
  • OlderAndWiser
    This is why so many attorneys fight to preserve the right to a jury trial in all cases for which they are currently available. Unfortunately for you, unemployment benefit hearings are not one of those situations in which you get a jury trial.
  • RockinRob10123
    First time I went on Unemployment the person got 80% of their gross. I was registered with 8 or more temp agencies. Only looked for employment in-between assignments. Pay wasn't bad and each assignment the employer had a different version of Microsoft or a different operating system altogether. I taught myself WordPerfect and SuperCalc at the temp agency. My first assignment used both those programs. Then an announcement was made the company was buying Microsoft Word and Excel and to sign up for classes. I didn't think they would pay for me to take classes so I started teaching myself. In WordPerfect you put commands for the sentence. Like indent. How to transfer was first. I transferred my biggest WordPerfect file to Word. It transferred perfect. Then I looked at it. The words were there just not in the right order. So I started to clean it up. Didn't take long to figure out the problem. Microsoft Word did not know what the commands were in WordPerfect's margin so "it guessed" for lack of a better term. I found out if you take out the commands and transfer the document it goes beautifully. Then you go through the Word documents and put in the punctuation. For what I used in SuperCalc copied over perfectly to Excel. Then the word came down to transfer your files by end of day Friday. They are switching. One woman was crying because she had files hundreds of pages and didn't know what to do. I showed her and anyone else. Then they hired me, decided to move the company and didn't want to pay for mine so they fired me for not telling them something about my past. When I got an assignment and went back to work you got paid the following week is claimed that week so I wouldn't be broke. Four years and they caught me. It was only five or six hundred and they took my whole check if I applied for and got it. I had a friend putting siding on houses so I went to work for him getting paid under the table. He cheated his whole crew. I could maybe get him to buy me beer. He was one of those guys getting Disability cause he did something to his back and he was climbing ladders and swinging a hammer but his back was too messed up for a job. I've rambled too long.
    • Yikes! I started on wordperfect too and had to switch to word in college. Unemployment is very finicky about claims. I hope you are doing well now.

  • Wiredone
    I'm sorry you're going through this. I hope you get everything you are entitled to. At least now you have a job that you love going to.
  • bowenw
    I'm sorry to hear about all the trouble you've endured thanks to your former employer. Karma will get them.
  • Malono
    I can understand your fear, I had that fear too until I decided to save enough money to create my own business if something is wrong. Always good to have a plan B, C...
  • newfreshstart
    sorry your going though all this bullshit

    i will all work out in the end you will see
  • OnTheLevel
    Thankfully, I've never had to work in an environment like that. I hope it all works out and am glad you're happy where you are now.
  • RealMarek
    In my experience, the justice system is for people with a lot of wealth. Good luck!
  • es20490446e
  • krin_m
    WOW, that is some story! Glad you landed on your feet and have great gig now!
  • Tstrbrainer
    Sounds really troublesome.
    The laws sound really complex
  • Gwenhwyfar
    • I was hoping to get your take on this with your expertise.

    • Gwenhwyfar

      Not my area. It sounds like the judge is saying you were fired for cause so you can’t get unemployment. You can pm me the details of your case if you want but unless you’re in NJ I can’t help you (every state’s laws are very different).

  • Surely
    You go girl and good luck 🍀!
  • msc545
    was that even worth your time and money?
    • Fighting for my unemployment insurance! I was unemployed! I had no money.

  • lycanthrope3
    Sometimes bad medicine gets you on the right path
  • Anonymous
    America is fucked. In Australia the government just gives us an allowance until we find a job. No lawyers or anything needed.
    • Yup. If my employer hadn’t contested it would have been something like that. But they had to lie and say I was intentionally negligent in performing my job duties.

  • Anonymous
    You were supposed to fill everything out from the beginning. 2008 had different rules. They didn't make you do all this video chat and identity verification shit.

    It's your own fault for thinking you could just bypass the new procedure.

    You hava no one to blame but yourself.

    Why do you Americans immediately run to lawyers instead of solving it your damn selves?
    • You don’t even make any sense you stupid blue anon. You don’t know what the fuck you are talking about.

    • Anonymous

      Dude, I filed myself recently and it's not like in 2008. There's a whole new complex procedure now

    • Obviously. And it wouldn’t let me in because back in 2008 some dumbass entered me in the system as a man.

  • Anonymous
    You got fired. Why would they honor you unemployment claim? If they did that, you could sue them for wrongful termination. It sounds like you wasted everybody's time, did you ever think about that?
    • Fuck off with all that noise. They fired me out of the blue and didn’t even give me a warning or a performance improvement plan.

    • Anonymous

      What do you want, pity? I probably would have fired you too.

    • I don’t want fucking pity. I want to be treated like the fucking human being I am. I want to be given the unemployment insurance I DESERVE and I want you to get the fuck out of here because you don’t know what the fuck you are talking about.

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