K to 12 Education

K to 12 Education

If we as a society are going to tax to finance K-12 education, the checks she go the parents or guardian of each and every school child. If a parent chooses to send a child to a public school, the check would pay the full tuition. If a parent chooses a private school, the check would pay part of the tuition with the parent paying the difference. If a parent chooses to homeschool the child, the check would be used to pay themselves part of their teacher’s salary with the parent waiving the balance and also paying the other expenses. When you factor in a teacher’s salary, homeschooling is by far the most expensive, other that perhaps a few elite boarding schools, but it all the best.

The primary advantage is that without having to pay twice (taxes plus private or homeschool); more parents could afford a superior education for their children. The competition would also improve public or government schools. Currently, public schools are, for the most part, a monopoly. Monopolies, especially government monopolies are extremely wasteful and inefficient. However, with competition, government would be forced to improve or else they would be replaced.

Public schools do such an inadequate job of teaching, that even though public school students out number homeschool student by more than 10 to 1, homeschoolers are winning most of the spelling bees, and other academic competitions. That has proven to be such an embarrassment that public schools invented the ridiculous fantasy that homeschool student are not socialized. And, mainstream media, in effect government media has been broadcasting that lie 24/7 for decades. However, anyone willing to investigate the studies knows that generally homeschool students have superior socialization.

Homeschool children should their social skills from people of all ages – not from other same-age children all day every day. That is a bit like the blind leading the blind! What kind of socialization occurs when 20 or 30 kids of the same age are placed in a classroom together day after day? Peer pressure is enormous. Kids feel like they need to look and sound and be like everyone else, at the risk of forgetting or never discovering who they really are. This results in rivalry, ridicule, and competition – hardly the environment for healthy socialization.

K to 12 Education
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  • Anonymous
    Great MyTake. I agree with everything you wrote here. Our public schools in the US are horrible and parents who want better before their kids should have the option to send them to private school without also having to pay for the public schools.

    Public schools do not serve our children well, especially boys. It's criminal that no one is addressing that problem. If it were girls who were not being served, the outrage would be everywhere and billions of dollars would have been spent trying to solve the problem.

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    • KelleyNice

      Almost all ll public school teachers are females and females teaches want little boys to sit still, be quite, and act like little girls. By the time they graduate high school, boys want to avoid school, not get treated to more of the same in college. And, colleges are a hostile enviournment for young men.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, exactly. And the development schedule of boys is different than that of girls, yet boys are required to be on the same schedule. They fail or fall behind and end up feeling bad about themselves so they are at a disadvantage from the very beginning.

      Thank you for MHO.

  • exitseven
    Public schools have been failing for decades. The teachers unions are mostly to blame. The per pupil expenditure is the biggest in the developed countries. The kids cannot do math and read at a 5th grade level. I teach at a local college and I assign a term paper in a couple of my classes and I am amazed at the bad grammar and spelling my students pass in. I feel bad for them
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  • BillyBalls

    If a kid your age can comprehend that, why can't politicians?
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  • MagicCarpet1
    Public Schools is MK Ultra. Mind Control. America will ceases to exist by 2030.
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  • jamesgoldman
    I'm generally anti-education because I learned far more from my own research, holidays spent at castles and similar and having older friends
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  • weirdoweirdo
    As someone who lives in a country where taxes also fund private schools. You dont want this system. Trust me.
  • DWornock
    I agree with everything you said.
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  • Anonymous
    who is that pretty girl? she's so adorable cute