What is your opinion on school dress codes?

If you know the dress codes in my school you'll feel like it's soooooo strict, but honestly ours isn't even strict compared to other schools around. Not just for girls but boys too. Anyway:

Dress codes are fine in my opinion. How strict it will be, the school can decide it, and you like it or not rules are rules and you should not violate them, like you're not gonna die if you don't wear leggings for six hours, just get over it.

But I do wanna mention that any form of double standards, bias, sexism etc should not be brought into dress codes like "it's too distracting" "boys will stare" modesty is so much more than just showing skin to boys argh.

On a side note, I'll never understand America. Schools don't accept tank tops and booty shorts, but schools also don't accept hijab and abaya?
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I want to mention that dress code can still exist if you wear a uniform. Like how you should tie your hair and what accessories are allowed.
What is your opinion on school dress codes?
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