How to deal with jealously in the work place?

Hey all! I have been at my job for a 1 year and I was just recently promoted to the next level up. Yay me! Maybe... I don't know its stressful

So the position is a senior position and there is actually two of us on the team. The other one, we'll he's being really cagey with me. I think that's the word. He has stepped up how mean he is, he has never gotten done with his work on time and now he thinks that he can make me do it (so I say no), any time he's off during the week he saves all of his heavy stuff for me to do, I am coming in early to complete the tasks that he can't, then he's always giving me dirty looks, and we have people under us & he's ALWAYS trying to get people to do his work for him. It's gotten to the point where I had a discussion with the team like, no that HIS WORK he's above u, he should be doing it. Then if i make ANY kinda of mistake he's down my throat talking anout how i suck. He really gets under my skin. I recently took our phone from him and found a ton of missed calls from clients. Now he's mad I got this promotion because I landed it in 1 year after it took him 7 years.

I asked him if he thinks there is anything he could do better & he just gets mad. I told my team lead & my supervisors know so we are dealing with it. But has anyone every experienced anything like this? And what advice do u have for me?
How to deal with jealously in the work place?
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