Anyone else trying to become a cop?

I was in the process of becoming one when I
was told I was deploying in a few months so I
decided it would be best to continue the
process after deployment.

Well, about a month left and I go home so l've
started to look back into the process, where I
want to apply, etc.

I have my undergraduate degree (Bachelor of
Arts) and military experience, as well as
volunteer work here and there throughout my

In my Infantry company there are quite a bit of
law enforcement officers, as well as first
responders in general. This deployment has
allowed me to work with many of them so that
I'm in a better position to add them as work/
character references during the application

One of my team leaders, a sergeant, is an
LEO (law enforcement officer) for the county
right below the one I live in currently.
Our XO (1LT) is a deputy for a county more up
north that offered to right me a letter of
recommendation if I decided to apply.

Other friends of mine I've meet are LEOs in
other places.

Everyone of these men would 100% write me a
letter of recommendation.
Anyone else trying to become a cop?
11 mo
I’ve been conflicted over where specifically to apply to due to goals of mine that I have within LE and beyond LE, such as within the military and within my personal life.

I need to find a way to balance all of my goals and wishes.
11 mo
My brother is also starting the process as he recently graduated from university and earned his degree. He’s going to get into a paid internship program with a LE agency, although I’m not sure which one. Personally, I’m excited to get back home and start this process with him. I have a lot of goals I want to start working towards not just in LE, but in other areas of my life as well. The choices I make regarding LE will better facilitate other goals of mine in my opinion.
Anyone else trying to become a cop?
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