(20M) Should I be establishing roots, or traveling?

So my grandma has been telling me that she thinks it's a good idea to establish roots with one job and one job only. Since 17, I've been working various different jobs. And I can safety say, that I know which jobs I could go back to and which one I probably wouldn't go back to.

It just depends on weather the job treated me well and if I did the same to them.

At some point I want to try working at a seasonal job with employee housing, just to see how much I can save with little to no expenses. Like for example, if I worked seasonally for 6 months and saved most of my pay check, that's an easy 10k right there.

But my grandma says these seasonal jobs aren't secure and don't have benefits like medical insurance. I'm currently on my parents insurance I believe until 25. She's right, but, I just don't think I'm interested in staying at a job.

Especially if I want to travel, and I have big ideas and goals I would like to pursue.

So who is right in this situation?
(20M) Should I be establishing roots, or traveling?
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