Meeting with girl from uni?


Hey guys!

Im in my first semster of my bachelors degree. Before uni started i already wrote this girl (she is already a master student and went to the same high school them me) and asked her questions about the uni and the degree i am pursuing. She always answered me and told me she wishes me much fun and that i can write to her again or so, if i have any questions. So i did now asked her something about a task. And she told me we could meet at university and talk about it while having some coffee.

i think this girl is so kind. I even wonder how can some people be so kind and helpful wow. Uhm i think i will buy here chockate or something like that as a present just for saying thanks.

now my question is:

why would she want to meet me? Do you guys think she thinks im likeable and pleansent? I just feel very insecure and a little shy going to meet her... i always wonder why would someone want to be friends with me or just spend time with me

Meeting with girl from uni?
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