Traveling in Europe in October

Are you looking for a travel destination for next month in Europe then maybe you should consider one of these destinations.

Andalusia (Spain)

Traveling in Europe in october

Andalusia, the land of olives, oranges, sunflowers, mountains and valleys, mountain villages, is a bridge between Europe and Africa, and is the point where the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea each other meet.

Malaga, Granada, Cordoba, Sevilla - are good cities for a citytrip in Andalusia.


With 320 days of sun it's perfect for a citytrip in autumn.


Granada, a city between the highest mountains of Spain and the Mediterranean sea. The exotic beauty of the city will amaze you.


Romantic Sevilla is the city of flamenco and fiestas.


Cordoba is a city in the heart of Andalusia, the city center is on the list of UNESCO.


Malta an island in the Mediterranean Sea. In the summer Malta can be too hot to visit the hotspots and museams, so going there in October can be a goos option if that is what intrests you in Malta. And October can still be nice for sunbathing and swimming and there's just a small chance that the weather is too hot or too cold. Walking on Malta can make you feel like you are bakc in time.


Switzerland wouldn't be your first thought for a trip in this time of the year, no snow yet and not as green as in the summer and the flowers are gone mostly, but anyway autumn is a beautiful time in Switzerland. If you don't like places with a lot of tourists, then this is surely a good option because it's probably the quiest time of the year.

The City Bern

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  • Norway is breathtakingly beautiful! However you should go there in the summer months, it's a bit cold every other season of the year.


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  • Andaluscia looks so beautiful - I would love a peaceful break - There and Switzerland just looks perfect for a walking holiday.

    • I wish I could go there too but sadly cna;t at the moment

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  • Sounds like great places to consider especially for me, I love traveling. Good post.