What Attracts Me To Gambling

I watched this video and it made so much sense.

For me, I think that I am probably addicted to the feeling of being high. My dream lifestyle would just be doing things that make me feel high all the time. This could very well be my theme song if my life had one.

I think this is interesting because, for me, I think I am forever in pursuit of mastering poker (although I don't know if I ever will) and just the fact that I can go in for 8 hours and come out ahead is actually good enough for me. I love playing all the games, it is more fun for me to make short-term wins on most of the games (Baccarat, roulette, blackjack, slots) then it is for me, or I imagine it would be, to make long-term profits playing the same game all the time through heavy focus and dedication to that one game. For me I feel like I have beaten the casino in a way, not because I make money, but because I have fun, have accomplished my goal of being able to sometimes turn $5 into hundreds, have people constantly ask me what my strategy is, congratulate me on my winnings, other players actually wait for me to lose and are shocked when I don't. I feel like a winner. Even though, in reality, the house still favours the casino. I always dreamt of having a moment like this when in the casino v

And that's what really drew me to it. In theory I guess I have some strategies that might actually allow me to invest my money rather than gamble it all away. But what's the fun in that? I would have to stick to one game and I wouldn't be risking anything. I wouldn't get the high of not knowing whether that next turn is going to send you home broke or with a newfound fortune to your name. I would have to play a really boring game.

What has your experience at the casino been like? What attracts you?


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  • I like casino games. I often play on
    . It's very entertaining. In such way I improve my poker skills. + a great way to get additional money. Nothing ventured, nothing gained


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  • As for me, it is fun which I get from gambling. I like some online slots at
    which are so simple that you can't make a mistake playing them. But honestly, they are relly cool to play and are very entertaining. You can even play spins for free and it will be interesting to you too :)


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  • I like playig casino at

  • smart gambling is ok, if you're losing lots of money. NOT so much


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