Odd Movies For Those Odd Days

Odd Movies for those Odd Days

Considering my venture into music takes went over as well as I thought it would. I've decided to go back to what I know which is Movies. That being said, Some days your mood doesn't fit with the standard Happy or Sappy movies out there. Those days where you're only wearing one sock and your shoes are on your hands. These are movies I'm fond of for no other reason than they are silly, weird, goofy and yes even odd. Most may be from my childhood but I still enjoy them to this day. Others may be recent additions, I'm not sure where my "Oddness Gland" will take me today but like my Imagination it needs exercising just as much. And without further stalling for time or words here's the list...

Howard the Duck

A self deprecating, alcoholic, middle aged Duck get's dragged through space to Earth against his will and soon finds himself in a new world of trouble. The set up alone is weird enough but add George Lucas as Director, Lea Thompson and Tim Robbins as co-stars and Jeffery Jones doing an over the top voice for an evil alien overlord and this movie quickly becomes the Standard to which all other Odd movies hope to live up to! (Remake in the works)

Masters of the Universe

This bizare take on the old He-Man cartoon stars Dolph Lundgren, Frank Langella and a very young Courtney Cox. This one is best explained by the trailer because I honestly don't know how to sell it... neither did the studios.

Flash Gordon

A football player is somehow the only man who can save Earth from the evil of Ming the Merciless. I think this movie was inspired by the drug fueled 70's but as long as you know it's a farce going in, the movie is really funny and wonderfully odd! And an Instant Cult Classic thanks to a soundtrack by Queen. It spawned a short lived tv show and a movie remake is in the works.

Drop Dead Fred

You know your life is a mess when you Imaginary Friend comes back into your life when you're an adult. Honestly who wouldn't be in trouble if that actually happened??


A prince has to rescue his bride to be from invading aliens from the future with the help of a Cycolops, a blind man and a gang of theives. But if you need more than that for an odd set up look no futher than Liam Neeson in a bit role as one of the theives in the gang. And it also brings me to the next one on the list.


Liam Neeson stars as a scientist who creates a way to give accident victims back their faces. But before he can perfect it he has his own accident and uses it to become a vengeful superhero set to kill the people who left him for dead.

The Evil Dead

No, not that shitty remake. The Classic staring the Great Bruce Campbell! Five friends on vacation release a hord of demons. Someone get me a BOOM STICK quick!

This Is Spinal Tap!

A Fictional UK rock band goes on a U.S. tour to promote their new album. This Mockumentary is weirdly awkward, shockingly depressing and insanely funny. This movie was so spot on in joking both musicians and their labels that many Rock Stars have admitted to a few of the antics protrayed if the film. Including Ozzy, Metallica, Nirvana, Areosmith and U2. Just remember to turn it up all the way up to 11!

In summation.... The 80's were weird... but at least we tried!

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  • Drop Dead Fred is definitely worth another look thanks for reminding me.


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