Waffles731's Best of the Best: 16 Outstanding TV Series Recommendations

Waffles731's Standing TV series recommendations

I see a lot of questions asking what to watch next now that they have finished a series. Now, I've seen my Fair Share of TV. Here are a bunchof them that I really liked with no particular rankings.

1. Firefly

This series of fourteen episodes and a single theaterical movie of pure awesome. It's a space western about the Crew of the Serenity, Heroic Outlaws and they do crime and outwit the Alliance.

2. Archer

This is an R-Rated James bond Parody. It is one of the funniest things I have ever seen. Its smart, crude, and well written.

3. Farscape

This show is like Star Trek if it was A. Good. B. Made by the Jim Henson Company which it was. C. Had balls. There are evil space sorcerers, An insane psychopomp, The protagonist is a U.S astronaut who got flung through a wormhole and its pure awesome.

4. Psych

A quirky little murder mystery series about a Private detective who fakes being psychic. It's hysterically funny. It's very lighthearted. It's one of my favorites.

5. The X-Files

This is a show about FBI agents who investigate paranormal activity and try to expose an alien conspiracy. The main villain is probably the greatest villain in all of TV history.

6. Daredevil

This show kicks complete and utter ass. Its set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe however its far and away more violent and graphic. Its also far and away better written and acted. I loved every single second of the two current seasons. Its building up to a superhero team called the defenders, with Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist.

7. Jessica Jones

This is another Netflix Original series set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Its about a Private Detective superhero its also extremely well acted, written and shot. Its definietly worth a watch. Its also building up to a superhero team called the defenders, with Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist.

8. Burn Notice

This is a show about a Spy who was burned. He lives in Miami and helps the local people against criminals and such. One of the stars is none other than BRUCE FREAKING CAMPBELL. If thats not enough to convince you to watch it then I don't know what is.

9. Leverage

This is a show about a group of con artists who use their abilities to help people who have been wronged by the rich and powerful. They use crime for good and its awesome.

10. Justified

This is a Neo-Western Set in Modern Day Harlan County Kentucky. The protagonist is Deputy U.S Marshal Raylan Givens. A Marshal that acts like he is in a Western and in Meth Country, that might actually be just what is needed.

11. The Twilight Zone (the 1963 original)

This is it, The Grandaddy of anthology shows, Its scary, its funny, its well written. Its also fairly political in some areas which makes it unusual in that it actually stands up really freaking well. My favorite episodes are the Monsters are due on Maple Street about paranoia destroying a small town and Living Doll about a supernatural doll that wants to murder someone.

12. Peaky Blinders

This is a show about Gangs in post World War One England. The protagonist is one very clever fellow trying to outwit corrupt cops and even Winston freaking Churchhill.

13. Band of Brothers and the Pacific

I grouped these two together because one is not complete without the other. They just go together in such a way that they are incomplete without the other. The shows are about the Experiences of American Soldiers in the Second World War.

14. Warehouse 13

This show is about agents who hunt down paranormal artifacts and its just good campy fun.

15. Pushing Daisies

This is a show about a pie-maker who can resurrect the dead with a touch and touch them again to make them dead again. He works with a PI to solve some very whacky murders and the first one is his love interest, so he cannot actually touch her or she dies. Its a very odd show but one of my all time favorites.

16. Red vs. Blue

Red versus Blue is a military science fiction work comedy, and while technically a machinima its also on Netflix and Amazon so I'm counting it. It's very good and very very funny.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • X-Files is one of the best shows on TV. Do you like Mulder or Scully better?

    • Mulder,
      I'm waiting for the new season to come on netflix.
      I'd seen all episodes of the first nine by the time I was 12

    • Mulder is pretty awesome. I relate a lot to the crazy side of him

Most Helpful Guy

  • Very good Take... my favorites here are: The X-Files, The Twilight Zone, Jessica Jones, Psych, Farscape, and Firefly of course, but I also like Daredevil, Warehouse 13, and Pushing Daisies.
    I've never seen Archer, Leverage, Burn Notice, Justified, Peaky Blinders, Band of Brothers and the Pacific and Red vs Blue - any recommendations here?
    I prefer horror, sci-fi, fantasy, comedy, mystery and adventure tv shows (including cartoons).


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What Girls Said 3

  • One of my Husbands favorite movies is FireFly, I think I've seen a few episodes cause he used to own them all but I've seen the movie like a 100 times-lol. I've also seen Jessica Jones both seasons of Dare Devil also because of my Husband. I however am a huge fan of PSYCH! Generally I am way more of a sitcom girl but occationally hour long shows creep in there.

    • Oh and Twilight is an oldie but goodie... I think I've seen all of those on SciFi

  • Nice ones! =)

  • I've only seen a few of these and they were good. I'll have to check out the rest


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