10 Songs I Embarrass My Car With (The 90's Mix)

Songs That I Embarrass My Car With (The 90's Mix)

As a perfect example of the maladjusted Man I am, I have finally realized I put my Car through a lot of embarrassing and painfully awkward renditions of famous songs. Songs that I as I a 36 year old Man have No Right to be singing, even with the windows up. (Maybe if I could carry a tune worth a crap.) But I'm old enough to laugh at myself while I sing. It also makes me laugh to think my Car is only Blue because I'm such a shitty singer and it's dying of shame. I invite you to share the pain with my Car and have a gander at the short list.

1. Ace of Base- I Saw the Sign

When this song came out my friend dedicated it to his then girlfriend and over played it whenever she hung out with us. So the lyrics are seared into my mind and if the radio plays it I'm compelled to sing it!

2. The B-52's - Love Shack

I can't explain this one. It's just one of those infectious pop songs that I can never escape and have to sing a long with.

3. Warren G - Regulate

I knew a guy, when I was working for the local news paper, that loved all rap songs. At the time I wasn't a fan of Rap but when you're not driving the work van you don't get to control the radio much. This was my favorite when stuck in the van so I memorized the words and sing it when my playlist remembers it.

4. Divinyls - I Touch Myself

My puberty kick started thanks to this video! (To all those girls in Junior High...my bad.) Also thanks to Mike Myers for reminding me I knew the lyrics to this.

5. TLC- No Scrubs

I actually got out of a speeding ticket because I was singing this when the cop walked up to my car. Once he stopped laughing he let me off with a warning.

6. Snow - Informer

I should point out this is NOT the original Blue Power Ranger he is in fact a white Canadian reggae artist. I may not know all the words but like other fast paced reggae songs I can mumble with the best of them.

7. MC Hammer - U Can't Touch This

There is no way anyone escaped the 90's without learning at least half of this song! And that is my defense, your Honor.

8. 4 Non Blondes - What's Up

I memorized this song after seeing this video because it was the first time I was afraid and attracted to a girl at the same time. I will BELT this out in the car as an homage to her facial expressions in the video.

9. Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby

I can only say THANK god I didn't memorize Ninja Rap too! (That's a lie *sigh* I know both.) It was the 90's, back off.

10. And a Bonus Flashback to 1986, Clarence Carter- Strokin'

They don't play it on the Radio but it is in my play list. When I worked at a Pizza place we used to wait until "Family Hour" at the store then we would play this on the Jukebox just to laugh when either the parents had to explain this song to their kids or they would come up to us to complain. We lied and said "We have no control over the songs. They play at random if no one selects any." (I'm still laughing about that.)

Anyways that's the short list. I hope you enjoyed it because I'm sure my Car doesn't.

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  • Hilarious! 4 Bon Blondes-What's Up, I still sing at the top of my lungs every single time it comes on.


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