7 Reasons Why I Still Hate Nirvana And the Grunge Movement

7 Reasons Why I Hate Nirvana And Grunge Movement In General

I mention Nirvana because this band was the one that made Grunge a popular genre in the early 90s. In my opinion this genre should be underground always and forever. Of course this doesn't mean other Grunge bands are good. They were rubbish as well, but I'm glad they remained underground as they deserve at least. Except Alice In Chains though, but they didn't became a phenomenon unlike Nirvana. Anyway I believe both they didn't deserve the popularity they gained, and they should remain underground.

1) "Edgy" teens still wear Nirvana t-shirts

They think they're being edgy because they happen to know Nirvana's existence, and they wear this humiliated T-shirt with the infamous Nirvana logo. That's not edgy, but very pretentious. And if they knew some things more about music, then they'd be aware that Nirvana is the most overrated band ever, and they'd be smart enough to avoid wearing it.

2) Grunge killed Rock

Grunge isn't Rock. Not Pop as well of course. But many consider it as Evolution Of The Rock Movement. No it's not evolution, but a murder. Look how Rock was a decade ago, and look what Grudge has done to it (see #3 for some more details). They took away any melodic element Rock had just a few years before Grunge movement made it big.

3) Grunge overshadowed the good Rock bands of the late 80s and early 90s

There were bands like Danger Danger, Bad English, Giant or Alias during the late 80s, and the early 90s. Those were the GOOD Rock bands. The bands that followed the footsteps of mid 80s Melodic Rock bands, and didn't throw them on the trash unlike Grunge musicians did. Grudge went backwards and brought back Rock music to the Stone Age with their retarded song structures.

4) Kurt Cobain's death is still being discussed

Even after two decades and some years. Why people care so much about someone who committed suicide two decades ago? Thousands and thousands of people have committed suicide all over those years, but they get forgotten after some point. Kurt Cobain was just one of them. Yeah just one of them, he wasn't as special as some people think. So why people still care about some guy who committed suicide two decades ago?

5) Most overrated band ever

Even more than The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. At least despite the fact they were ridiculously overrated, they had some talent as musicians at least, unlike Nirvana. They were just a bunch of useless musicians, who happened to be at the right place, in the right time, and now they have a legendary status because their signer committed suicide at a young age. I believe if he was still alive, now they'd be forgotten and nobody would care about them anymore.

6) Their riffs are stolen

The link speaks by itself. See here . They became popular by stealing other musicians' riffs. What do you have to say, Nirvana's fanboys and fangirls?

7) They have no memorable songs

Does anybody else remember any other song from them apart from Smells Like Teen Spirit?

Personally not. Even if it was ridiculously overrated, it was the only decent song coming from them. Just decent though, not anything special or impressive as many people WANT to believe. The rest of their whole discography is just rubbish, and I don't remember any other song from them. I have listened their whole discography once, so I'm talking from experience. And this song is not even theirs in fact. As the link I posted above mentions, the riff is stolen by Boston's More Than A Feeling. If it weren't for Boston then Nirvana would never write this song that made them popular.


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  • I can't say I really care for Nirvana either. I think a lot of their fame came from Cobain being a sort of martyr for music. I do love me some Soundgarden though. Frankly, I hesitate to call them pure "grunge" in the same way Alice in Chains or Pearl Jam are, since their style varied quite a bit between their major albums. Badmotorfinger was the "grungiest" and much more aggressive, Superunknown had a bunch of different styles, and Down on the Upside was darker and more organic.


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  • I would respectfully disagree with this.

    Here's why:
    1.) "Edgy T-shirt wearers" (posers) are annoying for any genre. I see a bunch of led zeppelin posers who only know the song Stairway to Heaven or whatnot. Led Zepp is a great band. I see Pink Floyd t shirts when they only know maybe comfortably numb. Pink Floyd is a great band. In any case, the posers are annoying-- it isn't the fault of the band or movement. It is the fault of the poser's themselves.

    2.) That is heavily a matter of opinion. Some may like grunge much better than classic rock or 80s glam metal or whatever genre you can think of. I consider it an evolution of music because it helped bring about new sounds... Which naturally influences future genres. Grunge had dissonance and slower speed (or tempo) with its music. If not directly, that gives musicians new creative avenues to pursue-- a change in approach. This is generally healthy for music industries.

    3.) Again, heavily biased opinion. What makes GOOD vs BAD? Technicality? Pleasing to ears? Enjoyment? Song structures? It is very hard to categorize music on a good-bad spectrum globally. It is all personal spectrums, and personal views are subjective and relative. I like the song you linked and I also like grunge. Just because they are different though does not mean one trumps the other for everyone. I don't like stuff like pop (often because I call to question the skill of the artist) but it is still hard for me to state it is good/bad globally because there is no rigorous standard. You can perhaps assert global standards with proper reasoning, but saying something is good/bad without backup is simply fluff.

    4.) Why? Because Nirvana was a big band, people thought he was doing alright, and it was a shock for people. Intentional suicide also has a thing around it because it was just that-- intentional. People like to try and guess the reasons behind his intent. Do I think they should be laid to rest? Absolutely. It's also still completely irrelevant to the argument as Nirvana as a bad band though. It's ignoring the most important aspect-- the music, and focusing on the members.

    • 5.) Attributing their fame solely to Kurt Cobain's death is a cop out excuse, kind of like attributing the Batman movie success to Heath Ledger's death. Nirvana was huge before Cobain's death and their fame is based primarily off of that. The suicide may have boosted the popularity, but that shouldn't discredit all the other stuff they have done.
      Also, saying they are useless musicians is not true. Sure-- they aren't friggin heavy metal shredders or Dream Theater crazy, but they're still harder-to-play songs than most punk... Not to mention, they do actually have riffs that are single notes unlike punk chords lol. Another thing is that I believe Nirvana was primarily known for their skill lyrics and songwriting composition ability, not necessarily their playability.

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    • @Waffles731 Eh? No I guess.

    • Take a look,
      They kick utter and complete ass

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  • Give it a rest klaatu

    • Huh... what? Now how I've been found again? You make me believe you're secretly an admin or something.

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    • @Doffydood I won't stop being anonymous for anyone. I'm almost a Guru now, and I don't have a single post with my name. Why change it and destroy my streak?

    • I'm not going to ask you to stop. :)
      You just seemed surprised when @teawrecks spotted you when really it's not that difficult.

  • Lmfao you're obsessed. No one else really cares. Maybe get a different hobby.

    • I'm not fond of the humiliation of music personally. That's why I make a criticism.

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    • I don't get people who like 21st century music more than 70s 80s or 90s. Well Rock music is excluded from the 90s I should note. It was shit. But dance music was fine, as it was in the 70s and 80s as well. Dance music became shit since the 00s in my opinion.

    • Oh, so you like listening to cheese? Why not just go to a dairy farm instead?

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  • No, Grunge is good, ITS POST GRUNGE THAT SUCKS

  • Piss off.


    All songs are the same, it's all in the delivery, and Cobain is an unrivaled master of his craft.

    • Kurt Cobain is the most overrated product of the music industry.

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    • If he could, then why commit suicide?

    • Because he was mentally fucked up. Seriously, the reason he shot himself was because he was addicted to heroin and in a ton of pain from a back issue, which made him want to end his life

  • Your so fucking lucky I give such 0 fucks about this mytake that I cannot muster up enough fucks to post gifs and memes explaining the levels of fucks I don't give