The Complicated Adventures Of Z With Women (Chapter II)

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(Chapter II: The hot girl at the bakery)

The Complicated Adventures Of Z With Women (Chapter II)

It was a month ago, that Z encountered this girl for the first time. He met her on Thursday, during 2:00 - 3:00 PM. Since then every Thursday he goes there during those hours. He has met her five times in total.

(For some reason girls at bakeries are hotter than girls who work at grocery stores for examples. What makes them hotter is something I cannot explain. Maybe they have more freedom in their job?)

Anyway, let’s get to the story:

The Complicated Adventures Of Z With Women (Chapter II)

The first time he encountered her, it was just typical. He bought the stuff he wanted and then left. But obviously he thought I will definitely go there again. The girl was very sweet. Thursday noon wasn’t it?

The Complicated Adventures Of Z With Women (Chapter II)

Second time he saw her, it was typical again still in a smaller degree. Z asked wanted to buy ice-cream so he asked what flavors they have, on purpose, as a conversation starter more or less. Actually he knew the flavors. But well, once he got what he wanted he left and said Bye with a grin. She grinned back.

The Complicated Adventures Of Z With Women (Chapter II)

Now third time was different. To the better. When Z came into the bakery she actually remembered him as it seems. Otherwise she wouldn’t respond Hi, how are you? but she’ll respond Hello, how can I help you?. Anyway, this time after Z bought what he wanted the girl gave him an extra donut as an offer, and greeted him with a grin as he was leaving.

She’s pretty generous isn’t she? Z thought as he was leaving.

The Complicated Adventures Of Z With Women (Chapter II)

Now by the fourth time he saw her things started to become more warmed up. Once Z came in she was like, Oh hello again. Seems like you like our bakery a lot. Z felt anxious for a moment. Now what am I supposed to say? That I come here for her. No no forget it, let’s see how it will go, he thought.

Z: Yeah of course. For how long do you work there, if you don’t mind asking?

Girl: For about a year.

Z: Oh cool. I see. Anyway I would like this Orange Cake for today.

Girl: Sure! Do you want something else?

Z: (I would say “you”, but…) Ummm…no.

Girl: Ok here you go! I assume you’ll come again next week at noon. Right?

Z: Haha yeah! See you!

Girl: Hehe…bye!

Z: (Wow things go very well. What can I do till next week? Hmmm…I should buy her something. She gave me a donut the other day so I guess I must give her something in order to return the favor. But what? Not something from a bakery, because it would be an insult if I bought something for a similar shop…aha, I will buy her a bag of coffee grains. Not so common as a gift. Well hope she drinks coffee.)

The Complicated Adventures Of Z With Women (Chapter II)

So as he did. He bought a bag of coffee grains for a coffee shop and put them in a plastic bag, as he headed for the bakery.

Girl: Hey, how are you?

Z: I’m fine! Well…you know, remember when you offered me an extra donut? I thought it would be nice to return the favor, so I bought you a bag of coffee grains.

Girl: Oh come on, it wasn’t needed. Ah, I don’t drink coffee very often, but thanks for your kind gesture!

Z: Ummm…you’re welcome.

Girl: Haha, why you hide it? I know that you like me. I’ve realized it already.

(Z then turned all red.)

Z: *gasp* H-how do you know? Y-yes…indeed…

Girl: It’s easy to read those things, silly.

Z: Oh….um…yeah I know…

Girl: Hey now relax, you didn’t do something bad. You’re more kind than some others who hit on you, without even knowing you.

Z: Glad to hear that…hope I don’t disturb you, because a client might come in.

Girl: Don’t worry about it, it’s peaceful during the noon. We don’t get many clients at this time. Hey I never asked you what’s your name?

Z: My name is Z. And yours?

Christine: Christine.

Z: Nice to meet you Christine.

Christine: Haha, you know me already silly.

Z: Oops...yeah I suppose.

Christine: Won’t you buy something today?

Z: Yes of course! I would like some strawberry ice-cream.

Christine: Sure OK, hold on a moment.

Christine: Here you go! Will you come next week I assume?

Z: Obviously.

Christine: Hahaha!! See youuuu!

The Complicated Adventures Of Z With Women (Chapter II)

And that’s how things went, up till now…I will leave it to the readers’ imagination how things evolved between Z and Christine.

The Complicated Adventures Of Z With Women (Chapter II)
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