The Complicated Adventures Of Z With Women (Chapter IV)

(Chapter IV: The Cop girl)

The Complicated Adventures Of Z With Women (Chapter IV)

This is Z’s most controversial adventure, since he doesn’t think highly of cops. But things evolved weirdly in this chapter.

After a recent crime that has been occurred around his area, Z noticed more and more cops popping up in almost every corner.

Z: (Damn it, with all those cops around, I don’t feel like going out anymore. I feel really uncomfortable. I would try to ignore them so I will pass unnoticed.)

So he decided to get back to his home. But on his way, he noticed a really hot girl in a cop uniform, among a small squad of cops at one corner.

Z: (What on earth? I will ignore the fact she is a cop. She is awesome! If I ever get arrested, I wish she will be the one who will do it. I will go home, and think what I can do.)

The Complicated Adventures Of Z With Women (Chapter IV)

Next day, he headed for the same spot, where the cop girl was. She was still there but among the other cops.

Z: (Those jerks should move away. I cannot approach her because of them. But how can I distract their attention? No no, better not. It’s not a good option to distract cops….hmm. Aha that might be it. Obviously they don’t sit at the same spot all day long. I will sit at the café nearby and watch them, what time they move away, and see what I will do.)

As he did. He paid three-four cups of coffee, just in order to have himself occupied with something, when he was on the lookout. And after one and half hour, he saw them move away. She, and the other four cops headed towards a different direction. It was 3 PM when it happened. The girl cop, headed towards a park nearby.

Z: (Good. That’s perfect. I’m going to pay and head for the park. Hope the money I threw away for the coffees, weren’t thrown away in vain.)

When Z was heading for the park…he stopped for a while because he remembered something.

Z: (Wait where do I go? In this park she’s going at, there’s a wall. I will take my spray can and paint the wall, so I can draw her attention. I will do it tomorrow though, at the same time. Hope I’m lucky and she won’t take a different route this time.)

The Complicated Adventures Of Z With Women (Chapter IV)

Next day, at 3 PM with his spray can in hand, Z headed for the park. Lucky he was, she was there alone, guarding the area.

Z: (Perfect! I will start making a drawing on this wall here. She hasn’t seen me yet, but this spray can will make a sound. So let’s go!)

Seconds later, the cop girl turned back once she heard the sound of the spray can and said to Z:

Girl: What on earth are you doing!?

Z: Umm…sorry. I didn’t notice you.

Girl: Give me this can! I will let you go this time.

Z: OK thanks.

(Z half-smiled to her as he was leaving)

So after she let him go, Z headed for the store to buy a new can, since she took it from him last time.

A day passes by, and Z goes back to the park, at the same time and with a new can on his hand. She was there again.

The Complicated Adventures Of Z With Women (Chapter IV)

Z: (This time I’m ready for everything. Hope thing will go well.)

Z started drawing on the wall again, and the girl stopped him once again a few seconds later.

Girl: You again! What did I tell you yesterday?

Z: Please listen to me first. I will explain why I did it.

Girl: What do you mean?

Z: I just wanted to draw your attention in some way. I didn’t have another way. I’m willing to pay for the damages I made as well.

(The girl blushed for a moment)

Girl: Oh…I-I see.

Z: So what’s your name?

Paula: My name is Paula.

Z: Nice to meet you, I am Z.

Paula: Hey, about what you did on the wall…don’t worry, I will overlook this. There were no suspects, except myself.

Z: Thank you, very much. I am really glad to hear this.

Paula: Come on you don’t have to be so formal. Forget I am a cop. Come at the park whenever you want from Monday till Friday at 3 PM-5 PM. It gets really lonely here, almost nobody passes by.

Z: Cool, I will come tomorrow. It’s Friday isn’t it? See you!

(Z this time greeted her with a huge smile instead of a half smile. She smiled back.)

The Complicated Adventures Of Z With Women (Chapter IV)

Next day arrives, and Z heads for the park once again at the same time. This time without a can, it wasn’t needed.

Paula: Hey Z! I’m glad that you came.

Z: Of course I would!

Paula: Remember the spray can I took away from you? I brought it back.

Z: No it’s OK, keep it.

Paula: Um as you wish. Should we go for a walk at the park? What do you think?

Z: Sure! But aren’t you in service right now?

Paula: Fuck service, after all nothing happens here. Let’s go.

Z: (I really have forgotten she is a cop. She is awesome.)

The Complicated Adventures Of Z With Women (Chapter IV)

During their walk, after a few minutes Z made this question:

Z: Paula, you don’t seem to enjoy your job really much. Or it’s just my impression?

Paula: I really don’t. The reason why I do this job is because my father is a high rank officer. He wanted to make me a cop as well, so I did him this favor.

Z: Ah, I see. He must be really strict, right?

Paula: What do you expect from a brigadier?

Z: You have a point here. What job would you like to do if you don’t mind asking?

Paula: Seriously, I would like to be a graffiti artist. But my father totally disapproves this.

Z: Haha, so you like graffiti? That’s why you let me go?

Paula: Yeah, it would be silly to punish you, you didn’t do anything really bad.

They continued their walk, for about an hour all around the park talking about various things. They stopped somewhere deep in the woods (5 PM has already passed by the way, so Paula was supposed to leave from there).

The Complicated Adventures Of Z With Women (Chapter IV)

Z: Where are we? Seems like we got lost.

Paula: Haha, are you afraid?

Z: Me? No! Just wondering how we will return?

Paula: Does it really

(Paul hugged Z and pushed him softly against a tree)

Z: Um…what are you doing?

Paula: I know you want it as well…do you think I haven’t realized it? Otherwise, why would you want to grab my attention anyway?

Z: Hehehe…you know so much…

The Complicated Adventures Of Z With Women (Chapter IV)

Z hugged her back and they started making out. 5 minutes have passed, and they were about to take each other’s clothes off. But due to their bad luck, her cop squad was looking for her, meanwhile. They were nearby and they were shouting her name, looking for her. Paula wasn’t hearing them, since she was busy making out, until a torch lit their faces. Then a man-mountain from her cop squad approached her, and shouted at her:

Cop: You slut! What do you think you are doing! Making-out when you are in service? If only your father knew what you do…and who is this punk here?

Z: Please calm down. At least don’t tell Paula’s father about the situation.

Cop: Who do you think you are that you will tell me what I will do?

Z: F*ck off you son of a bitch! Who do you think you are as well? Let her do what she wants. She’s an adult and it’s her life, neither you nor her dad has any right to tell her what she will do.

Cop: Enough! Get them!

The Complicated Adventures Of Z With Women (Chapter IV)

Paula and Z got arrested, and spend the rest of the day in the police office, explaining the situation. Of course the tough cop, didn’t show any sympathy towards her, and informed her dad about the situation. At the same night Paula lost her job, and even worse her dad kicked her out from her house. Eventually they let them go, without putting them into the jail.

Z: I am really sorry, for what I did to you…

Paula: Why apologize? Good riddance. I never wanted this tyrant of father I had, anyway.

Z: But where are you going to live now?

Paula: I have some savings and I believe they are more than enough, to rent a flat. Hope I will get a job soon as well. Please come visit me anytime you want. Don’t ever think I’m mad to you. In fact you did more good than bad.

Z: Thank you, sweetie. See you soon.

That’s the end of the chapter. Z seems like got lucky this time. He and Paula met for chat and casual sex frequently. This time without being afraid a cop will find them out.

He got lucky indeed…on the surface. This “f*ck off son of a bitch” he told to the cop, cost him more than he thought. This “f*ck off son of a bitch” has passed on the papers…

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The Complicated Adventures Of Z With Women (Chapter IV)
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