The Complicated Adventures Of Z With Women (Chapter IX)

Chapter IX: The Pizza Girl

The Complicated Adventures Of Z With Women (Chapter IX)

As you all might be aware, pizza (and food in general) deliveries, are almost always guys. But Z this time got really lucky bumping into the hottest delivery girl in town.

It was one day when Z ordered a pizza. Of course he didn’t expect the possibility popping up in front of his door.

The bell rang and Z went to his door to open. He was waiting for the lift to come to his floor, and pay for his pizza. But when the lift door opened, he saw a stunning girl coming out…

Z: *gasp* (Is this really the pizza delivery???)

Girl: Hi! This is your order! It’s 8 Euros

Z: Um…OK hold on. Here you are.

Girl: Thank you!

Z was eating his pizza thinking about this girl…

The Complicated Adventures Of Z With Women (Chapter IX)

Z: (Damn I really want to see her again. But I cannot order pizzas everyday! Too much money.)

Next day arrives…

Z decides to order another pizza for this day.

Z: (Well I might bump into her again. Who knows?)

But unfortunately this time a guy came instead.

The Complicated Adventures Of Z With Women (Chapter IX)

Z ate his pizza frustrated…

Z: (Shit, a waste of money! I didn’t want this guy to come. I must find another way!)

Next day arrives again, so Z decided to went to the pizzeria she works.

Z: (Damn if I don’t see her here again, I give up and I won’t order from here anymore. This is the third time in a row, I pay for a pizza)

Z ordered his pizza and started to eat. He noticed the girl coming into the pizzeria.

Z: (There she is! But I cannot get up and talk to her out of the blue…well I will stare to her, maybe she will notice me.)

Z stared at her, till she looked towards his direction. Once she did she flashed a smiled and Z smiled back.

Z: (That’s a good sign. Well that’s it, I found out what I’m going to do. I have to do this.)

Z went to the guy at the cash machine and told him..

Z: Hello, you know that girl who works as a delivery here, right?

Guy: Yes why?

Z: Well I’ll be straight forward. I like her…so please, if in case I order a pizza could you please tell to your boss to send her to bring my pizza and not anyone else?

Guy: What? Are you serious? I cannot tell such a thing! Speak to him and ask him about what you want.

Z: OK call him if he is here.

The Complicated Adventures Of Z With Women (Chapter IX)

The cashier called his boss and the boss asked Z…

Boss: Hey what’s going on here?

Z: I will be blunt about what I want to say. I want this girl who works as a delivery here to bring my pizza when I order one, and nobody else.

Boss: That’s impossible! We are a business here you know. You know what’s the best thing to do? Order a pizza every day. Chances are 33% since we have three different deliveries here, to bump into her. So you’re not doomed. Don’t worry, I will make you a discount. 15% discount in pizzas for your honesty.

Z: Thanks then.

So next day, Z decided to order another Pizza again. It was the fourth time in a row. But fortunately the sexy pizza girl appeared this time.

Pizza Girl: Hi! This is your order. You have a discount they told me.

Z: Yes indeed. Did they tell you anything else?

Pizza Girl: Like what?

Z: Eh…never mind. Here are the money for my pizza.

Pizza Girl: Oh thanks. Bye!

As Z was closing the door…

Z: (You IDIOT!!! Why you chickened out? Now you will have to order again tomorrow! For the fifth time! And only God knows if SHE will bring your order, and not one of the other two guys.)

The Complicated Adventures Of Z With Women (Chapter IX)

Next day, Z ordered again the fifth pizza in a row. He drank one big cup of wine before to get the alcohol courage. Fortunately for him, it was the girl again, and not one of the other two deliveries.

Pizza Girl: Hello again. Sure you must like our pizza. You order daily lately!! Here you are.

Z: Not only your pizza. I like you as well.

Pizza Girl: HUH?! What?

Z: Yes that’s why I order every day.

Pizza Girl: Hm, I figured it out already. And that’s what you told to my boss right?

Z: Yes.

Pizza Girl: It’s really rude what you did, just to let you know.

Z: Come on now! Don’t be like that!

Pizza Girl: Sorry but I must leave. Please pay for your order.

Z: Grrr...very well. Here you are!

Pizza Girl: Thanks, and bye.

Z (closes the door): *sigh* (I drank too much….)

The Complicated Adventures Of Z With Women (Chapter IX)

Something’s missing here right? Of course it’s the girl’s name. So out of curiosity, Z went to the pizzeria and ate another one pizza for the sixth and last time in a row. Maybe he could catch her name there. During the time he was eating his pizza, he heard the cashier calling her.

Cashier: Anastasia, please come over here for a little.

So yeah she’s called Anastasia. But something unexpected happened. Anastasia approached Z, and told him:

Anastasia: Hey, sorry for yesterday. But I feel really bad, that you spend so much money just in order to see me. I want to make up for it. So how about going for coffee tomorrow? It’s Sunday and I don’t work. I will pay for your coffee too.

As it happened. But after the coffee, did they got a room for later or not? Well I will leave it to your imagination.

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  • Interesting. What does this have to do with girls asking guys?

    • Just fictional stories.

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