The Complicated Adventures Of Z With Women (Prologue & Chapter I)

The Complicated Adventures Of Z With Women (Prologue & Chapter I)

This is a series of fictional stories, revolved around a guy named "Z". Z isn't the first letter of his name, but he is named "Z" because it is the last letter of the Latin Alphabet. Well in his mother language, they don't use the Latin Alphabet, but who cares I guess.

Who is "Z"? Let's have a look at his profile:

Age: 25

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Relationship Status: Single

Height: 168 cm

Weight: 52-54 kg

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Hair Length: Medium

Facial Hair: No

Eye Color: Green

Skin Color: Brown in summer, White in winter

Occupation: None

Hobbies: Music, Walking and Hitting on women (success is questionable about the latter)

Smoking: Rarely.

Drinking: Yes, a few times per week.

Anyway, let's begin with Chapter I.

Chapter I (The German Girl At The Beach)

The Complicated Adventures Of Z With Women (Prologue & Chapter I)

It was Thursday and it was very hot. Well it's summer so it's natural. It was a pretty good chance to go at the beach, even though it's far away from Z's home. At least 1 hour by train. In weekends it might be almost 2 hours. But nevermind, Z isn't the type of guy who complains about long distances. The reason he enjoys the beach so much is because he could get a perfect natural tan there. And of course because of the girls.

Once he packed up his bag and he was ready, he set off. Surprisingly, when he rides the train he doesn't think about hitting on any women. He carries a heavy bag after all, so he doesn't have the energy to do it.

Nothing special occurred when he was riding the train. Everything went smoothly, till he arrived to his destination. Now only thing that mattered was to find some good spot.

But there's a huge dilemma here. Crowdy beach (where you pay of course), or quiet beach. Crowdy beach has more chicks, but has this awful clubbish modern music, that Z despises. So Z, chose to take his chances and go to a quiet beach. Why pay to listen to this crap? There are still pretty girls on a quiet beach too.

The Complicated Adventures Of Z With Women (Prologue & Chapter I)

Once he arrived, he spread his beach mat, put on sunscreen and went into the sea. After a few minutes he noticed a pretty girl swimming nearby. Wow! What a girl! he thought. I must find a way to approach her...that's it, I will pretend I bumped into her "by mistake". As he did. He swam backwards towards her and bumped into her by mistake.

Oh sorry! he exclaimed.

Hahaha nevermind! she responded.

Hmmm...judging by her accent she must not be from here. Also she spoke in English. She must be from...Germany, Austria, Switzerland or from somewhere there. Anyway I don't care where she is from. I must find another way to talk to her again. Z thought.

The Complicated Adventures Of Z With Women (Prologue & Chapter I)

A few minutes passed with Z and this girl swimming around the same spot, without any interaction between them. At the same time, Z was trying to find another way to talk to her. But suddenly this girl bumped into him by mistake (indeed).

Oops! Are you OK? she said.

Um....Yeah of course. he responded.

At the same time, Z's brain was shouting at him: Ask her where she's from! Now don't lose your chance! DO IT NOW!!!

Z: Ehm...Are you from here?

Girl: No I am from Germany. I am here for a vacation.

Z: Ah...I see. Hm, what's your name?

Girl: Laura. And yours?

Z: My name is Z. Are you on your own here?

Laura: Yes. My parents are staying at the hotel right now. They usually take a nap these hours.

Z: Oh...I-I see. Nice to meet you!

Laura: Likewise!

Z: (Now what I do? I gave her a good impression as it seems. Hm, nevermind I will go out for sunbathing and think what I'll do.)

The Complicated Adventures Of Z With Women (Prologue & Chapter I)

As he did. Half hour passed by, and he decided to buy something to eat. But he doesn't know if there are any cafes nearby. Aha! A good chance to ask Laura! But hold on...won't she find me annoying? Better not...No, no that's a stupid thought. If she does then I will simply stop bothering her. I will ask her, I have nothing to lose!

So he went to her spot.

Z: Er...excuse me. I am the guy from before. Sorry for bothering you, but I wanted to ask if there are any cafes nearby, that provide snacks as well?

Laura: Sure! There's one on the right . You will find it, if you walk for 10 minutes.

Z: Oh! OK thank you!

Z: (Everything goes smoothly. Now what? It seems I'm doing well. Hmmm...if I would buy her a sandwich from the snack bar? Bah, no no! She would throw the sandwich to my face. I annoyed her more than once. But...well nothing to lose. I will do it, I will accept any consequences.)

But once Z returned, he saw Laura sunbathing, but she was laying on her stomach instead of back.

Z: (Oh no! There's no way I am going to annoy her now! She will kill me! There are other people here too and they are going to stare at us. Hmph, I will eat mine and I will wait to see if there's a good chance to give her, her sandwich.)

He ate it, and while he was eating his own, he saw Laura getting up, and going into the sea. Well it would be a good chance to talk to her when she was about to go into the sea, but he thought it would be rude to go towards her, offering her a sandwich whilst he was eating his own. So he decided to go back to his sunbathing. It's not suggested to go into the sea after you ate.

The Complicated Adventures Of Z With Women (Prologue & Chapter I)

Half hour later after his sunbathing session, he saw a middle-aged man next to Laura.

Z: (*gasp* This guy must be her dad. There's no way at all I'm going to annoy her now. There's no father in the world, who likes seeing his daughter being hit on by some jerk. Hmph, what I will do with the other sandwich I bought? I'm not hungry. And there's no way I'm going to carry it into the train with all those smelly people. Gross! Well I guess there is no other option. I will eat it, and I won't eat for supper.)

He ate it and after he did he packed his bag and left. On his way to the train station, he passed in front of Laura and he waved towards her awkwardly, because her dad was present. She waved back to him, in front of her dad's presence. Very comfortable in front of her dad, isn't she? He thought.

Well, that's the end of the first chapter. Even though our hero didn't manage to meet Laura again, he did well, and most of all he improved his tan level. So he lost nothing in fact. Except for the money he paid for the extra sandwich perhaps.

The Complicated Adventures Of Z With Women (Prologue & Chapter I)
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