The Complicated Adventures Of Z With Women (Chapter V)

Chapter V: The hot barista

The Complicated Adventures Of Z With Women (Chapter V)

Z is the type of guy, who doesn’t like buying coffee from shops because it’s too expensive compared with the one we drink at home, and he believes he makes coffee better. But how the meeting with this barista occurred you might wonder?

The reason is he goes to cafes frequently, just in order to use the toilet, if in case. There was a café that he went almost frequently, since it was often on his way. This barista was working there, during the morning hours so she had noticed Z even though she didn’t tell him anything. Z had noticed her as well, although he never considered hitting on her, even though that thought, has crossed his mind. Until this day.

The Complicated Adventures Of Z With Women (Chapter V)

When Z came to this shop, in order to use the toilet, after finishing his business, this barista stopped him.

Barista: Hey may I tell you something? I have noticed you a few times, where you come here, go to the toilet and leave. Do you think that here are public restrooms? This is really rude! How would you feel if I came at your home, use your toilet, and then leave? Next time, if I see you here I won’t let you use the toilet unless you buy something.

Z: Um…well…OK, may I leave?

Barista: Yes, and remember what I said! It's the last time you do this!

Z (as he was leaving): (Oh man she must hate me. I gave her a bad impression. Yeah, she made the first move by talking at me, even in a negative way…so maybe there’s a chance to get to know her better! Ok I will wait…well two days. I will go after two days.)

The Complicated Adventures Of Z With Women (Chapter V)

As he did. Two days later Z appeared at the café during noon. She was there, and once she saw him he stopped him.

Barista: Hey if you don’t buy anything, then you won’t go anywhere!

Z: I really want to go first. I promise I will buy once I finish.

Barista: OK, but I won’t let you leave if you don’t.

Z: OK, OK! It’s a promise.

Z went to the toilet, and returned.

Z: OK…see? I’m still here.

Barista: OK? What would you like?

Z: (But I don’t want to buy something!) Please give me some time.

Barista: OK, but remember. If you don’t buy, I won’t let you leave. So decide.

Z: Give me whatever you want. I really can’t decide.

Barista: If that’s what would you like, I will give you a bottle of Vodka. It costs 40 euros. Are you willing to pay for it?

Z: No no. Just give me anything that costs from 10 euros and under.

Barista: Ohhh well! I will give you a glass of beer! 4 euros!

Z: OK! OK! Calm down. Here you are.

Barista: Thanks!

The Complicated Adventures Of Z With Women (Chapter V)

Z drank the beer without telling anything to the barista. Seems like she wanted to kill him!

Barista (after Z finished his beer): Do you want anything else?

Z: No…but may I ask you? Now that I bought something, can I go to the toilet next time, for free?

The barista gave him a killer glare.

Z: OK! OK! I was just joking! Bye!

A week passed, since the last time Z went to this café. Now he went again, and he really wanted to buy something. She was there at usual.

Barista: Male toilets is out of order today. Go to the female toilets if you want…after you buy something of course.

Z: No, no I don’t want to go to the toilet today, really!

Barista: Really? How come?

Z: Really. Why you don’t believe me?

Barista: Because a habit is a habit.

Z: Come on…

Barista: So what will you buy?

Z: A Sprite,

Barista: OK, have a seat. 3 Euros.

Z: (Ridiculous! In the grocery stores they cost 0.80 Euros!)

Barista: Thanks! Here you are.

The Complicated Adventures Of Z With Women (Chapter V)

Z (as he was drinking his Sprite): (She’s really a tough one. It will take time to mellow her down.)

Barista: Anything else?

Z: Yes…

Barista: What?

Z: Ummmm… (I want to tell her to mellow down, but I’m afraid of her reaction. Leave it.)

Barista: What is it?

Z: Nothing I forgot. Bye.

After a week has passed, Z went there again. But this time, the barista was in a really good mood, surprisingly.

Barista: Hey, welcome!

Z: (What!? That’s really bizarre. SHE in a good mood?) Um…hi?

Barista: What would you like, for today?

Z: Um…just some iced coffee. But, if you don’t mind me asking, how it happened, and you are cheerful today?

Barista: It’s my birthday! And since it’s my birthday, your coffee is free.

Z: Happy birthday! And thanks for the offer!

The Complicated Adventures Of Z With Women (Chapter V)

Barista: You are welcome, and thank you too. By the way, tomorrow I will throw a party here since it’s Saturday. Would you like to come?

Z: Yeah sure why not? I am just happy that you are in a good mood.

Barista: *laughs*

Z: What’s your name?

Suzanne: My name is Suzanne. And yours?

Z: My name is Z.

Suzanne: Oh cool, nice to know you Z. I am glad that you stopped your bad habit as well. Do you want anything else, apart from the coffee? It’s free for today.

Z: No, it’s OK. See you tomorrow at the party.

Suzanne: See you, sweetie.

Z: (Sweetie? Gosh, is she really the same person she was a week ago? Either she was really drunk or her birthday changed her mood.)

So, another day passes by, and Z is ready for the party. He bought some gift for her as well. Something really unique…

Z went into the cafe.

Z: Happy birthday Suzanne!

Suzanne: Heyyyy welcome, and thanks a lot! You came a little bit early, but it's OK.

Z: I bought you a present as well. Here you are.

The Complicated Adventures Of Z With Women (Chapter V)

Suzanne: Oh thank youuu! this a lamp?

Z: Yes it's a green lamp. Couldn't think of anything else.

Suzanne: Pretty unusual, but thank you for your kind gesture. Sorry for being mean before, eh?

Z: Hey it's OK.

Suzanne: Come on, let's have a drink. Have a seat.

Z: (What the fuck? She has changed a lot. But to the better, thankfully.)

Suzanne: I brought some Irish beer from home. Hope you like it!

Z: Sure I do! Cheers!

Suzanne: Cheers!

The Complicated Adventures Of Z With Women (Chapter V)

During their drinks Suzanne and Z had a general chat. After 15-20 minutes or so, a few people started dropping by. And as minutes passed by more and more started to appear, till they reached about 200-250!

Z: Wow, Suzanne you must be really popular eh?

Suzanne: I work here for a few years and met various people. But some of those people who dropped by today, I assume they weren't aware of the party, and just happened to be here. But never mind, everyone is welcomed today.

Z: Haha, nice to see you in a good mood!

Suzanne: *giggles*

Music started to get louder, but not the type of music that Z likes unfortunately.

Z: (*sigh* I hate this clubbish shit. But...guess I have to tolerate it. I don't want to disappoint Suzanne. I will sit on the bar and keep drinking. Maybe some drink might help to tolerate it.)

Z has started to feel REALLY high indeed, after 7-8 drinks. This clubbish music wasn't so annoying as before, thanks to the drinks. Then Suzanne approached him.

Suzanne: Hey hey. Don't be so gloom and sit all the time here. Weren't you the one who told me to be cheerful? Get up and dance!

Z (intoxicated): Um....I.....I would, but I feel you know...after some drinks...

Suzanne: Aww...don't be so shy. Come as you are!

Z: Are....are you sure? I would love to...but music...not my style...

Suzanne: I will play a song just for you.

Z: Really!???? I'm in!!!! But...will others like it?

Suzanne: So what? We cannot satisfy anyone, but now it's your turn to feel satisfaction.

Z: about some Power Ballad? Like...Waiting For A Girl Like You from Foreigner?

Suzanne: Cool. After the song is finished will play yours.

Z: dance this with me?

Suzanne: *blushes* Um...OK.

Z: (You idiot! Learn to drink less! What did you just ask her? Now just go with the flow, and hope you don't throw up on her!)

Z hugged Suzanne and Suzanne hugged him back for a slow dance...but during the song Z was feeling a desperate need to puke, but he didn't want to destroy the he was trying to keep up till the song is finished...but he didn't manage to succeed. He turned back, and he threw up on a few guests who were behind him. Even though he was drunk, throwing up helped him to come back to his senses for a little bit, and once he realized what he did, he just ran out of the cafe as he was, grabbed the first taxi and went back home.

This is the end of chapter V. Since that event, Z never dared to pass in front of that cafe again after what he did. We don't know if Suzanne forgave him or not, so we will leave this to the reader's imagination.

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The Complicated Adventures Of Z With Women (Chapter V)
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