The Complicated Adventures Of Z With Women (Chapter III)

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(Chapter III: The Pokemon fangirl.)

The Complicated Adventures Of Z With Women (Chapter III)

Pokemon Go is the new phenomenon as it seems. Our main hero Z, isn’t the type of person who buys those phenomenons, but in this case things were different since he had been infected by the first wave of Pokemon phenomenon in the late 90s/early 00s. So he thought it would be nice to give a go at Pokemon Go (pardon the pun). He doesn’t have an Android phone though, so he bought one just for the sake of playing Pokemon Go.

The Complicated Adventures Of Z With Women (Chapter III)

He headed in various places in order to capture Pokemon, whether he was successful or not it doesn’t matter. Let’s skip to the day he was at the park sitting on a bench playing Pokemon Go. When he was focused on it, a nice girl was passing by and approached him asking him:

Girl: Hey is this Pokemon Go?

Z was shocked for a moment once he saw the nice girl.

Z: Huh…yeah yeah. He said with a big grin on his face.

Girl: Cool, do you know which are the best places for chasing Pokemon? I have downloaded it recently and I’m trying to figure out.

Z: Eh…the park is a good place actually. And the beach as well. Rural areas are better in general.

Girl: Hm, thanks. What’s your name by the way?

Z: My name is Z. And yours?

Rina: My name is Rina.

Z: Nice to meet you Rina.

Rina: Hey why don’t we try heading there at the fountain? You might find some Water Pokemon there.

Z: OK let’s go.

The Complicated Adventures Of Z With Women (Chapter III)

Z: (How old is she? I would say early 20s but…she is acting in a teenish manner. Shit, if I asked her it would be rude, so let’s hope she’s not a teen, I don’t want to put my head on the line.) By the way, if you don’t mind asking me, what were you doing in the park?

Rina: I was on my way home actually. But it doesn’t matter, I don’t have anything to do there. It’s nice that I found you because my friends don’t care about Pokemon Go, they think it’s kiddish. It’s more enjoyable when you play with someone else.

Z: (*sigh* She trusts strangers a lot. I will ask her what she’s studying or if she finished school, so I can see how old she is without being rude.) Hey, Rina do you study or work somewhere?

Rina: Haha no, I live with my mom. You?

Z: Same here, although I don’t live with my mom.

Rina: Oooh you’re a cool guy.

(Rina high-fived Z)

Z: Hahaha thanks! You seem to be a cool girl too.

Rina: *giggles* If you don’t mind asking me, how old are you?

Z: (Phew, she asked first. Now it won’t be rude if I ask back). I’m about to turn 25 this year. And you?

Rina: Wow, really? I thought you were 19. I’m 22.

Z: (Oh Lord, glad she’s not a minor.) Haha, now I see why your friends don’t bother about Pokemon Go. They’re too busy with their studies.

Rina: Yeah, it sucks. They take their lives too seriously.

Z: Hey, weren’t we supposed to chase Pokemon in this fountain?

The Complicated Adventures Of Z With Women (Chapter III)

Rina: Oh yeah…hey look it’s a Horsea! Go for it!

(Z captures Horsea successfully)

Rina: Woohoo! You did it!

Z: Yeah! Let’s go all around the park and see what we can find.

After 1-1.5 hour of dashing around the park, chasing Pokemon, Rina had a call from her mother,asking her where is she.

Rina: Um, sorry but I have to go. You will be here tomorrow? It was really fun hanging around with you.

Z: Yeah I will be of course. See you Rina!

Rina turned back and left…As Z did as well.

Z and Rina started to meet each other on a daily basis for 5 days continuously. The fifth day Rina asked a kinda intimate question.

Rina: Hey Z, do you have a girlfriend?

Z: *gasp* Umm…no.

Rina: I don’t either.

Z: (What does she mean? Is she a lesbian? I’ll try to not be rude, so I can find out.) Um…OK. You meant boyfriend maybe?

Rina: No, no. I am lesbian, I’m not ashamed to admit it.

Z: (I’ll try to not look disappointed.) Why should you? It’s not something to be ashamed of.

Rina: Good to hear that. There are unfortunately people, even in our age group, that they consider gays and lesbians unnatural and freaks of nature.

Z smiled: (It’s not bad to remain friends with her. She’s a good girl.)

The Complicated Adventures Of Z With Women (Chapter III)

That’s the end of Chapter III. Although Z and Rina became good friends since then, they didn’t become more than friends, out of respect to each other’s sexuality.

The Complicated Adventures Of Z With Women (Chapter III)
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