6 Songs That'll Make Haters Change How They Think of Metal Music

This Take was inspired by the anonymous author who wrote "The Melodic side of rock/metal". I made this Take so haters of the music won't just see it as "Satan's music" or too loud (although I do understand if it's simply not your taste). It's just to make you at least respect the music cuz I've gotten so much shit just for liking metal........

(These songs are more modern BTW)

Moving on- Asking Alexandria

Here I Am- Asking Alexandria

Hail To The King- Avenged Sevenfold

This song is amazing and I still can't get over the song. (Especially that bass 😍)

Wrong Side Of Heaven-Five Finger Death Punch

The End Of Heartache- KillSwitch Engage

Snuff- Slipknot

It isn't really metal but they can go to heavy, screaming, batshit crazy to this........

This Take probably didn't make sense but I just wrote this in 10 minutes cuz I know nobody is gonna read this anyways. lol


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