Can't Have: A Poem

Can't Have: A poem

I'm listing all the things that I can not have

I can not grab

I can not stand

Things that are close by but are not in the palm of my hand

Can't Have: A Poem

Things that I can not see

Things that I can see but they just stare and laugh at me

Things that ignore me

Things that adore meCan't Have: A Poem

Things that I can not guess

Things that have put me in this mess

Ex lovers

Ex friends

Can not be woven with no amendsCan't Have: A Poem

No laws

No earth

No water

No dirtCan't Have: A Poem

My mouth speaks only one language

But my mind speaks a different language

When they ask you if something is wrong

Nothing is wrong

Just take those pills so you can fit into societyCan't Have: A Poem

Please doctor do not diagnose me

I'm only looked at as mentally ill

She can not past down her genes

It's time for a prescription refill

My depression is looked at as a disease

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  • Just want to say thanks to those who produce very creative Takes, be they pieces of fiction or poems. I want to encourage that. :)

  • If I was rich I would be paying you to write such stuff


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