CHARismatic's Sweet SummerSixteen Playlist

CHARismatic's SummerSixteen Playlist

I love music and summer parties are great because you can have indoors or outdoors. Nothing gets the crowd going like a catchy song. I've decided to share some favorites from my #SummerSixteenPlaylist. Turn up the volume and enjoy!

DNCE-Cake By The Ocean

Zara Larsson-Lush Life

Twenty-one Pilots-Ride

Justine Skye-I'm Yours

Chainsmokers-Don't Let Me Down

OneRepublic-Wherever I Go

Tory Lanez-Luv

Andy Grammar-Good To Be Alive

Sia-Cheap Thrills

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  • Although we have already established it before, I think this confirms again that our music tastes are quite different lol

    On my personal summer playlist, I'd have this album-- Drift (by ERRA). A lot of people label it "summercore" because of the lyrics and feel of it too.
    I'm guessing you probably wouldn't exactly like this stuff though 😅

    • I'm into a lot of different music. If I shuffle my library you'd be surprised at the different stuff that comes on.

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