3 Reasons I Love Bojack Horseman

3 Reasons I Love Bojack Horseman

I love the Show Bojack Horseman. A single episode can be funny, make a salient point about society and make you cry.

Here are some of the reasons I love the show.

1. It is extremely funny

That is the character 'Vincent Adultman' He is just so obviously three kids in a trenchcoat but that doesn't stop him from become the BOYFRIEND of one of the main characters. Then you have the fact than no one but Bojack himself actually seems to realize that he is three kids in a trenchcoat and points it out several times. The scenes with him are just so hysterically funny.

2. It is a real tearjerker

That scene is just one of many that are just utterly heartbreaking. You always can't help but feel bad for the Titular Character even when he is doing something incredibly wrong. Bojack has no had a good life and that brings me to my next point.

3. It is a perfectly accurate portrayal of clinical depression.

Most portrayals of depression are incredibly one dimensional and to people like me who actually suffer from this illness, that always feels like an insult. Bojack Horseman is a pinpoint accurate portrayal of someone suffering from depression. The character has his ups and he has his downs but it always comes back. They don't portray the character as just sad they show the full spectrum of what depression can do to a person.

When I first saw that scene in context I laughed, then when I was re-watching the series it didn't make me laugh. It made me remember of the days I have that are like that. The days where I can't feel a damn thing. I don't feel sad, I don't feel angry, I feel ANYTHING. I just exist. I've seen people criticize others for cutting themselves but while I don't, I can see exactly why it would be tempting. When you can't feel anything at all the fact is that feeling physical pain might actually seem appealing. It might remind them that they are still human.

But Bojack goes through it all, self-loathing. There isn't an episode out there that he doesn't completely hate himself in. He utterly despises who he is. It shows the whole hair trigger temper that depression can give its victim sometimes (And make no mistake people with depression deserve that title.) It shows how a person might isolate themselves from those they care about and care about them. It shows the utter and complete despair that can come with it.

As for being born broken, there is far more truth to that than a lot of people realize. Most of the time it comes from a chemical imbalance in the brain. The fact is that you really could say that people like us are simply born broken.

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