Dear September: An Unread Letter

Dear September,

Where is your pride?

Forget the anti Americans

Leave politics aside

Dear September,

Will they ever understand?

People lost their future

Will father time lend us a hand?Dear September: an unread letter

Dear September

I have been waiting

Will you ever write me back?

You lost my letter

Do you hate your month so bad?

Dear September

I do not think they understand

It's not just an American thing

It's about losing women, children, and men

Do they realize that foreigners died

September, have you received all their letters too

A land where our fathers died

Well this is my letter to youDear September: An Unread Letter


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  • that fountain.. is a massive waste of space.. just sayin..

    i feel very disconnected from 9/11 because i was 10 when it happened, had no friends in the states apart from my aunt and uncle both of whom were at least 500 miles away from Manhattan, and i only found out about it in the news, that and the fact that i didn't buy it for a second helped, i did mourn for the dead because my parents told me to but i was very disassociated from it at the time, and because of that i feel very unattached from it now

    i do feel sorry for all the death.. but that's only a fraction of the total number of deaths in 2001 alone, i'm not American or patriotic by any stretch of the imagination so my heart goes out to the whole world, not just America.

    • also if that's the 9/11 national memorial museum on ground zero, then where is this badass of a building?

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    • another way is to build a below ground open-air train station hub that is a lot more hightech than the grand central station, that would make a perfect pair with the new WTC right next door, but again it would probably be disrespectful, either because of noise or because of air pollution, but if thats the case it could be made so that the station only supports intercontinental routes only and only use bullet trains, since these trains are entirely electric powered they produce very minimal background noise and have no pollution whatsoever, on top of which it would make traveling from the west coast to the east coast much more convenient and decrease the number of flights between the corners of America ten fold thereby decreasing air pollution and massive expenses on jet fuel and airline maintenance.

      i'm pretty sure Manhattan doesn't have a bullet train station, i don't think even the whole of America has one yet, but i could be mistaken.

    • in japan a train station called shibuya station in tokyo has commemorated a famous dog who died waiting for his long dead master for over 30 years, so its not uncommon to have a memorial in a train station

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  • Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    You twin towers are gone
    World goes on without you

    Can I become a poet now?

  • Jet fuel doesn't melt steel beams or cause a building to collapse like that, only a controlled demolition does

    • Extreme heat weakens steel beams.

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    • @PT1911 THANK YOU!!!
      @colourz FYI my father works in construction and he told me that skyscrapers can collapse like that due to the infrastructure and they are MADE THAT WAY so don't act all smart, bitch.

    • @helloitsmethere Ted Mosby is your dad? No way 😯

  • I remember people getting off the train in my town covered in the dust from the debris. They had to be hosed off and check out for what they thought was an anthrax attack as well.

  • i was sitting in a college lecture hall and they put this on the big screen. The psychology professor said out loud "this will stay in your long term memory".

  • A beautiful and well constructed poem. I don't quite understand the title, it seems to be misdirected..

  • Makin me feel fam... had a flashback back to 4th grade...


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