The Only Good Haunted House Party, Is the One That Gives Everyone Nightmares!

Halloween is only a few weeks away, and some people are planning on your standard Halloween house party with like a few pumpkins bought last minute and thrown in a corner, and those spider webs you can find at the dollar store, but that's not really, how shall we say, emotionally and mentally terrifying enough for your guests who deserve to have their dreams haunted by your sick, sick, sick imagination.

Let guests know you or they might have problems with this party long before they even set one foot inside your haunted house.

While guests are busy inside, the skeleton army is launching their invasion. Rather than do this complicated version, it might be easier to strap one skeleton on top of the other leading up to a window and just strap/fasten the top skeleton to the one window or via rope attached to something in the room.

I know from experience, this is a really good one. Just take the vent covers down and tape or strap a creepy mask on a mannequin head and see how long it takes someone to notice. Works REALLY well in the bathroom.

...and speaking of...time to make everyone uncomfortable with Freddy...and the answer is no, your guests will not be allowed to even pee in peace. You might want to rig up some random sound effects to scare the...crap...out of your guests at their most vulnerable moment.

With a little bit of PVC pipe magic, a bit of stuffing, some old clothes, some duct tape rigging, Jason is just waiting for someone to come on in.

You're next level with this one. Use a few props...long disheveled wig, white dress, stuffing a few pillows and stockings with batting, and some costume hands, all hung from the ceiling on a hook will do the trick here.

This one, no matter how not scared of the supernatural skeletons and goblins you claim to be, is most definitely going to freak you out. No one likes to see one roach. No one likes seeing hundreds of them anywhere for anything and any reason. Just take those rubber roaches and go to town. Even better is to find a vent in your house or a trashcan, and have them appear as if they are all coming up from that vent or trashcan. For an even greater affect, you can have some swarm type sound effects playing non-stop in your bathroom.

And while we're dealing with the creepy crawlies, don't just cover one sad little doorway with spiderwebs and think that's doing anything. Make your house the god forsaken nest of all nests.

Dollar store snakes, giant glass bottle, water, super creepy. It also helps if you focus your guests on the jar explaining how these were once real snakes and then count them out loud checking to see if they are all there, and suddenly notice one is missing and then look under the table and scream at your fake planted snake on the ground about to get one of your guests...the one most afraid of snakes. You can amp that up with an RC snake that actually know...because you're evil.

You can also employ this classic gag in the kitchen or near the party food that has gotten a lot of people in the sports world. All you need is a fake snake, a piece of string attached to said snake which is attached to the top inside of the cooler, and then simply tell guests, ice cold drinks are in the cooler, and viola!

This one involves just taking a front and two side views of your head, and merging the image together with photoshop. Then stick it into a glass jar filled with olive oil, and onto a pantry or fridge shelf it goes for an unwelcome surprise.

This gem parked in a dark hallway, in front of a back window, in the garage, on the front porch, or anywhere really should do the trick. Thrift a walker, more stuffing, masks, wigs, and PVC pipe or wiring should hold her in place.

Hang an old sheet up with any creepy message in full display. This one works especially well, if around the corner...

Guests are met with that eventuality. Fake body parts, blood, chains, etc. can all be found at a dollar store.

Instead of placing lame pumpkins all around, throw dolls you have from your kids or that you can thrift around, which you can burn, muddy, remove the eyes or cut the hair oddly or otherwise alter for the way creepier version.

This one is just cool, via Harry Potter. You can buy flameless candles from just about everywhere, and hang them with thin wire or string. DON'T USE real or you may really burn down your house on accident.

This last one is pretty cool if you have a little money to blow. You can project some pretty scary digital images into your windows, into a hallway, in your backyard, on a 3d form, or on your tv, that can either run on a loop or materialize sporadically.

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  • Very spooky! But also very brilliant at the same time!

    It's all optical and auditory illusions, similar to kind of things people work on when they make special effects for horror movies, but it's low tech instead of hi-tech.

    by the way, the Skeleton Army reminded me of Army of Darkness.


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  • The picture with bugs in bathroom topped all of them. Geez that fawkn scary. Imagine opening the door to a dark bath room and click on the lights and see all that. I would literally shit on the damn floor. Who ever see it will know my trama.

    • There are no words for flipping the light switch and having to somehow figure out between screams, that those aren't actually real...

    • I have arachniphobia and katsardiaphobia, and I'm going with I'd be frozen in place and screaming

    • @FallOutBoy2001 don't go all super sayian on us girl. We got your back. I'll be in the living room and @BeeNee will help you out. Agree?

  • Sooo good thanks a bunch for this. Will defiantly use some

    The women in the top corner in the washroom is pretty freaky lol

    • You're welcome. Imagine putting that woman behind the door, so you don't see her before it's too late, lol

  • Fantastic ideas, excellent Take :D

  • If I really want to be traumatized, I just flip the channel to MSNBC.

  • That is brilliant - Those things are as good as any professional carnival attraction


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