10 Current Stand-Up Comics I Recommend

If I've done anything remotely memorable on here I like to think it's been to make people laugh. Trying for at least a smirk with my V-Card Take, Life Down Under, Guy Stuff and even the Funny Side Of Sex. But this is a list is about the people who make me laugh and might make you laugh more than I can. At least three of these Comics will be offensive depending on where your "line" is.

Personally, I enjoy the more offensive ones! Mainly because by offending people with jokes they take that power away from those who would actually try to control you by your hang-ups. So without further stalling for time, here we go.

Christopher Titus

If you've ever thought your life or family was fucked up... Titus will make you feel Normal!

Jimmy Carr

An Offensive Comic by trade from the UK, Jimmy "educates" his fans on purpose and makes it look easy.

Kathy Maddigan

If you're single and maybe you enjoy a good drink as well, she's gonna be your best friend!

Chris Porter

Don't worry he knows he looks weird but his anger will still make you laugh.

Anthony Jeselnik

This Offensive Comic had his show pulled from Comedy Central because of a "Shark Party" he had on it... google it!

Louis CK

Love him or Hate him he makes some really good points much like Carlin.

Jim Jefferies

He gets away with Offending people in the U.S. because he from Australia. Be warned Ladies: he does love to use the word "Cunt" a lot and doesn't care if it's taboo in the States.

Jennifer Krikman

No matter what gender you are Jen will make you feel better about aging, grey pubic hairs and all.

Craig Ferguson

This Scotsman loves to swear (shocking right) and sharks!

Doug Benson

Last on the list we have Doug Benson. The number 2 ranked pot smoking celeb according to High Times magazine, I believe, is a very mellow and very funny Comic with 2 films to his name spoofing Morgan Spurlock's Documentaries. Even if you've never been high you'd have to be dead not to laugh at his jokes. I honestly don't know how he can function on stage but he makes it look easy.

Well that's the list. Now get off G@G and grab some laughs!

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Most Helpful Girl

  • "Ferggy" I thin, this Craig. He is a Funny guy, @pervertedjester with his Own Jokes and Gestures. I also used to think Andrew Dice Man was a bit of An "Amusing" sort of "Hunny" Card as well. lol!! The called him "the Dice Man."
    However, all Kidding aside, Here, dear, Donald Trump has had Me Really Rolling and Rowing this Election year. I have never laughed so hard with his Wit and no "Knit Wit" neither, who I know Will Make America Great again."
    Good luck and Great Going as Always, my friend. xx

    • Thank you so kindly for the Like, hun. xx

    • I was more of a Kinison fan back then. And Donny, well to each their own.

    • lol!!! Your own opinion an dsurely you know me, dear, I never point fingers at your own Opinion. We are all different.
      Not just On Gag, but as you know with the World Changing, my own Interests Change and now, I find The Trump Card a bit amusing, and by the Grace of God, "The Man for my Job" and America's... With No More Rolling the Other No Nice "Dice man."xxoo

Most Helpful Guy

  • I used to cover the comedian circuit to some extent back when I was working for the papers. I interviewed Carlos Mencia, Colin Mochrie, Lewis Black, etc. On that list, I remember interviewing Madigan, though I missed Titus. I like him a lot, though; loved his Love is Evol performance. :)

    • Yeah that Evol special was awesome and like he said in the beginning it destroyed my relationship at the time. Lol No hard feelings though.

    • Show All
    • It wasn't "have to," it was "get to." I tried to get as many as I could but it was never enough.

      For two years, I interviewed everyone from Kelly Clarkson and Coldplay to Jennifer Morrison and various members of Celtic Woman. Nice for a resume, I suppose, and I don't give a crap about celebrities so I wasn't one to be starstruck, but I was THIS close to asking Kelly for freakin' gas money. :P

    • I don't care for celebs either but I do enjoy comedy a lot. Where I am we don't get too many good comics. I missed George Carlin's last tour through here before he died. I still kick myself for that. But if I could at least interview the ones above that would be an awesome thing to cross off my bucket list.

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  • Christopher Titus is the best, and his wife is actually pretty funny as well. They have a podcast that they do together that's pretty great.


  • they are all old school observational comedians. funny in part but its a bit of a tired format for me. try this guy...

  • I love Titus. He's in town and I'm planning on seeing him this weekend. I've seen Jim Jeffries once on Netflix and he was very good. Not big on Doug Benson but I'm not a stoner.

  • Brian Posehn is another good one. Same with TJ Miller.

    You listed a lot of good choices. Thankfully you didn't say Kevin Hart, Jeff Dunham or Dane Cook.

  • One I really thought was funny was Robert Schimmel. Unfort. I only heard of him after he died, which was about 5 years ago.

    Though I guess he no longer qualifies as a stand-up comedian...

  • Went to one of Titus' shows last winter. Love that guy, have since "Norman Rockwell is Bleeding" (an excerpt from which you shared).

  • love louis CK. have seen him a few times.
    chris ferguson is really funny in my opinion as well

  • Kat Williams, kevin hart, aziz, tig notaro, Gabriel Iglesias and probably the funniest dude on the planet, Hannibal burres all need to be on this list

  • Feh. I'm familiar with most on this list and only like two of them.

  • Bill Burr, Joe Rogan, Patrice O'Neil

    • I agree with you on Ronan but the other two aren't funny to me as comics.

    • I like Burr and O'Neil the most because they say the shit that everyone is afraid to say but that most people know is true.

  • LOLZ, that's one highlight of day

  • Christopher Titus and Louis CK are legends!


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