3 Albums That Changed My Life

3 Albums That Changed My Life

I love listening to music. Not as much as other people, but it's one of my favorite hobbies. I like listening to most types of music, but hip-hop is my favorite. Not stupid sounding hip-hop (Lil Uzi!!!), but raps with meaningful lyrics. Here are 3 albums that changed my life (but probably won't change yours).

#3 2014 Forest Hills Drive by J. Cole

3 Albums That Changed My Life

I know. I know. J. Cole isn't the most popular rapper. Many people find him boring, but not me. This album is about his life so far. He raps about everything from his mom, losing his virginity, and even the fact he's "Too young for Nia Long". I'm a big J. Cole fan, in fact this was the first album I ever bought. He might not be very popular, but this album did go double platinum with no features...

Best Song- Apparently

#2 The Marshall Mathers LP by Eminem

3 Albums That Changed My Life

The Marshall Mathers LP. This album is Slim Shady at his Slim Shadiest. His lyrics are hard to listen to if you like being PC. Even people with the dirtiest mouths are offended by his lyrics. He raps about raping his mother (I'm Back), shooting up a school (Also on the song I'm Back), and an obsessed fan (Stan). This album is rough, but I love it. I obviously don't condone doing what he raps about, but I love the intensity he raps with.

Best song- Stan

#1 Licensed to ill by the Beastie Boys

3 Albums That Changed My Life

I didn't know much about the Beastie Boys until this past November. On black Friday a Target near me had the album "Licensed to ill" on sale for $3. I bought it, not expecting much. Boy was I wrong. I ended up buying my favorite album ever. They rap about mostly silly stuff, but something about it gets me hype. They rap about girls (on a song called "Girls" of course), how they got together (Paul Revere), and their favorite drink (Brass Monkey). This album shouldn't be taken seriously when it comes to being a real hip-hop album, but it's a great album nonetheless.

Best Song- Hold it now, Hit it

Thanks for reading this MyTake. Feel free to share your favorite albums, or tell me what horrible taste in music I have.


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  • Lmao at the last sentence because your taste isn't horrible; it's admirable, to be honest. Number 2 was recommended to me by my sister and it was a pleasure listening to the album 😊 Great myTake!

    • Thanks. I think I'm the only person I know that likes #1 and #3. Good to know I'm not too weird 😂

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