Top 6 Best Songs Of The 1990s

My Top 6 Best Songs Of The 1990s

6. Mariah Carey : Vision Of Love

Mariah Carey beautiful voice is perfect with this song.

5. Nirvana : Smells Like Teen Spirit (1991)

Smells Like Teen Spirit is the biggest song of the 1990s it took everyone by surprise and it was surprising by Nirvana and their Record Company how popular how popular Smells Like Teen Spirit became.

4. Mariah Carey : One Sweet Day (1995)

One Sweet Day is a beautiful song that makes you want to keep listening to Mariah's angelic and beautiful voice.

3. Nirvana : Heart Shaped Box (1993)

Nirvana Heart Shaped Box is probably Nirvana's hardest rocking song on In Utero.

2. Nirvana : In Bloom (1992)

In Bloom Is one of Nirvana's best songs ever such a beautiful song love it and the music video too.

1. Nirvana : Come As You Are (1992)

Come As You Are is still probably my favorite song of the 1990s I love hearing it on the radio. Its still probably my favorite to hear on the radio too.

So what are your top 6 favorite songs of the 1990s. Any songs on my list you like? Have you heard any of these songs on the radio? Or saw them on MTV? If so when have you saw it on MTV and what radio stations have you heard them on?


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