Superheroes Who Should Get Their Own Games


So I'm not exactly referring to fighting games like Injustice: Gods Among Us or Marvel vs. Capcom, but games that are open world. And just to be clear, Batman and Spider-Man won't be making this list because they've had lots of games. I love the Arkham series myself but this take is about superheroes who haven't gotten games yet (or have ones that are failures).

Superheroes Who Should Get Their Own Games


Traveling freely around the city at super speed sounds like a lot of fun. You could also have the ability to vibrate through walls. Maybe during battles with other speedsters, you could also have the opportunity to steal your opponent's speed by tapping buttons you see on the screen (and the opposite would happen if you fail).

The game could also be more story-driven where you have the option to go back in time and change events, but with unexpected results (similar to Life is Strange). There are many more possibilities.

Superheroes Who Should Get Their Own Games

Green Lantern Corps

This could have elements from many different genres in it. You could have the option roam around the galaxy freely and visit many different planets. The missions could be similar to an RPG in outer space. Perhaps you could play as an existing Green Lantern or just create your own one.

Superheroes Who Should Get Their Own Games

Silver Surfer

This would be the hardest to develop on this list since his powers are so immense that he can destroy planets and create black holes, build anything he wants in a snap, travel light years in seconds, and even travel trough time. The world they would have to make for this would have to be ridiculously huge.

Superheroes Who Should Get Their Own Games


A game that's mostly set in the water where you may or may not fight giant monsters sounds fun, but we can't really say if it'll be good. This has happened before and some of them were disappointments, but I'd still be interested in playing a game about Atlantis and its civilization.

Superheroes Who Should Get Their Own Games

Green Arrow

A game that focuses a lot on archery and a little bit of close combat where there's also a lot of acrobatics... Isn't that similar to Tomb Raider?

Yes... But in the city. Sound fun? Meh? Nope?

You'd have many different kinds of arrows in this. Different ones for different enemies. It could potentially be a first person game too, but I think that's a bad idea. Because unlike guns, arrows take a lot longer to reload.

Superheroes Who Should Get Their Own Games

Wonder Woman

This game would work best as a beat 'em up in my opinion. Perhaps you could get to play on both Themyscira and on Earth, but it would focus heavily on combat with multiple enemies at once. You also have a lot at your disposal, like your lasso which you can use to drag enemies towards you (or tie them up), or the tiara which works well for ranged attacks. Maybe you'd have to manually use your bracelets to deflect bullets, but it shouldn't be that hard... right?

Superheroes Who Should Get Their Own Games

Doctor Strange

Yeah, so this game is going to be very trippy. Just like I mentioned with some of the previous ones, it could work in many different ways but something similar to Bioshock Infinite would be good. You'd get to create portals to other dimensions and travel to whichever one you want at any time. There would be cases where the plot even requires you to do it.

Superheroes Who Should Get Their Own Games

Potential Success


Now, this could be a really fun game about a trained martial artist who's a lawyer by day and a masked vigilante by night. He also has really good senses and can sense anyone who's near him, and is skilled acrobat who regularly climbs rooftops. What could possibly go wrong?

Um, I don't know; the fact that he's blind?

This would be a really awesome game but I feel we wouldn't get the full experience if we can see stuff that the protagonist cannot. But that's just not practical since video games are obviously very visual. However, here's something for you to know.

Fun fact: Daredevil's radar sense is better than Spider-Man's spider-sense.

So the mechanic could involve us only being able to see what he's able to sense. The rest of the screen could just be faintly black?

I'm still not completely sure about this one. Maybe we should wait until we have better technology?

Superheroes Who Should Get Their Own Games

Are there any you feel that deserve their own games? Feel free to post below :)

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Superheroes Who Should Get Their Own Games
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