Reasons You Should Watch Medici: Masters of Florence

Reasons You Should Watch Medici: Masters of Florence

This is a show about one of the most important family's in western civilization. The Medici were a powerful banking family. In fact, they were the most powerful bankers in all of Europe during this time. Not only did they fund the Italian Renaissance, but their massive economic power as bankers to the pope, created economic opportunity for ordinary people. At it's heart, it's a drama, a love story, and murder mystery about a son who gave up his dreams to be an artist so his fathers vision for the family could be fulfilled.

Strong characters like Contessina

The Medici made a lot of sacrifices to build the civilization we have today. Annabel Scholey does a good job portraying the character, Contessina. Richard Madden does a good job portraying Cosimo De Medici. Even though Richard Madden looks nothing like the real Cosimo, he does a good job embodying Cosimo's pious and wise character.

It's shot on location in Italy

This is one of the real shooting locations.

Reasons You Should Watch Medici: Masters of Florence

If you love art, architecture, and history, you'll binge it.

The Medici were patrons of art and the show makes that very obvious.

It's been called perfect for people who don't like historical fiction.

No one knows how Gioivanni De Medici died, so the producers took the liberty of asking, "what if he was murdered?" There is no evidence saying that he was murdered but going on this route, makes it a good show for people who don't like historical fiction.

7 million Italians can't be wrong

This show was a huge success in Italy and averaged 7 million viewers a night. In Italy, it's become the 2nd highest-rated in two years and it trended on social media worldwide, every night it was shown.

Also, the man who played Walder Frey from Game of Thrones is Cosimo's (Richard Madden) father-in-law. Enjoy the trailer below. Also, the show was confirmed for a second season.

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  • Sounds intersting is it violent? Is there nudity?

    • There isn't any violence. There is a little bit of nudity but not even in the same category as game of thrones.

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    • I wish there was a shows about that as well. There's lots of books about WW1 and 2. I do know of a show called Man in the High Castle. It's a show of an alternative reality set in a post WW 2 world, where the Allies don't win WW2. I've only see a tiny bit if it, but my parents have seen it and they enjoyed it.

    • I did see a couple of alternate History movies. One was called CSA about what if the Confedrates would have won The Civil War and Fatherland which is set in the 60s with Nazis still running Europe but the US withdrew in WW2 and still won against Japam, but the Cold war was not USSR vs USA it was Nazi Europe (called Germania) vs The USA and USSR

  • I'm probably going to rewatch burn notice but I'll keep this in mind

  • Is that dustin hoffman?


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