Histories And Books That Should Be Movies/TV-series

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Histories And Books That Should Be Movies/TV-series

This book is written by the French author Hector Malot and is a very touching, but also an exciting book. The story is about Remi, a 8 years old French boy who's adopted by a woman because he's parent less. The woman's husband who lives another place because he's working doesn't know about the adoption and when he gets to know about it he doesn't want the child. After he comes homes and the family experience economical problems in addition to him not wanting to keep the boy, the couple lets a street musician called Vitalis get the responsibility for the child.

The book follows Remi's journey and how his life is living with the street musician who's wandering from city to city earning money at their musical numbers and their pets. Their lifestyle is like the nomad's where they're moving from place to place. Through Remi's journey he meets many new people and there's a lot of drama.

It's my favorite book and I would like HBO or other great companies to make a TV-series about it. Since the story is so complicated, detailed and long I thinks a TV-series would be more suitable than a movie.

Gjest Baardsen

Histories And Books That Should Be Movies/TV-series

This is an illustration of Gjest Baardsen.

Gjest Baardsen is a historical person who lived in the 19th century and wrote a self-biography about his life. He's Norwegian and is known for escaping prison more than 50 times plus being a thief. He stole a lot because he was very poor and he had a reputation for being a Robin Hood similar kind of thief and is known for being a gentle man thief.

It's a movie about Baardsen made in 1939, but it's old and I would like to get a new movie remake. I've always enjoyed newer movie more than the really old ones.

Histories And Books That Should Be Movies/TV-series

Baardsen did a lot of burglary.

Ole Høiland

Histories And Books That Should Be Movies/TV-series

This is an illustration of Høiland.

Ole Høiland is also a Norwegian historical person who lived in the 19th century and he was a criminal like Baardsen. He escaped prison several times and he robbed the Norwegian bank for a huge amount of money. He was a master thief and did much of the tasks based on memories like copying the bank's key.

Golden Compass

Histories And Books That Should Be Movies/TV-series

Lyra sitting on a polar bear.

The books is about Lyra's adventure through different universes and her abilities to read a magical compass that's telling the truth. Lyra is a parent less girl living in an alternative universe where everyone have a soul that looks like an animal. It's also the fight between the good and the evil powers in the books.

I'm fully aware it already exists a movie that came out in 2007, but for a reason the second and third movie didn't come out. Some of the actors are too old playing the role they played at that time and therefor I thinks getting a new start with a new cast would be nice. I thinks the triology should be a TV-series.

Histories And Books That Should Be Movies/TV-series

The golden compass.

The Prince and the Pauper

Histories And Books That Should Be Movies/TV-series

It's about a prince and a pauper who's tired of living their life the way it's and wished they could switch their way of living. The pauper wants a comfortable wealthy life, but the prince wants a more ordinary life with lesser strict rules. At that time royalty had to follow many rules and etiquette. In the story the prince and the pauper who's look alike meet each other and switch their clothing. When they're living each other's lives it doesn't go as expected.

It exists some movies from the books, but most of them are getting old now. I would like to see a remake of it. I thinks both a movie and a TV-series would be suitable.

Helen Keller

Histories And Books That Should Be Movies/TV-series

Photography of Helen Keller.

Hellen Keller was an author who became both deaf and blind after she got a disease at the age of 19 months. I've read a biography about her life and journey through her challenges. The history is fascinating and it's amazing how her teacher Anne Sullivan managed to teach her so much as she did like signs. Helen Keller should get a new movie.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • I think they didn't make another Golden Compass movie because the movie was bad seen. If I remember good the book critic the religion so the movie hadn't a really good reputation.

    For the other I agree it would make good movie, especially the one about Ole Høiland.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I'd really really like to see The Romance of the Three Kingdoms turned into a HBO series.

    • What's that about?

    • The game of thrones is based off the war of roses and basically the Romance of the Three kingdoms is Asia's version of game of thrones kinda, except way way more complicated and the fantasy element leans towards generals mystical skills in combat and holy items rather than walkers and dragons.
      Basically the Han dynasty starts failing, there is a rebellion and the already divided factions try to selflessly create world peace. By conquering the world under their rule.

    • Maybe that would be a good series. But if it's more complicated than Game of Thrones, wouldn't it be too confusing for the audience then?

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  • It's such a shame that they cancelled the Golden compass movie series. They left it on a cliffhanger regarding one of the character's fate. If only the movie series got better reviews. Who knows maybe they'll make the sequels later on but with different actors.

    • I really hopes so. But what do you think about the other stories I mentioned in MyTake?

    • I haven't heard of most of them but I think there is a old movie of Hellen Keller

    • It probably exists. But I would like to see a new movie. I've always liked newer movies better than old ones because of qualities like colors, effects etc.

  • the prince nad the pauper would be a good story to make into a movie or tv series. you could do a modern take on it as well which could relate to today's world

    • I prefer they living in the old age. I've rarely been a fan of modernizing of stories because it doesn't give the same vibe and it doesn't fit in for me.

    • i feel like it could be done in a good way. like some arab sheik changing positions with some poor muslim girl OR someone like Hugo Chavez swapping with some poor person from the mountains

    • Maybe. I've read the book and it's not only the concept between a poor and a rich person switching that's fascinating me. But also the relationships between the characters, their experiences and the other conflicts on their journey.

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