13 Histories & Books That Should be Movies/TV-Series


Earlier on GAG I've written a MyTake about histories and books that should be movies or TV series. After studying more in school and talking with my friends about books and famous people, more ideas popped in my head and I wanted to make a part 2. So here's histories, books and people that needs movies and series. I would like to hear your opinions and suggestions.

This MyTake may contain very minor spoilers!

1. Hellemyrsfolket (TV-series)

Author: Amalie Skram
Country: Norway
Time period: 19th century, realism and naturalism period

Hellemyrsfolket as a play on DNS theater
Hellemyrsfolket as a play on DNS theater

Hellemyrsfolket (directly translated: The people of Helle) is a book series about a big poor family living in the 19th century Bergen and about their daily struggle to survive. The readers gets to know each of the different characters strong and weak sides, in addition to following several generation of the family. The first generation consist of the abusive father Sjur Gabriel and his wife the alcoholic Oline trying to feed six children. Some of their previous children are already dead and in total they had ten children. The book fits into the naturalism category and is very detailed.

Why it should be a HBO quality TV-series is because of all the good character development, different ways they wants to solve their problems, good educational materials and it may be relevant to the reality today. Poverty, drug or alcohol abuse, unemployment, gender inequality, forced marriage, deaths and family abuse are problems that still exists today. Regardless if they stick to the original Bergen version or makes a modernized version about another country, I still guess it would be an interesting series. You've to read the books to understand what I means.

2. Peer Gynt (TV-series)

Peer Gynt is a troubled character
Peer Gynt is a troubled character

Author: Henrik Ibsen
Country: Norway
Time period: 19th century

Peer Gynt is a story about a wild and ambitious guy named Per Gynt who doesn't fit into the society. He wish to be accepted and become something great. The story shows his personal journey where he explores the world, tries to reach his goals, how he deals with his problems, dilemma he face and on questions about what's the right thing to do. Gynt wants to be a hero, but because of his flawed and relatable personality he easily gets into trouble or put others in trouble. When travelling around the world he meets trolls. Edvard Grieg composed "Dovregubbenshall" to the original play made by Ibsen.

Because of the intriguing philosophical questions and different ways to interpret this complicated story, it would be interesting to see how this would end up as when becoming a TV-series.

3. The Bridge builders (TV-series)

The book has some historical events in it like the building projects in Norway
The book has some historical events in it like the building projects in Norway

Author: Jan Guillou
Country: Sweden
Time period: Today

This book series is about three Norwegian ambitious guys and their journeys. They works for instance as bridge and rails builders in part of the story. Later on they develop different careers and travels around the world. Several characters in the books have to flee because of different reasons. I'm not going to spoil the reasons. There's a lot of things going on in the book and it could be a TV-series.

4. The exam (TV-series/Movie)

The "losers" had to live in sewers like rats with all the trash

I can't remember the book's or the author's name. Didn't find it at the internet after searching for it for hours. I can still remember the plot line though. I just gave the book a name since I can't remember.
The book is about a dystopian futuristic society where people have to pass an important exam that's deciding which social class they would go to and they've to stay there rest of their lives. People who pass the government's exam completely would be allowed to live a life in wealth and luxury, while those one who failed completely would be forced to live a life in poverty. Those one who got an in the between result would be part of the middle-class.

Poverty here means living underground in the sewer on islands made of garbage. The main character who's a young girl described it as humans living as animals in inhumane conditions where they had little to no clothing, always were hungry, dirty, sick and cold.

5. De angrende (Movie)

Regretting woman
Regretting woman

I can't remember the book's or the author's name on this either, but I still remember the plot line.
De angrende (Directly translated: The regretters) is a story about a young couple who loves each others. One day the woman gets pregnant with an accident and since she's still studying, she's not ready becoming a mother yet. The man and the woman agrees in getting an abortion. After the woman underwent the procedure she gradually starts to think over what she did and regrets. They gives the child a properly funeral and goes through a grieving stage.

Both of them regrets in aborting it because they realize it's a child; a living human being. In addition they were upset for not considering adoption. Later on they meets people from the pro-life movement helping them bettering themselves and let them join them. The book discuss old question about the value of the human lives, when it starts, how abortion can impact people, the hidden regretters and so on.

6. Poison (Movie)

Pupils getting hit
Pupils getting hit

Author: Alexander Kielland
Country: Norway
Time period: The 19th century, realism

Abraham Løvdahl and Marius are the main characters in the book. They're pupils on the Latin school. The school's headmaster and teachers are very strict. They've high expectations and may hit the children for any minor things. Abraham also has an abusive father and caring mother. His parents are disagreeing in how a child should be raised and what an ideal society is. In the school there are many stressed pupils and one of them dies of stress. Kielland wanted to criticize the school and political system at his time. Many of the events taking place in the story are inspired by Kielland's real life.

7. Alexander Kielland (Movie)

A. Kielland
A. Kielland

Kielland who's the Norwegian author of the "Poison" lived in the 1800s and although he was raised in a wealthy family, he was still interested in politics and justice. He had strict teachers and parents. He also witnessed how bad poverty and the worker's right was when he started a buisness. Many of his factory workers lived in extreme poverty.

8. Amalie Skram (Movie)

A. Skram
A. Skram

Amalie Skram is one of the most famous feminist in Norway in addition to Camilla Colette and Gina Krog. She wrote "Hellemyrsfolket" and "Karen's Christmas" for instance. She struggled mentally a period, lived in a toxic relationship after being forced to marry a man she disliked and she fought for women's rights. She later married a man she liked better.

9. Edvard Grieg (Movie)

E. Grieg
E. Grieg

Grieg is Norway's most famous composer and composed "Morgenstemning" and "Dove gubbenshall". He lived a different lifestyle than ordinary people. Grieg and his wife wasn't able to start a family.

10. Edvard Munch (Movie)

E. Munch
E. Munch

Munch is Norway's most famous painter and painted "Scream". He was an alcoholic, womanizer, lived a wild life and experienced jealously on other artists "stealing" the women.

11. Henrik Wergeland (Movie)

13 Histories & Books That Should be Movies/TV-Series

Wergeland, brother to Camilla Colette and "enemy" to Colette's crush J.S. Welhaven, is most known for being a poet, human rights activist and nationalist. He wanted an independent country and culture. Welhaven was a supporter of the Danish, something Wergeland as an anti-union man was opposed to and therefor they hated each others. In addition they disliked each other's ways on writing poetries. Because of this there were a lot of conflicts and especially after Colette falling in love.

12. Terje Vigen (Movie)

The British (boat in the background) wanting to arrest Vigen
The British (boat in the background) wanting to arrest Vigen

Author: Henrik Ibsen
Country: Norway
Time period: 19th century, realism

Terje Vigen is a man traveling from Norway to Denmark in a little boat to buy food because of his family is starving and the British has blocked the border between these countries, so he can't buy food at home. Denmark-Norway was enemy to the British because of they supported Napoleon. The Brits arrest and imprison Vigen because it was illegal for Norwegians to import food from Denmark. After being released Vigen comes home to starved corpses that's his family. The question is if he should take revenge on the British man who arrested him or not when he gets the chance to do so.

13. We're going to escape tonight (TV-series/Movie)

Two boys escapes
Two boys escapes

Author: Bernhard Stokke
Country: Norway
Time period: 20th century

Two 16 years old boys decides to run away from an institution for "bad boys" after being unhappy about the way they gets treated. Because it's mandatory for them to stay there until adulthood there are people trying to find them and get them back. The plot is mostly about how they escapes and what they're doing after they've escaped.

In School

Many of the books, stories and famous people could be movies and TV-series that could both entertain people and make it easier for students to learn important facts. Many students nowadays, especially the young ones, struggle learning Scandinavian history and literature because of all of the reading. Movies and series can easily grab their attention and interests more. Watching something visual is also easier to remember.

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13 Histories & Books That Should be Movies/TV-Series
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  • Aynsof
    Lots of these could be interesting but are not well known enough outside Scandinavia to garner much international interest
    So if any of these are ever turned into a tv show it would likely be Scandinavian shows only
    Amalie Skram was a good author and Hellemyr folket could be very interesting her own life story could be as well albeit somewhat tragic
    Is this still revelant?
    • True. But I think the exam could be successful outside of Scandinavia too. The story don't take place in Scandinavia and if I remember right, the book was either American or British. Hellemyrsfolket could be HBO popular if they changed some details in the story. If Disney's frozen can be popular, then I think hellemyrsfolket can also be it. The viking series is also popular.

    • Aynsof

      Well Vikings isn't a good standard to go by
      They are a widely popularized piece of history everyone in the western world knows of Vikings
      Hardly anyone outside Scandinavia knows who Amalie Skram is sad as that is
      While she and her writings was of historical significance in Scandinavian culture it just didn't have much impact outside of here where as there are various British and French authors of that time who did
      It just isn't overly realistic that it would be picked up by something like HBO
      It could be Netflix though they do some various local original programming
      I don't know about The Exam but the premise isn't exactly unique with the divided society and movies have been made over similar stories so yeah that is possible

    • Interesting to know. :) I'm wondering on how famous Henrik Ibsen is outside of Scandinavia. The thing here is when my teachers teach us about all of these stuffs, they make it seem like it's very famous and big things. When googling these things however most of it's written in Norwegian and it seems like it's very unknown outside of Scandinavia.

      Maybe The Exam is similar to the divergent or something like that. I've never watched it, but knows it's popular though.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Rainie_
    I need series about the Kalmar Union, Sten Sture, King Kristian II the tyrant, the Stockholm bloodbath and the Swedish independence and an updated Gustav Vasa and his era.
    Also want more on the Swedish empire.

    Sweden has plenty of history but people forget.

    13 Histories & Books That Should be Movies/TV-Series
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  • Riddler1412
    They seem interesting.
    I would like to see s movie or TV series about Thomas Jefferson, if there's none yet. Apparently he was a good architect, philosopher, politician, innovator...
  • shephardjhon
  • Taka99
    Charles XII of sweden
    there was a film about him in the 1920s but it was a silent film and obviously really old
  • WhoDatGuy
    There are some great authors who deserve films. Wilbur Smith is top of that list. Never heard of him? Try a book. Adventures based in Africa!
  • MarkRet
    Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck. He was a German general during WW1, stationed in the African colonies. His troop strength was only about 12,000 Germans and Africans, but he scored several victories over a British army of about 300,000. He was elusive, resourceful, was never defeated, never captured, and only surrendered after the war was over. He also refused to serve under Hitler. If he had chosen to do so, WW2 might have had a different outcome. 13 Histories & Books That Should be Movies/TV-Series
  • Jamie05rhs
    Interesting subject. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
  • OldSchool_Metalhead
    Man i would love to see these
  • GayHowellMeme
    Incredible myTake
  • Secretgardenblood
    Nice take