Top 10 Best Parasite Eve Original Soundtrack Songs

Top 10 Best Parasite Eve Original Soundtrack Songs

This will be a mytake for hardcore Parasitve Eve fans if there are any on here from the very first Parasite Eve game. The Franchise that started it all. A list of what I believe to be the best soundtracks from the game.

10. Memorize of Aya and Eve

This song started to play in the game when Aya was having a horrific flashback of when her and her sister were in the hospital. It's been a long time since I played this game lol, but I am pretty sure this song also played when Aya was at Soto.

9. Influence of Deep

This song played from the very first time you fight Eve before she even truly evolves form keeping her beauty to turning into a mutate monster looking witch. The song also plays again when you fight her on the carriage at central park after killing the 4 groups of worms.

8. Main Theme piano version

This song plays right before you fight the original Eve on the 70th floor of the Chrysler building and some other time I think the 2nd time you go back to the museum or right when Daniel and Maeda explain how the Mitochondria powers in her body work along with in her two other sisters Melissa the fake Eve and Maya the real Eve.

7. Under the Progress

This was just such an awesome kick ass song that started to play when Daniel first went to meet with the mad scientist who was responsible for mutating Eve and others like her who could control and use their mitochondria to kill others. It also played when the NYP station got attacked by Eve's monsters.

6. Femmes Fatales

This is the song that plays at day 5 the final day and on disc 2 of the game when you finally fight Eve in her final form and for the last time. It's truly an epic song with amazing piano melody and opera singing.

5. The Omission of the World

This song has such an adrenaline and amazing beat to it. It starts to play right before you finish off the first disc of the game under the Subway. Right before you fight the giant Centipede this song keeps on your toes, but unlike other songs doesn't scare you, the sound of it makes you want to get further in the game with an oomph of confidence. It also plays in the extra round on the 50th or 60th floor of the Chrysler building I forgot. On each floor every song plays from all the levels of the game, but this was is especially exciting, because you know that you are so close to getting to the last floor of the building after having to go through that annoying maze.

4. U.B

The song plays only once in the game when Eve gives birth to her mutated Mitochondria baby. It keeps playing when the baby quickly evolves to 3 out of its 5 stages. The song keeps a steady pace until it evolves into a huge mutated bald monster with a weird blue sword. The song really picks up at the three minute mark and sounds like a song you would here T-Virus would come out to from a Resident Evil game.

3. Theme of Aya Reprise

This is truly an epic song with Aya's regular theme song playing with a twist. This song only plays once or twice in the whole game. It's the first time that Aya discovers she is a mutant by looking through the scientist who created people like her and Eve Dr. Klamp. with a special power to be able to control ATP the thing that Mitochondria creates and use it to kill with amazing powers. The song plays really quickly striking cursorily through first time players of why it was Aya. It also has a bit of an element of fear when the song plays.

2. Primal Eyes

I forgot when this song plays lol maybe anyone reading this could help me. I am pretty sure its plays in the beginning of the game and when Aya dives out of the helicopter to fight Eve at the statue of Liberty. Either was this amazing song earns spot number two because of how many different levels and tunes of sounds this soundtrack makes. It gets your adrenaline easily going.

1. Somnia Memorias

And finally for number one I have no idea what the woman in this song is saying, but its so catchy and she has such an amazing voice ๐Ÿ˜. It's only completely in Latin or Spanish.

Did you know this game was based off of a true scientific theory that Mitochondria was responsible for multiple cellular organisms and could live on their own?

Hope you enjoyed this mytake if there are any fans out there or people who at least have played this game before.

Top 10 Best Parasite Eve Original Soundtrack Songs
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