Metallica's Garage Inc. Record


What's up headbangers, themetalhead here is FINALLY back with something new! I do apologize to those who have been waiting up awhile for this myTake, life's kept me a bit busy from working with this. BUT now since life's given me a little mercy, let's get on with the take of Metallica's Garage Inc. record.

Metallica's Garage Inc. Record

Released November 23rd, 1998 (through Elektra Records), this is a compilation album full of covers. The album name comes from the combination of another album name, Garage Days, and the song "Damage, Inc" from Master of Puppets.

This album tends to give a nod toward Metallica's own musical heroes who influenced them. A lot of the songs are from hardcore punk, New Wave of British Heavy Metal (or NWOBHM for short), and more. A lot of the songs are covers on past albums, such as Garage Days Revisited, The $5.98 EP: Garage Days Re-Revisited, as well as some B-sides and other things. Also has some extra stuff they decided to create for Garage Inc. right before releasing. This album was released during Metallica's very experimental time in the 90s, in between 1997's Reload, and 1999's live album S&M. This is the track listing...

Disc 1:

1. Free Speech For The Dumb

2. Its Electric

3. Sabbra Cadabra

4. Turn The Page

5. Die, Die My Darling

6. Loverman

7. Merciful Fate

8. Astronomy

9. Whiskey In The Jar

10. Tuesday's gone

11. The More I See

Disc 2:

1. Helpless

2. The Small Hours

3. The Wait

4. Crash Course In Brain Surgery

5. Last Caress/Green Hell

6. Am I Evil?

7. Blitzkrieg

8. Breadfan

9. The Prince

10. Stone Cold Crazy

11. So (fucking) What?

12. Killing Time

13. Overkill

14. Damage Case

15. Stone Dead Forever

16. Too Late Too Late

Yup, that album is long as hell. XD Disc 1 has all the extra stuff from 1998, everything on disc 2 is the stuff taken from EPs and B-sides, bonus tracks, all that stuff.

Cliff Burton's bass playing is included in 2 songs, "Am I Evil?" and "Blitzkrieg" since those songs were recorded before his death. They were B-sides for the Creeping Death single and bonus tracks on the first reissue of Kill 'em All (in 1988), but they have been removed.

Metallica's Garage Inc. Record

Metallica's Garage Inc. Record

A few songs are medleys and partial covers as well. Such as "Sabbra Cadabra", where a partial cover of Black Sabbath's "A National Acrobat" is added. "Merciful Fate" is a medley type, with the songs "Satan's Fall", "Curse of The Pharaohs", "Evil", "Into The Coven", and "Corpse Without A Soul" is all put together in one.

Last Caress/Green Hell is a combination too, and at the end has a quick parody of Iron Maiden's "Run To The Hills". a song they were never afraid to butcher in concert. Iron Maiden's response to this was a cover of the Montrose song, "Space Station No. 5" put on a B-side.

"So What?" is a bonus track on the Japanese pressings of the Black album, along with being on singles for "The Unforgiven" and "Sad But True".

"Breadfan" is originally from the "Harvester of Sorrow" single, along with "The Prince" being a B-side for the single "One" and included in Japanese pressings for "...And Justice For All"

"Tuesday's Gone" includes a lot of guest musicians, such as Les Claypool, Jerry Cantrell, Jim Martin, Sean Kinney, and more.

Garage Inc. is an album that took the liking of a good many critics, such as Rolling Stone, rating it 4/5 stars.

This album I bought a year ago. I originally found it in a record store a year before that but never got it, and kept kicking myself in the ass for that. But later on, found in a little thrift shop near me, I got both that and a copy of Load. I ended up finding out later on that both copies are originals as well, and both CDs were in great condition.

At first I only listened to disc 1 of Garage Inc., due to being busy. At first I thought "eh, its alright." The songs I did (and still do) like that are from it is "Its Electric", and "The More I See". "Sabbra Cadabra" and "Free Speech For The Dumb" and others are pretty good too but I have to be in a mood for listening to those, especially since track 1 is soooo repetitive.

Later on I got to listening to disc 2. Now THAT is the good shit right there. I mean I never got to loving the Motorhead covers very much, as it is hard for me to do that with any band, because of the uniqueness of Lemmy Kilmister's voice. Probably the only one I did get into is "Stone Dead Forever".

"The Small Hours" is a track that sounds just absolutely evil, like the track was brought up from the pits of hell. That intro gave me goosebumps when I heard it the first time.

"The Wait" I remember hearing partially in the movie "The School of Rock". Mainly the intro of the song. I still remember it was a part where Jack Black was running to his van, along with his students. But the song is truly killer too, it screams old school.

The night I listened to disc 2, I never heard "So What?" before till then. And yeah, trust me its pretty awkward when you blare that song through your parents' house. That song I honestly can't stand though anyway. Its a silly one in a vulgar way for sure.

One last thing that I can't help but point out though... that picture at the back of the booklet. *holds back laugh*

Metallica's Garage Inc. Record

All in all, this album is pretty awesome (at least I believe, I know among headbangers its a mix of belief). It shows a lot of what other bands influenced them as well. I'd say that probably the best disc out of both on the album is the second one, with the older stuff to it.

Thanks 4 reading! There will soon be more takes coming, so keep an eye out.

Stay Heavy. \m/



Metallica's Garage Inc. Record
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  • Elliegirl

    I’ve heard some of this album. Mostly “Turn the Page” and “Whiskey in the Jar.” Both of those are pretty good, though after awhile hanging out with my boyfriend at Irish pubs, you only want to hear the traditional Irish version of “Whiskey in the Jar.” I was a little turned off by the Misfits covers, especially “Die, Die My Darling.” I just didn’t like their version of it. I may rethink picking this one up after reading your take on it, but we’ll see. I’ll listen to some more and decide. It’s hard for me to get behind a double album if there are just a handful of songs I really like.

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    • yeah, it may be easier for you to like the second disc like I do. though there are some good stuff on the first disc as well. radio stations here drove me crazy with "turn the page" when I was little lol

    • Elliegirl

      Yeah. It was way overplayed. Both Metallica and Bob Segar versions got played in the radio on a near daily basis. At least it wasn’t “St. Anger.” There was a dj on a radio station I used to listen to who would play that song as the last song of his show every single day. 2:57 every afternoon. You could set your watch by it. I know some people loved that album, but I didn’t. Especially not hearing the title track every damn day.

    • agh... that damn trash can sounding snare. lol. I mean there are like only 2 songs I think are OK from the album. but still St. Anger was a sucky album. first time I heard it I couldn't believe it was metallica.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Nice222

    These two discs spent a lot of time in the CD player in my old Jeep. Mostly disc two. Tracks 5-9 were my favorite. I tried having the DJ at my wedding play Die Die my Darling but luckily he refused and instead played Whiskey in the jar. Looking back I think he did the right thing. Lol.

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  • Jaye234

    Great job! I enjoyed your mytake. I agree that the second album of the two is the better album. I'm not a huge fan of Metallica, never have been which is a "sin" in the metal world lol and don't have any of their albums but I do like several of their songs one being "so what" great song!
    I also think their cover album of "evil" is way better than the original- Metallica nails the song!

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    • thanks! yeah I used to think that "am I evil" was originally by metallica for a long time. then I heard diamond head's version and thought it was a metallica cover hah but I figured it all out eventually. lol but yeah I love metallica's version its even more bad ass.

      but hey, not loving metallica that much as a fellow metalhead, its not a sin to everyone. I've seen so many people claim that metallica isn't metal at all. lol. I just see them as that and other things too.

  • HungLikeAHorsefly

    Meh. This was after the sell-out, circa 1993. Also the Misfits did a better job on Green Hell. Just sayin'.

    I do have a copy of their 1987 Garage Days EP, though.

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    • yeah I can agree with the Misfits doing better. i heard of the $5.98 EP being re-released in April too

  • Oded_Obliterate

    I liked this take because it is factual and to the point, and not overdone like other takes I have seen on this website. I am definitely influenced now to buy the album one day just to have the album. very nice Take dear :)

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  • Ahsthen

    They did some good covers on Garage Days, all of them better than the originals, the songs lending themselves more to metal than rock or heavy metal.

    I think they started a trend, as Flotsam and Jetsam did a cover of Friday Night's Alright for Fighting (Elton John), Testament doing Nobody's Fault (Aerosmith), Holiday in Cambodia by Laas Rockit, and I want you (the Beatles) by Coronor - all of them hocking schluges from great heights on the originals.

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    • yeah man its true. there's a lot in the album that I tend to consider better than the original stuff lol

  • LegateLanius

    Now THAT is the good shit right there.
    You got that right. XD

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  • FrenchyRomain

    So fucking what is hilarious and i loved their take on Whiskey in the Jar ;) Loverman is excellent as well ;)

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    • with so fucking what I was like "what the fuck is this?" lol it is funny though

    • Well, I've fucked a queen, I've fucked Bach
      I've even sucked an old man's cock
      So what, so what

    • pretty bad for blaring in your parents house lmao