Microsoft vs Sony: The Future of Gaming

Microsoft vs Sony: The Future of Gaming

The Situation

Microsoft has announced game streaming on phones and other devices.

To many people this might sound like a good thing, but to me it's not.

The reason is the overall strategy that Microsoft has been pursuing for some years now. They've given up on competing in the console market. They will still make a console but that's not their focus anymore. They're focused on games as a service, now game streaming etc. They don't want to make a good platform they want to be on all platforms and make money off that.

There's nothing wrong with that from a business point of view. It's probably the smart thing to do for them but I don't like it.

The reason is I like high quality games and in the future that Microsoft is trying to create I don't see too many of those.

Their goal is to be everywhere, sell Xbox Live and Gamepass etc. But what kind of games are they going to offer? Games like Sea of Thieves that are empty at launch and then announce 2 DLCs right after launch? They want to string people along so they keep paying for Game Pass. Or games that launch with bugs and have no innovation or quality like State of Decay?

I don't see any good games coming out of it and the reason is they have much less incentive to make a system seller game if they don't have to sell a system.

That's what the whole crossplay thing was really about, not about Microsoft being "pro consumer" it's about them wanting to get on Playstation to sell their services. Playstation has the biggest player base so they want to get their hands on that. Crossplay was just the first step in their plan.

The Danger

Some people say let everybody play everything but they don't understand how business works.

If Sony had to give God of War and Spiderman and The Last of Us etc. To Microsoft then they wouldn't get anything out of their hard work. They'd still get game sales, but the real purpose of the games is to sell consoles. That's why they invest a lot of time and money to develop studios and let them develop games that are great. If they can't be exclusives then those games wouldn't exist at all.

Microsoft vs Sony: The Future of Gaming

Sony is doing great this generation but I don't want more and more breakdown between the Platforms. Because the barriers between the platforms is the reason these companies try to make their platform great to attract customers, the competition drives innovation and creativity and risk taking. Everybody understood that until Microsoft gave up and now they're going down a different path.

I don't care about cross play or playing slightly better mobile games on a phone, I do care about amazing games. Of course there will always be third party developers like Rockstar and CD Projekt Red but why only have those games when you can have PS exlusives on top of it?

Right now Sony is doing great but things can change and I don't like how this sounds. Also as soon as Microsoft has established this service in many places these games will start to fill up with Microtransactions. I can already see it coming. They will be the mobile games of the future.

The Future

This is not about if you like one company more than another. It's about what they stand for. Right now Sony is standing for great single player games that come out finished and without microtranscations. That's why I'd like them to keep succeeding. It's not about being a cult follower. But right now I can't see a lot of good coming from what Microsoft is doing not for me anyway.

I'd like to see more games that are art and tell a story that grips me.

How do you think the future will turn out and what would you rather have?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • I would rather keep my ps4 with my awesome exclusives 😋🙈
    Nice take!!


Most Helpful Guy

  • I never really cared for Microsoft. They continually release products too early with the 'we'll fix it an update ' montra.
    That aside, this streaming game service may be the future. Personally, I don't care for it. But, it would be cheaper for the distribution than making a physical product.
    I think Sony's next move should be to get rid of the CD. They should go to TOM flash drives of some type. They have a larger storage capacity than CD's, which means a potential for better, more immersive, games.
    After Microsoft does their typical too soon release of the streaming service. Sony rolls out a new PS console with a few branded titles on terabyte ROM drives. Let's see who wins.
    My guess would be the PS system. Streaming games will encounter lag, throttled speeds, down time, and lost connection. If not by Microsoft themself, then by the service providers. Now add in crappy rehashed games, and micro transactions.
    Yeah, streaming may catch once it's fully up and sorts fixed. Three years after the initial release.

    • You can already buy games digitally on PS if you like. You just go to the store online and buy it from there. But there's a big difference between that and the games as a service model that MS is doing. We'll see what happens for the next generation Sony is sticking to the model they have now they are taking one of the only good things Xbox has dones which is backwards compatibilty and that's nice. But they will still count on exclusives to sell their console as they should with the studios they've built up.

    • Yeah I get the digital downloads.
      But that takes space on the drives.
      If they went to a ROM where massive memory was available without taking space on the internal drive, the games could be massive.
      Right now CD games are very limited to the space on the disc. So the developer has to balance graphics, physics, and story. Heavy graphics and physics limits story length, unless there is download expansion.
      Go with 2 terabytes for a single game on a ROM flash drive? Think of how much of game changer in consoles that would be.

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  • Muh PC Master race (gonna buy a PS4 just for RDR2 because i'm weak)

    • RDR2 is not a PS exclusive but there's a lot of other quality exlusives they have. like God Of War Spiderman and I'm super hyped for The Last of Us 2. The first one is one of my favorite games ever.

    • RDR2 might come to PC but not gonna wait a year for it and PS4 does have more exclusives overall

    • True, Well enjoy it :)

  • Cannot wait for both consloes to stop at the top graphics that humans can actaully see, and them having the same download speed. Then no one can say one is worse than the other.

    Plus they will probably team up at some point or no longer have exclusive games for one console when this happens.

  • Who the fuck cares about these two? Nintendo is obviously the way to go. I'm not here to buy some abnormal super computer. I want a system I actually have fun with. Since I got rid of my PlayStation and got a Switch, I've never been more happy with a console since the GameCube.

  • It'd be better if pc games aren't made to sell on consoles as well.
    Screw streaming, I still would rather buy a disc to install from and not need the internet for single player gaming.

  • As a member of the Master Race this is beneath me.

    • Lol I actually play on PC too but I still love some of the Sony games, they're just good :). The Last of Us 2 can't wait for that one!

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    • Pc not oc, wired typo

    • @sunsweet Agreed, I used to play Eve but between the bad behavior and people who insist on playing MMO's in single player mode I had enough.

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