Five Retro Sitcoms that were loved, but might not hold up in today's society


I did a question earlier about retro sitcoms that might not fly today. I'm going to do a list of five I definitely do not think would hold up.

Punky Brewster

Five Retro Sitcoms that were loved, but might not hold up in today's society

This show was the epitome of 80's cheese. This show was too cutesy and innocent. However, this show would not fly today. It barely held up in the 80's in a market that already was saturated with sitcoms with orphans like Different Strokes and Webster. The show also pointed out flaws in the CPS system such as being incompetent and showing how the foster system is flawed. The show also was about an old man in his 60's raising a preteen girl. Needless to say, this sitcom has not aged well and does not hold up.


Five Retro Sitcoms that were loved, but might not hold up in today's society

A show way more popular than Punky and still culturally relevant in a sense. However, the show is also 80's cheese. Plus nowadays Animal Rights activists would have a fit if ALF talked about eating cats.

All In The Family

Five Retro Sitcoms that were loved, but might not hold up in today's society

The most popular sitcom of the 70's. Even for 70's standards, this show was not PC at all which is why it was loved. In the age where Roseanne has been canceled for remarks she made on twitter just imagine if Carrol O Connor was still alive and reprised his role as Archie Bunker.

The Andy Griffith Show

Five Retro Sitcoms that were loved, but might not hold up in today's society

Quite possibly the greatest sitcom of all time next to I Love Lucy. The escape to small-town Mayberry, North Carolina for 30 minutes at a time transports generations to a quieter era. Nowadays this show would probably get complaints about not having a diverse cast, but it showed a town where the folks trusted their police force and no one was shot, They also did not need body armor or body cameras. Plus the town drunk just walked into jail whenever he felt like it and was still treated with dignity and respect.

Dukes of Hazzard

Five Retro Sitcoms that were loved, but might not hold up in today's society

One of the best TV shows of the 1970's and 1980's. However with the Confederate Flag on top of General Lee as well as the sexualization of Daisy Duke of the time This show has been the subject of controversy. Quite honestly I always found it entertaining, but can also see why it wouldn't hold up today.

What are some others that don't hold up today that you enjoyed?


Five Retro Sitcoms that were loved, but might not hold up in today's society
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Jaye234
    I some how don't remember Alf. But I loved and watched every show except Dukes of Hazzard which I can't stand.

    I still watch the Andy Griffith show every evening. It's clean and still funny.
    It's hard to believe that times used to be like that-shows were clean yet funny and now most of the shows are like soft porn. It's appaulling.
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Most Helpful Guys

  • avalonbob
    I don't remember ever watching Punky or Alf, but I think the other three would go over big today. My favorite was Amos n' Andy. It was harmless fun, but some blacks found it "stereotypical" and they took it off the air. But nobody ever complained about the shows that made fun of Southern whites, like Beverly Hillbillies.
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  • bubbatxman
    I hated Alf, it was dumb. What about the decades of Dr. Who or Star Trek or Star Trek Next Gen or all the spinoffs? If we’re going really old, bugs bunny cartoons, Lost in Space, Gunsmoke, Tom and Jerry, Roadrunner (meep meep)? Jetsons, Flintstones?
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    • bubbatxman

      Not a fan of Andy Griffith, it was just horrible. It was Don Knott’s worst role ever, as the bumbling Barney Fife always drawing his gun. No wonder African American men are afraid of White Cops. The rest of the show was just too completely 50’s for me, just like Petticoat Junction, and other lbs of it’s time. I never watched Punky Brewster, I figure it was a lot like Full House or Blossom (which actually was good because Mayim Balik was super smart, just like she is today on Big Bamg Theory). Dukes of Hazzard, another show celebrating stupidity. At least Daisy Duke was cute. Finally, All in the Family. I never watched more than 1-2 episodes of this. Edith’s voice was way too shrill, and I never saw a show with more hate and arguing. I understand that it opened up discussions on Vietnam and civil rights in it’s time, but the show was very polarizing at a time when the country was already divided. Kind of like watching Trump get interviewed by Leslie Stahl on 60 min.

    • Punky was pretty much a cleaned up Different Strokes or Webster. About an orphan kid (A trope in the 70's and 80's)

    • bubbatxman

      And Archie Bunker owned Mike who was just a pussy and couldn’t argue his way out of a paper bag. I never want to see another episode again. Good riddance.

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  • DeeDeeDeVour
    My parents & brothers always watched & laughed when Three's Company was on. Five Retro Sitcoms that were loved, but might not hold up in today's society
    So, years later, I ordered a big set of this sitcom's seasons. It was so hilarious!
  • WalterRadio
    "imagine if Carrol O Connor was still alive"
    Carrol O'Connor was not prejudiced in any way. The character he played obviously was, and he played it in a way that the audience understood that. His character also mellowed in time, showing that even a bigot could redeem himself.
  • abc3643
    The only reason why All In The Family would not be on the air is that most of the liberal ideals that it indirectly promoted have actually been accomplished and are part of society now.

    Archie is harmless compared to our asshole President. Indeed, compared to Trump, Archie is a saint.
  • Goldenskies6
    All in the family is a funny 😄 show, and sometimes I still watch it. And I did think of that show being reprised one time when Donald Trump was elected and Archie Bunker and mike getting into a heated argument 😂 Lol
  • coralee
    You do realize Carroll O'Connor Archie Bunker was Liberal? The point of All in the Family was to mock Archie's bigotness. Saying it wasn't PC is completely missing the point of the show. You weren't supposed to aspire to be like Archie.
    • bubbatxman

      And my wife’s father is exactly like him.

    • coralee

      @bubbatxman Exactly like Archie or Carroll? I'm assuming Archie we all have that one family member who is exactly like Archie. Carroll managed to make Archie likeable despite the bigotry. I think we all have that relative that is extremely outlandish that we love despite of it.

    • bubbatxman

      No, for me there was nothing to like about Archie Bunker, or Edith, or Mike, or Gloria. I despised everyone on the show. They were stereotypes of that era and bad ones to boot. Hee Haw and Laugh In were better, and I watched those with the grandparents.

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  • SirRexington
    Not even Full House or Happy Days would. Everything is about being "woke".

    Stay woke by yourself. No one else cares.
  • PsychoKiller
    Nothing would hold up today, because modern society is so retarded, we have tons of fucktard groups that get offended and triggered by A N Y T H I N G. They even said Friends wouldn't be ok nowadays, even though Friends already had traces of dumb propaganda in some episodes, but they still remain too normal for modern fucked up society
    • The PC Police would come down on any show that didn't have a strong female or a gay character. It has gotten horrible.

    • @CurlyHairGuy Exactly. And those "strong female" characters are basically female Terminators, they do shit most men in real life couldn't, let alone women...

    • The Walking Dead had a pregnant woman as the leader of a community how believable is that?

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  • zagor
    I've seen a few old episodes of Dukes of Hazzard and it was about the stupidest show I've ever seen. Good riddance to that one.

    All in the Family is classic; they touched on a lot of subjects that no one else did back then.
  • SarahsSummer
    Its funny that the show may not hold up but the term "Daisy Dukes" sure has...
  • puffynips
    My parents said besides All in the family, The Jefferson's was equal racist show on TV.Five Retro Sitcoms that were loved, but might not hold up in today's society
    • Yet neither one was really racist because they ridiculed the racists. Both lead actors, Archie and George, were characterizations of bigots who were so over-the-top and absurd that they had the effect of making a lot of people realize their own soft racism.

  • lilaqua
    Only reason why they might not fly today is that they're boring and badly written. Good media holds up regardless of the content a lot of the time.
    • Chaz269

      Are you actually disputing the idea that these shows would either be wholly prohibited from the start or ceased shortly after pilot for violating some unwritten laws of social justice warriors and political correctness police?

    • lilaqua

      @Chaz269 no not really. You act like the whole 'political correctness' thing is so rampant nowadays but in reality it's not you can get away with so much more than in decades previous.
      Modern media doesn't coddle people, quite the opposite, difficult subjects are explored with the correct amount of depth and analysis, think Handmaid's Tale, Mad Men or Get Out. In times before these issues were somewhat taboo and so media had to be light and inoffensive to get by. Not to mention the entire media landscape has changed, for example sitcoms are kind of on the way out (unless they're innovative like the Good Place) so these shows in their current format likely wouldn't be popular.

    • lilaqua

      Sure, there's less senseless homophobia and sexism, but that shouldn't make a tv good and if you believe it does I have difficulty believing you are anything but a bigot. Those things don't fly today because yeah, society has changed but we also see why they're wrong and actively try to deconstruct them. Surely you've started to realise that you people are the real 'SJWs'. Seeing political correctness where there is none or even fabricating an opponent/argument out of thin air.

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  • ATuairiscean
    I heard of them all and remember watching ALF and Dukes when they first came out. Good memories
  • taleswapper
    Actually, I didn't care that much for any of these, though the Andy Griffith Show wasn't that bad...
  • Leviathan_Charmer
    Those sound cool. I may try and watch some of them..
  • Aynsof
    Only one of those I have seen is Alf but loved that show as a kid
  • Massageman
    Yeah, PB sucked. The others are fine. The only reason they wouldn't fly is because the viewers' ability to think might be grounded.
    • probably a reason why PB was shown on Sunday Nights

    • in most markets Sunday night at the time was like the Worst time slot you could have because 1. If there was an NFL or NBA Game then your show was preempted till it ended. 2. 60 Minutes ran on Sunday Night, and that was like a very popular news show. 3. In The South Sunday was seen as a religious day

    • Massageman

      Yes, Sunday Night is the "slot of doom".

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  • legalboxers
    good take.. but I think that All in the Family would actually shake up people
  • hotstuffSRD
    I've seen only one of these which Dukes of Hazzard and it's cool.
  • Reggieray
    You forgot "Married... with Children."
  • ILikeRamenNoodles
    I remember all of them.
  • PrettyRegular
    I have watched the Andy Griffith Show.