Why Comedy Movies are so Sh*tty now.

Why Comedy Movies are so Sh*tty now.

Comedy movies are meant to make us laugh and forget our troubles. Some people are great with comedy such as Robin William's and Eddie Murphy, but some are hit or miss like Adam Sandler. The 70s and 80s produced some great comedies like Smokey and the Bandit, Groundhog Day, National Lampoon's Vacation, and Ghistbusters. However in the 90s and 2000s comedy seemed to become a shitty version of itself. What is causing comedy movies to become box office bombs? I can think of a couple reasons.

1. Too many bodily function jokes.

About every comedy movie and kids movie now has a fart,burp, pee or scat joke in it. Once upon a time it was funny, it was edgy, and it was new. However every freaking comedy movie has a bodily function joke. It's such a played out trope. Plus most of them are just plain sick.

2. Too many Sexual innuendos and double Entendres.

I mean I get a comedy is supposed to be a raunchy type of movie, but sometimes it can be too much. Movies like Austin Powers can pull off the sexual innuendos and double entendre in a comedic way. But some movies go way too overboard with it.

3. Not enough of a plot.

Most movies have a beginning, a plot,a climax, and a ending. Most comedies have a poor plot or lack thereof. Sure they are meant to tell a story, but in order for it to be funny there's got to be a good story.

4. Too many timely and dated references.

A lot of movies take a few months to a year to film. In that time frame a lot of pop culture and fad references are used such as in the case of Sharknado and the Wayans Brothers' Scary Movie franchise. At the time during filming these are usually relevant, but as soon as it's released the fad or pop culture refrence has been forgotten about for the last 6 months to a year.

Comedy movies can be funny. I have seen a lot of comedies that are good. However for every good comedy, there are 9 or 10 other bad ones. Most comedic actors usually in my opinion continue past their prime in order to stay relevant such as the case with Adam Sandler or Kevin James.

I love comedy movies, but it just seems like most modern ones are just too cliché.


Why Comedy Movies are so Sh*tty now.
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  • LogicBomber
    Most movies are shit now, mainly because they all have to fit some social justice/feminist quota or mold. It ruins everything.

    Name any movie in the last couple of years that doesn't have some nonsense "strong" female lead forced into the forefront.

    No one has problems with strong female leads when they weren't bullshit injected shit. (Princess Leah, Xena, Dana Scully, Linda Hamilton in Terminator, Sigourney Weaver in Alien, Elaine Benes from Seinfeld, Jeri Ryan on Star Trek, etc)

    But these new forced garbage characters who are there without real content or purpose except to enforce feminist rhetoric make all new movies absolute shit.
    ANYTHING Disney puts out in the last 10ish years, including ALL new Starwars shit and television crap, The new Ghostbuster garbage, any female only reboot of a good retro movie, etc.

    I hope the entire system collapses on itself.
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  • NineBreaker
    With the exception of the Deadpool movies and very very few other exceptions, every single comedy in recent history has been absolute garbage.

    I'm seeing far far funnier comedy in action movies. Examples include Guardians of the Galaxy volumes, Thor Ragnarock, and the Deadpool movies.

    Otherwise, like you basically said in your take, comedies are either too gross, too stupid (i. e. unclever, and therefore unfunny), or an abominable combination of the two. Of course, this is among other reasons.

    So, yeah, I agree.
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Most Helpful Girls

  • Izumiblu
    How about the pc police and ideologues.

    Take for instance the recent ghost busters. Took a cash cow comedy series and turned it into a statement on feminism. Most people into comedy aren’t going to support political or social justice causes. They’re going for a laugh which is often seemingly at odds with the perception of what today’s social justice should be.

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  • DontFvckingAskMe
    Well written I agree on that in many levels.
    People are Not Pioneers anymore. There a memes and vines that are funnier than comedy. What I also don't like is comedy romance its the same everytime Not even funny
    What do you think of the Interview?
    Or the didactor?
    I miss the truth in Comedy. I miss people doing satire.
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  • lforman007
    Totally agree, most modern comedy movies suck. That's why I prefer to watch comedians Netflix specials. Much funnier.
  • Peralta
    Movies that involve a lot of dick jokes are just aren’t funny anymore
  • SarahsSummer
    I just think that there are more movies made and released than in the past. There’s still some real gems of comedy but not all are for every viewer.
  • LuvAsh
    Yea today's comedys are trash. Thats why i dont care watching new released comdey movies
  • Liam_Hayden
    Too much profanity.

    Too much PC-ism. Something hilarious like Blazzing Saddles could never be made today.
  • Ellie-V
    I’ve never liked comedy movies so... I don’t care.
    Nicely written take though☺️
  • thechesseman
    Something like Blazzing Saddles just isn't accepted anymore. It's another example of how George Carlin predicted the sterilization of language.
  • inmensus
    I've never really liked comedy movies. They're too superficial with no actual story. Feels like I'm wasting my time.
  • JDavid25
    Agreed.. Hardly any comedy movies actually make me laugh much.. They either try too hard, and the reasons you stated.. My favorite comedy movie is "I'm Gonna Git you Sucka"..
  • Benedek38
    This is not really a new problem, this has been the case for the past 20+ years.
    Hollywood is just so fucking uninspired...
  • Phoenix98
    There's lots of comedy in the world it just doesn't come from Hollywood.
  • Lance1965
    They are mostly not funny. Off the top of my head I can't think of one truly funny comedy film made in the last couple of years.
  • Davis04
    Bet you haven’t watched Kevin Hart then? He’s a crack up👌😂
  • mycatsanoyingaf
    I agree that most comedies now suck, I prefer stand up anyway. Also there's A lot of internet comedy that's funnier.
  • zagor
    I have to agree. Some of the funniest movies I've ever seen were made before my parents were born. I can't remember the last time I saw a comedy in a theater.
  • windingroad
    good take, I agree. I think a lot of it is because so much of the humor is recycled
  • kojikurac
    Movies are mad for kids.
    Kids buy the most merchandising and other crap affiliated with movies.
    • aww finally someone from bosnia! I swear i spotted your ethnicity from your username lol

    • kojikurac

      @mladasrpska wahahahaahaha
      You are from Armenia?
      it doesn't need to be BiH based on language :p
      It could be the whole Ex Yu and more.

    • haha, yep armenia. Are you from srpska republika?

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  • Dionigi
    Soon you'll see cinepanettone 😈 Muahahahahahahahahahaha
  • wannaCRY
    it's because of dopamine high that we usually don't enjoy things
    • nope, the new comedy movies does not contain quality humor. Check out Borat

  • Prankster13
    YES this is so true. Well written, by the way.
  • gazza_of_cyzicus
    It's gone too PC
  • apple24
    They never made me laugh.
  • brittneyb-tech
  • Akej18
    Thank you for sharing