First 'E-book' Published Online

So, I want to be an author, I'm sure you're all sick of hearing that by now, and I am working on a novel, which should be published online at around about July or August, but right now I just wanted to write something which doesn't really have a story to it, it's just me giving people, mainly teens advice on becoming YouTubers.

Because we know how many people try it and make a fool of themselves, me being one of them.

It's called:

First 'E-book' Published Online

So, not really much to say other than please check it out, tell me what you think, it's supposed to be informal and chatty and there are a few curse words in there.

I plan to update it on Saturdays, it's not completed yet, there's literally so much I have to say in this book.

Here's the link to it:

If you don't find any use with it yourself, but might know someone else who might enjoy it, or find it useful then show it to them if you want, I'm not gonna come through the screen and force you.

Just have a read, tell me what you think, what you like and dislike about it.

Bye! :)

First 'E-book' Published Online
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  • roaring20sman

    Although I don't agree with you politically, I do admire your work-ethic. I'm actually in the process of writing my own novel (horror genre). I can safely say if you continue to work as hard as you do, you will be a successful author in no time.

  • Hawky_

    I think thats brilliant! Well done you. I work for a media company and I've written a few pieces mainly reviews. I'll check it out.

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  • IceMoon

    Lmao for giving advice to teens about how to become YouTubers when you don’t even view-base, let alone subscribers. 🤣

    • I got roughly 1K, but that went down because I stopped uploading.
      I know what mistakes I made and why I didn't get anything to begin with if you read the first chapter you'd see my explanation. :)

    • " when you don’t even view-base"
      *have a view-base

      And my channel page got over 600,000 views. My most viewed video has 247K views, I could have carried on if I wanted to but I chose not to.

    • Sorry, not 247K views, 274K views. :)

  • Iamagoodguy

    On the last page number 3 if you can’t be clean just have a really bad camera so they can’t see it anyway it was good and I kinda want a link to that video with tones of views

    • I suppose so, but then I guess there's the hygiene health factor too.

      What do you mean by: " I kinda want a link to that video with tones of views" Do you mean the one I was talking about which has 274K views?

    • Yeah

  • AynonOMouse

    You made a YouTube channel? What is it?

    • Well, my old one is set to private, I was so fake it's so bloody unbelievable no wonder kids at school thought I was an annoyance. I was.

      But yeah, my new one is still public I was just looking over some of the comments I wrote, I called my subscribers subbies and I had a name from my non-existent fanbase god even the comments I wrote were SO ANNOYING!

  • hellacray

    We should chat...

  • Twenty2

    What's wattpad?

    • It's an online platform where writers can share their works and if they're good enough, get discovered.

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    • Twenty2

      I have been wondering for a very long time, since I saw this myTake tbh, how to make money by publishing books online?

    • Twenty2

      Reply to this comment, when you find ways please

  • AHughMongous

    I wrote a book once.

  • Smf1989

    Very good