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Fighting Corona Virus With a Music Jam to Enjoy yourself While Quarantine!


If you're all day home and wondering what recreative activity can boost your mood these days, sometimes hitting the right music and take a dance-off can make a difference.

I'm a student and am also researching in so many "rational" topics, I need a lot of "chill" time to compensate for college demands. Latin music helps me a lot either is a pop hit or a recent one...I enjoy a lost to dance for a while the stress out this quarantine and college time has brought.

I'm sharing some of my favorite music to sweat off and dance home time.

Ps. A bit biased, I'm Latina & love latinamerican music.

1) Hips Dont' Lie -Shakira

2) Como la flor -Selena Quintanilla

3) Ven Conmigo - Christina Aguilera

4) Dance Again - Selena Gomez

5) Baila Casanova- Paulina Rubio

6) On the floor - Jennifer Lopez

What are your current music songs to dance or relax a bit?

Fighting Corona Virus With a Music Jam to Enjoy yourself While Quarantine!
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  • dustierose
    Jessy J - Masterpiece
    Everybody - Backstreet boys
    All rise - Blue
    Tusa - Karol G , Nicki Minaj
    Call you mine - Jeff Bernat
    Ready for it -Taylor Swift
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  • ChloeStarlight
    Even though I don’t understand Spanish, I’ve been listening to Selena
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  • Kezzz
    So true. Listening to music during this irritating quarantine can really soothe and calm you down!
    I listen to music for at least 2 hours every day now cause I don't habe much to do and when I do, I enjoy the tunes in the background. Makes the work fun 🙃
  • IAMNathanael
    These songs really lift my mood.

    Dinosaur Jr. - Muck

    The Meat Puppets - Up on the sun

    Funkadelic - Can you get with that?

    Daisy Grey - The river
  • Kaneki05
  • fantommaximus
    When people don’t want to succumb to pannic, that's good. But the time has come to think about those who create and spread this artificial virus in order to try to control our world and us!
  • motownplayer2000
    I dj, so the music that gets me hopping is Soca, EDM and well for lack of a better term Afro-beats. Steady stream of those, the days fly by.
  • Hermes-Paris
    J Balvin, Karol G, Carlos Vives, Pedro Capo, Farruko, Juanes, Ozuna Latin music rocks eh?
  • music got boring for me cause i listen to too much of it
  • lpoots
  • burakksahin
    Take your whiskey, turn on ruston kelly, sit back and have fun)
  • pokefan117
    Selena Gomez? That ain't real music thats little girl music
  • GloriaMc
    Monkey dance
  • derek2017
    me likey!!
  • nikhilesh412
    Try Prateek Kuhad from India
  • QueenOfBaku
    I listen to metal music
  • Lovely15678
    I so agree, and thank you.
    Cool i like shakeira
  • malik_yashvardhan
    Nice mytake.
  • Saltsen
  • Abcxyx
    Music is always cool