Why We Need to Calm Down About Coronavirus

Why We Need to Calm Down About Coronavirus

*Before I start I would like to say of course the virus is concerning and people have died from it. The purpose of this take is to reassure worries and focus on prevention rather than fear*

Coronavirus has now spread all across the world and is creating a wave of panic. The media is a key factor in fueling the fear so here a few things that the media isn't necessarily telling you and may bring you some reassurance:

1. The death rate is actually super low.

It is sad that anyone has died from this virus, but we have to bear in mind that with over 111,000 people now infected, over 3,000 have died. That is horrible, but statistically, it means the vast majority has not. It has been dubbed a 'deadly virus' but the common flu can also be deadly to hundreds of thousands a year, as can driving a car. We don't panic that much every time we get in the car or catch a cold or flu, do we?

2. Thousands have recovered and are recovering daily.

What the media isn't announcing is that over 62,000 cases have fully recovered. Thousands of others have mild symptoms and are being treated at home with no critical threats to their health.

3. Most of those who died are the elderly and those with health issues.

This is again sad that these people are so badly affected, but if you are young and generally in good health, you have little reason to worry. The elderly and those with underlying health conditions are also under risk when catching the common flu, so precautions for them are actually always necessary.

4. But having said that...

Yes, the deaths mostly affect the elderly and they must still be extra cautious, but, there are also plenty of older people who have recovered also. An 101 year old man has recently recovered from the disease. The death rate for the over 80s is somewhere around or just under 15% - this isn't great but considering that age, there is still a 85% chance of recovery which is actually not as bad as you'd think.

5. Thousands have tested negative for the virus.

Bear in mind that there are thousands of people who thought they might have it and did not. Here in the UK, over 21,000 people have been tested. Only just under 300 have been tested positive. That means nearly 21,000 people either had symptoms or thought they were at risk by being to a certain country or through contact with someone. So even if you have symptoms, follow advice and get checked, but don't panic. Chances are you don't even have it.

6. The media wants to scare you.

As you probably know, online news aims to be clickbait - they want to make everything sound more dramatic so you click on it and they make money. News and media generally focus on the negative anyway - 20 people could recover on a certain day, but they'll choose to report on the 2 that died with pre- existing health conditions.

7. New cases are slowing down in China.

In the centre of the outbreak, new cases per week are getting lower due to China's containment methods. Although some 80,000 people in China have been infected, contrary to popular belief, not every Chinese person has been affected. The Chinese population exceeds a billion people, so there are millions who are completely unaffected by the crisis, despite the media portraying the whole country as a hot bed for the disease. It is predominantly serious in Wuhan.

Things NOT to do during the Coronavirus outbreak:

1. Compromise on hygiene

Hygiene is ALWAYS important, even when a worldwide pandemic is not occurring. But generally the advice for avoiding this disease is to wash your hands with soap and warm water for 20 or even 30 seconds. Also avoid touching the eyes, mouth and nose with unclean hands as this is how viruses enter the body. The best way to stop this disease spreading is prevention.

2. Use it as an excuse to blame others or be racially abusive

Several stories are emerging of attacks on oriental and even Italian people over the Coronavirus. The disease is around the world now and this is a horrible way to treat someone. Anyone could have the disease and frankly, people are using it as an excuse. Your country probably didn't close their borders anyway, but you're not blaming them. There is no factual evidence for how the disease started, only possibilities. Yes, it may have come from the markets in Wuhan, and possibly because of the animals being sold. But we firstly don't know this for fact, and although what another culture eats may disgust us, it is the norm for them. I am sure what is being sold has been going on for a long time. Blaming gets us no where.

3. Stockpiling

I don't know the situation in other countries, but here in the UK, people are buying in huge quantities and emptying the shelves, and to be honest, I don't know why. Toilet paper is specifically being brought excessively. Firstly, I would like to point out that there are no coronavirus symptoms which will require a load of toilet paper. Secondly, if you should get the virus or be quarantined, you won't go without essentials. Deliveries will be left outside your home for you to collect if that be the case. You is going without, is those who now can't buy certain products because you've emptied the shelves. Many stores are out of anti-bacterial gel too - bear in mind that in order for you to not get this virus, other people need to be keeping their hands clean too - so if you're buying all of the antibacterial gel, you're not helping yourself because chances are someone else would be using it.

These are my thoughts anyway! Try to keep calm, stay informed, and follow advice. But don't overreact and live in fear!

Why We Need to Calm Down About Coronavirus
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  • spuitkaas
    Good take, but I do want to add something.
    Since this is a new virus, there's no previous immunity made by the body, like in flu, where we built up some immunity since childhood. Therefore it is more dangerous than the flu.
    Also, don't be foolish and go with symptoms to work. In the Netherlands you have a lot of those people, however, just because you will just get sick and then better, doesn't mean everyone will. Some people can actually die from it and behaving hazardous is very ignorant. There's no treatment or vaccin like with the flu, so please think about the people around you.
    Personally I don't really believe these statistics yet, because they're from China and censor is very big there. Also I think you can't be sure of any numbers right now. It's too novel.
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    • Anonymous

      I am aware none of us can be sure of numbers, and they are changing daily, I just believe it has to be said that people are recovering. Plus, hopefully I have made it clear you should be checked if you have any symptoms - even if I developed a very mild cold I would getting checked, and certainly wouldn't be spreading it like some are.
      Of course there are less treatments than there are for the flu, which is concerning, but hopefully this should happen in the near future. The trouble with vaccines is, although they do help in our immunity to the flu, they are always based on the flu from the year before, so we are never fully immune. But thanks for your opinion - I am hoping that everyone looks after themselves and also thinks of others! I was just hoping to ease some panic with my post.

    • Rubenjann

      So truthful no one know if the actual Chinese figures are correct, and I too are a little anxious that a medical treatment as an antivirus , might be delayed a while , so even much more individual get the virus first. And sadly the figures from Italy shows a death rate close to 4,5 % , that fact and given that many people get the virus , will result with many casualties

    • Rubenjann

      I think this virus is going to be a hard thing to come trough, and most of all it's going to make our Western world look weak and the fact we can travel around very easy, haven't done anything good for the fight against this I'lness , I'm not sure those old and weak people will thank those people who went for ski tourism in the alpes and brought back the Chinese virus, after all it's the old and weak who end up paying the ultimate price, for Europe's free traveling one of the main thing in EU. If things turn out at it's worse , this must get a lot of people to reconsider what good purpose EU have

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  • Anonymous
    Nicely done here. Thank you for sharing. I don't normally get worked up about much. However, it is spreading like wild fire and very contagious. Much o four lives have halted not due to fear mungering but now surviving.
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    • Anonymous

      Yes, of course the virus is a concern, but the point of my post is to say that the best thing to do is be wise when it comes to washing your hands, where you choose to go, etc. Thanks for your opinion.

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  • John_Doesnt
    First your graph is misleading because the coronavirus is new. The flu and measles and all those other diseases have been around for a long time so naturally more people have died.
    1. The percentage of deaths is much higher than the flu.
    The spread of the coronavirus is extremley rapid compared to the flu. And again, it's new! We don't have a vaccine for the coronavirus, but all of the other diseases on there have some sort of treatment available.
    It's a crisis because it's a new disease that humans have never faced before. That's always a problem.
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    • Anonymous

      I have said in a few comments on here that yes, its being new is a concern, and I am aware that it has a higher death rate than the flu, my point was that it is not a million miles away. Anyone just looking at the news headlines could be lead to believe that it was 80% the way they go on - the whole purpose of this post is for people like me (who suffer badly from health anxiety) hear some of the more positive statistics. Statistically, up hundreds of thousands of people do die yearly from flu, we just don't hear of it because its not new and most of the time it is the most vulnerable. I am aware the graph is a bit outdated, as it says, its from January, but it wouldn't let me post this without a picture, and I didn't want to post a pic of someone in dressed in full body gear to strike fear in anyone who suffers from seeing these things.
      I have also included all of the health advice that is being given at the moment to prevent the spread - as I think this is super-important and we need to be vigilant. I haven't said we all need to chill and it will be fine - I am just sharing positive statistics which were are lacking in the media. I have got these all from a reliable source which is tracking the virus and every case.

    • Do you understand how percentages and multiplication works? The number a week ago was 500, now it's 974. That's almost double in a week. Next week it will be 2,000 and then 4,000. Only a week to double.

    • Taylor_C

      Spreading is exponential, not linear. Comparing it to seasonal flu is just ignorant.

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  • Kurαȷ
    You shouldn't ever calm down about a virus outbreak, though.
    The worst outbreaks in history have always been those that people initially underestimated.

    The swifter the reaction to an outbreak, the faster it will be contained.
    A good example of this is the SARS 1, which in your graph shows higher infectiousness, but has historically infected less than 10% of what the current SARS 2 has already infected.
    The SARS 2 has already killed 4 times as many people as the significantly more deadly SARS 1, and the outbreak has pretty much just began.
    Is this still revelant?
    • Anonymous

      As I said from the start, I know it is a virus outbreak and that is always a concern. I am not sitting back and chilling out because I believe its harmless. I actually have health anxiety, so I find the more positive news is helpful for people like me, who can drive themselves mad with health worries.

      Swift reactions are important as you say, which is why I emphasise the importance of thorough hand washing and avoidance of touching the face. These are key practices to avoid catching the virus or any virus. What I really wanted to address is that panic can even be counterproductive in some cases - i. e. buying all the hand gel in stock so then someone else can't use it, and lacks the hygiene you do.
      In terms of my graph - you can see at the bottom it is a little outdated. I only added it as it wouldn't let me post without a picture, and it was difficult to find one on the positive side. A photo with someone kitted up in a mask or full body suit might be enough to trigger panic for some people and that's who I am trying to reassure. Thanks for your input.

    • October808

      So even if the data is wrong but makes you feel positive, that's all that matters to you? Are you a sociopath?

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  • Massageman
    Great points. As a Massage Therapist, I have the possibility of touching people every DAY!. And I'm not particularly worried since we always practice "Universal precautions" of the medical field. I will just add a couple questions about travel in the last month to my intake form and we should be good to go in most cases.

    Just came back from my typical weekly grocery shopping. It took at least twice as long as usual as people were checking out with carts bulging with toilet paper, dozens of steaks and chickens, cases of water, bags of rice., and containers of hand gel. People can make their own hand sanitizer using 2 parts of rubbing alcohol and 1 part of aloe vera gel or glycerine. One lady was RETURNING a spray can of disinfectant. The clerk double-checked her desire to do so, quipping, "Are you sure? These things are like gold, now".

    So, I returned home to my 20# case of rice, 2 cases of ready-to-serve soup, pastas, sauces, peanut butter, jelly, three large canisters of oatmeal, two cases of paper towels and TP, and numerous other essentials, all there- waiting- since this our standard stock for a 30-day "hunker-down".
  • AllThatSweetJazz
    I hate people downplaying this thing. It's simple: Don't panic, take precautions in case it gets really bad. Take it seriously and if it turns out to be not that bad then you're safe.

    1. It's not "super low," it's just low and that's only compared to more deadly things. 6.5% mortality is not a chance I want to take, fuck that. And if millions or billions are infected, that's loads of bodies even with a small mortality rate.

    2. Okay, and thousands have died when their was only a dozen people infected 3 months ago.

    3. So because it's old people and sick people we don't have to care as much? My parent's are in their 60s and used to smoke, that means *I* have to take care of myself so that I can make sure they don't get hit by something they're vulnerable to.

    5. The test has been confirmed to not be reliable and quarantines have only been lasting 2 weeks when we know some people have no symptoms for up to a month, and what if it's longer? We don't know. There's at least double however many infected they say there are.

    6. Okay, but if it is bad and they report it truthfully then it's going to look the same. Let them have their clicks if it means you can stay informed.

    7. We know they've been lying about the virus but we're going to believe them about this? Nah, China is awful, we shouldn't trust them.

    "There is no factual evidence for how the disease started, only possibilities. Yes, it may have come from the markets in Wuhan"
    We know it is remarkably similar to a strain being tested on bats at China's only level 4 biosaftey facility. We know that a researcher was bitten by an infected bat and quarantined themselves. Guess where that one level 4 facility is, *across the street from the fish market.*

    People should already have emergency supplies on hand and then when stuff like this happens, they can do their next shop early and buy a little extra, altogether that should be plenty to last 3-4 weeks. So weird how people are fiending for toilet paper though.
    • Thank you for posting this. It is weird that people are saying there is an overreaction. I am reading a twitter account from a guy in Lombardy, Italy. Their hospitals are at 200% capacity. People simply do not understand percentages, infection rates, and death rates. They don't get that when you flood the health care system with millions of sick people, you can't care for them all and your death rates goes up because healthcare workers are overworked and are getting sick also. Iran probably has the highest death rate because they have no way to care for their people. And instead of following the standard set by nations like Italy, we seem to be following the Iran model. Sticking our heads in the sand and pretending that just because I personally am not affected, I can't spread it to someone else who might die or I don't have to care about those who will.

    • DeJjj

      Okay, so what. You’re just gonna live the rest of your life in fear? and I don’t mean to force religion or God on anyone but I live by faith and as long as you pray and take the proper hygienic precautions, you’ll be fine.

    • @DeJjj Nothing you said made any sense. No one is saying live in fear. Scientists, doctors, experts say take proper precautions. Stop downplaying the severity or the seriousness of this virus. Stop saying it is just the flu. Stop saying what you do does not matter. Stop saying you can just go about your regular day just like normal.

      This ain't normal.

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  • Artesian
    People writing shit like this end up causing other people to spread the virus and kill people. Sit down, listen, and be quiet. Let the experts do the talking.
    • Konabeana

      Sitting and listening doesn’t do any good when preventing the spread of a pandemic. This person did a great job of simplifying what the news is exaggerating. You can’t always sit down on your ass and wait for the experts to alert you. You need to stay informed and educate others

    • Artesian

      @Konabeana Sitting and listening does a lot to prevent the spread of an epidemic. Especially when done from the confines of a home quarantine. Stupid shit said in this article:

      "1. The death rate is actually super low." No, it's alarmingly high.

      "3. Most of those who died are the elderly and those with health issues." Fuck you, so those people dying is more acceptable? WTF?

      "5. Thousands have tested negative for the virus." Whoopie, it has more people to spread too!!

    • Artesian

      1. The death rate is actually super low.

      I am just dumbfounded by this. If it's just 1% .. tell me who the hell thinks one out of 100 deaths is OK? What the actual fuck?

      This can potentially kill 500,000 here in the US and millions worldwide. Expec people you know or familiar names to die from it.

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  • RolandCuthbert
    It is incredible to me that people think that over-preparing is somehow over-reacting.

    The CoronaVirus is nothing to play with. We need a comprehensive strategy for how to deal with it.
    Doctors in Lombardy are literally deciding who will live and who will die.
    Doctors in Lombardy are literally deciding who will live and who will die.
    • Boppy

      I think that some forms of over-preparing may be considered unhelpful. If a handful of people panic and purchase a year's supply of food each, they'll temporarily limit their neighbors' food supply. People around here are having trouble finding toilet paper for sale because it's been sold out.

    • @Boppy Yeah the toilet paper nonsense is an example of the result of a lack of leadership. If people feel like they are being given honest and verified information, they are less likely to panic. People are not stupid. They know something is wrong. They know the virus is widespread. Just do the testing, be honest and give them good information about what to do.



  • Naydyonov
    (1) Deaths.
    (4607 deaths/(4607 deaths + 67 051 recovered)*100) = a current effective death rate of 6.43%.
    (2) Spread.
    The estimated number of people infected is now around 4-7 per infectee, from my knowledge.
    (3) China is lying.
    Based off all available information, they're full of shit. They spent weeks trying to cover it up, then started doing something when other countries found out about it. Equally, they have been under reporting their numbers by a large factor.
    However, it is likely that the number of cases has diminished. I believe it's now probably only a few hundred per day. Maybe 200-300.
    (4) Taking something serious doesn't mean panicking.
    I think the best way to calm down about something is to address it then move on. Had the world, China in particular, reacted to this straight away, no one would have ever heard about this virus, as it would only have infected a couple dozen or so people. By China covering it up and my other countries taking zero measures to limit its spread (other than saying racism is worse than the virus, which is objectively untrue), the result is now that 124 thousand people have been confirmed to be infected, though the true number is likely nearer to 500 thousand (China under reporting, Iran + Egypt not having the capabilities to totally track the virus (especially Egypt), and other countries having data that is lagging by a week, as the symptoms tend to appear a week or so after being infected).

    All in all, I'm afraid we have to take it much more seriously that we would like to because when it was still easy to stop, we decided to give not only zero shits, but negative ones.
  • zagor
    The death rate is somewhere from 2-4%. Or about ten times that from the seasonal flu. Furthermore, there is no information available yet about long term effects: Will having a case but recovering greatly increase the chances of (say) lung cancer? Also, if 15% of those infected don't die, but require intensive medical assistance, how will that affect available medical care?

    A lot of reasons not to underestimate the impact of this virus.
  • genericname85
    i really do not understand why the media blow up a common cold to the proportions of a zombie apocalypse... this realy just means one thing: the media are not to be trusted at all. there are only very few media outlets that actually cut the crap and don't spread bulshit.
    • Anonymous

      Although I would not call the virus as mild as the common cold, I do believe we are only hearing reports on the negative. Of course we need to be careful and be informed but I think the panic is unnecessary, especially as it has led to stockpiling and in some instances, racial abuse.

    • it is a mild common cold. the Robert Koch Institute in germany already declared the pandemy status (meaning that it will be spread workldwide) but still determines covid-19 to be "unproblematic for the individual that doesn't belong to the endangered group of people", which are the elderly and people with a damaged or weakened immune-system.

    • Anonymous

      These are certainly the people who the worst affected - but we all need to prevent the spread as the more people who have it, the more vulnerable people are exposed to it.

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  • Rubenjann
    How old is the asker/ author. The death rate in Italy right now is 4-5% , would the author accept doing something were the death rate I 5% ? And if you are over 70 year old the death rate is way height, so to tell people to calm down is pretty cheap
    • Anonymous

      If you actually read what I wrote, I did explain that there is a higher death rate for the elderly or those with underlying health conditions. Obviously the death rate isn't good, and I wouldn't go signing up for anything with a 5% death rate, but we're talking about a pandemic which is frequently being described as 'deadly', and I think striking panic is unnecessary, but we have to take precautions. The death rate for the younger generations is not 5%, but I know that doesn't mean we can breathe a sigh of relief.
      I have mentioned in my post about the importance of following the guidance and practicing good prevention techniques. I actually have really bad health anxiety, so this post is designed for like-minded people who may feel particularly panic-ridden right now, thanks to some of the headlines.
      For example, the other day I saw a headline which stated that 'morques needed to be making room' - even if this be the case, this is a horrible and unnecessary headline. Tell people how to be safe, not create that level of fear.
      In regards to the statistics in Italy, I believe that Italy has a higher number of elderly citizens than most countries - if this be the case, this would be likely the reason why so many cases and deaths have occurred. Of course I worry about this age group. I have two grandparents who are between late seventies and early eighties with underlying health conditions. I am terrified they will get this virus, but I am trying my best to share some of the more positive statistics and the things the media is not reporting. I am sorry if it comes across wrong, but I am trying to bring some comfort for people like me who will allow it to fester in their brains.

    • Rubenjann

      Now I'd guess I'm a little older and very interested in history, a d I'll give you that things can get out of proportion. 104 years ago panic were much less when two big thing happend with in 3 month in France at the battle of Somme and the battle of Yprez over 1100000 young men lost there life , but no panic secured and finance marked didn't went beserk , while in our information time, a single shark attack across the opposite of the world can affect people don't go to the sea. But we can't close our eyes for this panic, much more deadly than the virus it self. Worst case could be riot across Europe , Once again the EU seems to lose out there maybe last chance to prove there legitim excist. Pretty sad that western culture seems so weak , when things get tough. We don't have a " strong man" to make unpopular but necessary decisions

    • Come on, soldiers dying thousands of miles away was never going to affect the markets in the US. We don't need a "strong man", we need people who know what they're doing or listen to people who do.

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  • DiegoO
    I can understand your point of view. Panic is bad has been lethargic, however, some dose of panic is needed in these cases, otherwise, people are gonna be laid back and things will become inevitably worse.

    A few weeks ago I told an acquaintance to take care (she lives in Europe). She was like, "it's like a flue, nothing be worried about". My only reply was big like 👍
    • Anonymous

      Yeah I don't encourage anyone having a really blasé attitude about it, as you say, it makes them too laid back, and it's often the fear that really makes us do things and pay attention. I just saw an article the other day about how 'morques need to make more room' - and I thought that was so unnecessarily morbid and unhelpful.

  • Trojan35
    Thank you for this great topic, I also think in the same way as you do. Around 56.000 people die just because of flu in every year.. but from Corona? Just 3.800 people died already and also cases in China are slowing down. Despite all of that it's still hard to be not influenced by media sometimes and feel nervous, let's hope everyone will get better in a short time, no matter what their religion, race or skin color is.
    • Anonymous

      Your comment is spot on, I've have had a lot of opposing opinions (either being too blasé, which is concerning too, or claiming that coronavirus is far more dangerous than I believe it is). Obviously its sad anyone has died, and we need to be vigilant in not letting it spread further, but panic helps no one. We have to stay safe and remind ourselves of the more positive outcomes from time to time.

  • Meropatrick
    Thats what i was thinking, but again one of the reasons why this virus isn't as deadly its because of the global effort to contain it. The Spanish influenza in 1920 killed many people and it Was just the flu
    • Anonymous

      Yes - containment is hugely important and I believement it can still be achieved. I don't like the attitude of some countries, like the UK for instnace, which just saw the virus as an inevitablity rather than put in any drastic measures to stop it, like putting a stop to flights earlier, etc. Spanish flu did kll many people, but it was also 100 years ago, so hopefully with medical advances, survival rate will be higher. Plus I can think of other viruses which caused major panic in the last few years but weren't major killers globally - like the Swine flu in 2009 and Ebola in 2014.

    • "Spanish" flu was hushed up by POTUS at the time, to keep up morale.

      "Woodrow Wilson is probably the great negative historical example of how a president should manage a pandemic. People got sick at a military installation in Kansas and Wilson was told by his medical people don't ship them to Europe because this pandemic will spread. Wilson said it is much more important to proceed with the war effort. He was worried that the president or the government would become unpopular.

      And the result was that they were put on ships and in very close quarters. They were later called coffin ships because they were so close together that the disease spread, a lot of people died. Got to Europe and the illness spread through Europe."

    • October808

      @goaded There again is an example of intentional mass murder.

  • Screenwriter
    I have an old friend with Pulmonary fibrosis and lung cancer. It's amazing we can still laugh about this. She is over 60. Every risk group you can think of. My cousin is over 70 and has MRSA. She's had some heart issues. Got another friend who has heart trouble. All of these women are very active and far more active than average women their ages. One is a college prof who is exposed to loads of people. Another works a job that offers programs for the elderly. No one has been sick yet. There is one case in Louisiana and 15 have tested negative.
    I've made my own hand sanitizer with aloe and isopropyl alcohol to the percentage on the back of my store sanitizer. I have two bottles in use at my house, sing happy birthday twice while washing my hands. Watch how EVERYBODY is touching whatever I have to touch and sanitize when I get back to my car to drive home.
    I've never washed my hands long enough in my life until now. I'm keeping some feet between me and others at coffee shops and while standing in lines. Getting it once isn't the issue. You can get it repeatedly. There isn't any immunity to it. One guy got it, recovered, got it again and DIED!
    Young people are at lower risk, but should not be cavalier about overexposure or not performing due diligence. Don't lower your immune system by overexposure to sick people. Remember who died in 1918. Men between the ages of 19 and 26. Because they were crowded in Army barracks and it leapt from person to person. The spread of polio was stopped dead in its tracks because of home quarantines in the 40s and 50s. Signs were posted on doors and the infected kept home from school and from others in the neighborhoods. It too was a virus that, at the time, there was no cure for until the polio vaccine came out in the late 50s. Polio killed mostly the very young to infecting and paralyzing older children to the middle aged and left people horribly crippled. Recall the "Iron Lung"? That was for people whose polio paralyzed their diaphragms (a muscle) and couldn't breathe. It did the diaphragm's work. FDR was the most well known victim.
    My friend says maybe people will be cleaner from now on. It only takes one infected, careless person to break through the wall of Chlorox and spread it. Let's all be squeaky clean and maybe in the warmer months, it'll die down. But by fall, we'll be in another flu season and it'll likely flare up again. Get your flu shot if you haven't already. It seems to offer a bit of immunity to covid 19.
  • ragequeen
    I hope people realize that the reason things have been going well (low mortality rates) is BECAUSE people are freaking out and taking this seriously. If we were all relaxing, it would be a lot worse in the world right now.

    It's incredibly important to get rid of the "just relax" mentality. If people start caring less, more people will be infected. I think it's important to take this seriously and be worried about it.
  • francesco999
    I'm from Italy and the situation here is horrible, we can only go out for work and for food. today 2000 people have been infected and an infected one came to my shop, he only took a step at the entrance and turned around, so I'm not infected fortunately.
    • October808

      Italy has 12,462 confirmed cases as of this moment. I hope you stay safe.

    • thanks

    • @francesco999 How did you know that the person who stepped into your shop was infected?

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  • Unit1
    No thanks. I rather be safe than sorry. The H1N1 influenza (2009) was a successful scaremongering with the fatality rate being 0.02%, whereas the covid19 has a fatality rate of 3,4%. I call the H1N1 influenza having a super low death rate. Hell, it's even weaker than the seasonal flu.

    however i don't go around and panic and stockpile for the next end of the world event.
  • wankiam
    gosh im glad you came out of retirement to tell us lol... seriously though you are ofcourse completely right
    • Anonymous

      What do you mean retirement? Haha I just thought some of these facts may be useful - I actually have health anxiety so a lot of the headlines in the news are really bad for people like me, and they don't report on the good stuff, so felt like someone should say!

    • wankiam

      hadn't seen you here much lately, thats all... yeah it does play on peoples minds and infact i have been at least trying to put every question about it in trending and news so people can avoid it if they wish... i even moved one from how do i look section a couple of days ago... sadly i see yours is locked ;)

    • Anonymous

      oh haha yeah I've been busy... and I just felt like shutting down the unnecessary panic - don't want to sound stupid but how do I unlock it then lol

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  • The6ix
    There will be a deadlier virus in the future that affects this world. This is merely a light tap on the hand. Your title says "Why We Need To Calm Down About Coronavirus". Well, why would schools shut down? Why would big companies like Nike potentially lose $17 billion? Why would the NBA, NHL, NCAA, MLB, and other pro sports leagues cancel their season? The list goes on and on. I believe this is a message from God and your wrong on one thing I was looking at the stats the coronavirus (the virus itself) is deadlier the common flu. Just because fewer people died doesn't mean it's less deadly. People won't take precautions next time, people will go back to trading, traveling, starting wars in the middle east, oppressing other nations and etc. But the next big pandemic will be deadly it will kill 1/3 of the world's population and this has already been prophesied over 1400 years ago. If people say the coronavirus is not that bad then I dare people to touch subway poles or public doorknobs around buildings and don't wash your hands then tell me how you feel.
    • The6ix

      For those disliking my comment I guess you haven’t heard of plagues before? Spanish flu, the Black Death, Asian flu, etc. Watch, ignorance will bite people in the ass.

  • lumos
    All very good points. However, I think a good reason to be a bit unnerved is how it's spreading so fast and how contagious it is. This means hospitals might reach their max capacity at some point, which would be extremely unfortunate, especially for those in the risk groups. So let's hope that it doesn't get to that point for most countries/cities.
  • AlienParasite
    Honestly, I agree except I would recommend not to get checked unless your symptoms serious or you have someone vulnerable at home, as a way to avoid collapsing hospitals. Because if many people go to check at the same time to the same hospital they can create a unnecessary chaos. On the other side they could be taking doctors' time from people who have more serious issues.
    We do not need to calm down about the coronavirus, it just got updated to a pandemic. You don't grasp the fact that your body doesn't build natural immunity after catching it. You might survive the first time, but the second very well can kill you. Good luck surviving getting it 10 times. There will come a point where everyone will be infected, as soon as you get better someone will get you sick again, people will start dropping in thousands a day.
    • DeJjj

      You guys are doing what the media wants you to do. Panic. It’s nothing but a gimic. Although all of this is actually happening and people are getting infected it doesn’t mean it wasn’t planned. All of this is going on around the time of election. Their even telling us to vote from home knowing that many will forget to mail in their ballots. This is all set up for us to panic and be scared and believe this is gonna end the whole world. It’s a distraction and from comments like these it’s working lol. It was like snatching candy from a baby.

    • @DeJjj You fail to understand that I don't watch tv and get my information from medical profesionals. Everyone who is downplaying this is an imbecile.

    • DeJjj

      Lmfaoo you sound more upset than me shouting out insults which is one of a teen and you’re older than me just because you’re dramatic. Lmfaoo. Gtfo.

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  • Meatunnel69
    This shit is in my neighborhood. Literally just found out tonight... only miles from my house Pneumonia is not fun... its highly contagious and the panic is justified it could kill millions due to its exponential nature. Much more contagious than the flu bad comparison.
    • Show your source of infornation then

    • Information*

    • Solstraale

      @TienShenhan this is the true. Look whats happening in Italy

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  • Browneye57
    Thank you. This is media hype, pure and simple.
    The media is the mouthpiece for the DNC, and they would rather see this country crash and burn in the hopes they can gain power, get Trump out. This whole thing is a political hit piece. You'll see.

    And when the smoke clears, and it turns out to be nothing even close to what they keep shrieking about, will they apologize and say they were wrong? Oh hell no. Hopefully they don't completely dismantle the country in the process.
    • "Hey, guys, there's this supposedly post-apocalyptic disease that could potentially kill us all, so we all should rush out to the store and purchase a shit ton of toilet paper" ...

    • Give it a rest. Trump cultists like you have ruined the country. This virus is as real as your hatred for your fellow man. How can this be a political hit piece ALL OVER THE FUCKING WORLD! Man, you are a lost cause.

    • I think @supercutebutt ran out of toilet paper and the stores are all sold out!

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  • The tabloid media loves scare stories and click bait but these aren't the tactics of the WHO and governments. I can't help thinking their not telling us the whole story. Why all the fuss if only a handfull of old people are going to die?
  • Bongem
    I agree: calm down, mortality rates aren't that high. But just watch out if you are a vulnerable group (older people, diabetic, etc..)

    Follow the developments: coronamap dot org
  • winterfox10
    COVID19 has a psychological and financial element to it that's different from anything we've seen before. I think that that is super important to remember. Calming down is not helpful for people who live in affected areas; the damage isn't happening to populations, it's happening to industry and businesses.
  • Twalli
    As someone with no immune system and living with someone who works in a hospital, I think I should be worried.
    • Jaysonava

      Thinking of you mate

    • Twalli

      @Jaysonava like the poster said, people like me ccx already have to do this every year due to the flu. I can't be within 6ft of my mom for a week because she treated someone with the flu yesterday (Wednesday). I can't go to any public space (or even leave my house) except for the park because of the possible risks, especially since WHO just declared it a global pandemic.

    • Goodwifie

      I take meds to suppress my immune system and I work in a pharmacy.
      I can say that I am definitely worried.
      Stay well mate.

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  • DomTreddo
    I had blood work yesterday and as I was waiting there was a Asian woman wearing a face mask. I thought why does she need to wear one if the rest of the people aren't wearing masks.
    • I think it's a standard thing in the far east; if you've got a cold, it's polite to try not to give it to other people. (I think I read masks don't stop you from catching it, but might help with not passing it on, but I don't recall where.)

    • DomTreddo

      @goaded I'm from Canada

    • And where was the Asian woman from?

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  • AnOnImOuSeS
    Also, don't buy lots of Antibacterial Soap and stuff like that. It's a virus, and the soap isn't antvirusal, it doesn't affect the virus
    • Anonymous

      Yes, the best advice is actually using soap and water to wash your hands, I wouldn't rely solely on anti-bac gel.

  • Dennis_Rodrigue
    Though the volume is low still people worry and scared of Covid-19 because still, medical science has not come out with any curable treatment or medication. We cannot judge the critical situation on the patient ratio Unless we don't find the antidote of the Covid-19.
  • kangy
    It hit us harder than SARS but we had learnt from SARS time, so countries are more well prepared. we saw spikes in South Korea cases and also many deaths in china which resulted in people more fearing for death.

    But I agree that we need to calm down at the same time take safety precautions.
    We should continue to practice the hand hygiene and limit unnecessary travelling.

    All countries are doing their best to protect their citizens and this is a good job.
  • dthomas89
    I don't need someone I've never met before, telling me what I should and shouldnt' do. Especially online trolls
    • Anonymous

      Um... how am I an online troll? There is a lot of really useless stuff posted on this website and I am sure you don't comment on all of that - these posts are fine but I am just saying that I am trying to be informative and give a more positive take on the current crisis.
      Although I outline a few things you shouldn't do during this outbreak, never have I put myself in a position of authority - I stated from the start that I just wanted to offer some reassurance from some of the statistics and so forth. That's all this myTake is - showing you some of the positives that the media isn't telling you. I added some general advice (which is the same advice all of the major health organisations are saying) just to make it clear that we do have to all do our part in trying to stop it spreading further. A gentle reminder to wash your hands thoroughly shouldn't be something you take offence to.

    • dthomas89

      Because you have been from the start

      Like i said, I don't need someone like you, telling me what I should and shouldn't do

    • Anonymous

      I have been what from the start and explain why?

      If you have read anything I have said, I have stated I wanted to reassure people who were worried, whilst encouraging them to take care of themselves and others. These are real things that the media haven't reported that for some, may be helpful. I don't know what your problem is - if you don't want to hear what I wanted to say on the matter, then don't click on the myTake. I only have good intentions so there is so need to be rude, and nothing I have said is false.

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  • Liam_Hayden
    Thank you. We also do not yet know how many asymptomatic people there are nor how many mildly symptomatic people there have been who treated it like a cold, never went to a doctor, and recovered. if there are a lot, the mortality rates could be significantly lower.
  • daniellelickey
    Thank you for your sharing. It's very useful for me. We shouldn't underestimate it and not to be over-panicking, I think.
    • Anonymous

      Yes, of course we shouldn't underestimate and we need to do all we can to prevent it spreading, but the media aren't helping anyone by causing panic. I have health anxiety, so if I didn't calm myself with the positives, my anxiety could get really bad.

  • pizzalovershouse
    Ah but wd still dont know enough to know why some get it but never shows symptoms an yet can pass it an never know they had it ever our DNA keeps a record of viruses an infections so till we get all viruses an deases researched an cords madd it will always be some new problem no 1 was looking for ahead of time lots of programs in countries got cut from searching for these that have been herd long before man back as far as cave men
  • ZeussLightningBolt
    You need to send this to all the idiots who are shutting down services.
    I'm not even mad at the Chinese anymore.
    I'm mad at the media and WHO (not the band, they're great), for blowing this thing so out of proportion.
  • Interstate
    if everybody goes on yahoo (dot) com and click on the link above the windows where it says "Get the latest news on the pandemic", that will explain it all.
  • Jaximus-Lion
    No one likes facts because that will make them look like an ASS. But! Propaganda makes them look good, that's why many wants us to panic over it. I swallow facts, i don't swallow propagandas
  • Goodwifie
    I am one of those people with health issues because I take a medication that lowers my immune system.
    I can say that I am worried but not panicked although I am getting pissed off at people who seem to be complacent because they are young and healthy and it's not going to affect them too much.
    I work in a pharmacy so I'm feeling a little exposed and venerable.
    Served a lady last week who said she'd been sent home from work because she had a flu so she was using her free time to go to the hairdressers.
    Stop and think people.
  • iOoko
    even those who recover may need ventilators and while in other developed nations they're provided for free in america they're not so the death rate in america will be much higher. it's also important to slow down the spread so hospitals aren't overflooded
  • Pamina
    The problem isn't that the desease itself is exceptionally fatal but rather that we're not properly prepared for it nor have a vaccine yet. Like with the flu, an infected person needs to be treated properly for it not to become fatal (especially if you're ederly or in some other risk group), and that's hard to do when it spreads so suddenly and exponentially that medical facilities are overwhelmed and overloaded. That's why the precautions happening across Europe right now are necessary - to slow down the spreading. That's what's called "flattening the curve":Panic is never good though, I agree with that.

    This desease will stick, we probably won't get rid of it again. It will become part of life just like the flu, and until we have a vaccine we have to be extra cautious. Hopefully this while thing will at least heavily weaken that insufferable anti-vaxx movement.
  • Thatsamazing
    As a non-idiot, I'm already very calm about this thing. People are overreacting, because people love overreacting to something that requires no brain power to read about.
    • DeJjj

      And the only ones getting upset with those of us who choose not to panic are the ones being dramatic lol. Proving our points. People hate to be called out on their ways especially when their dramatic ways aren’t necessary.

    • Solstraale

      You to makes me so tierd 🥱

    • October808

      @Solstraale You can't fix stupid. It took them a lifetime to get that way.

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  • dragoblack
    Could be because it is a new strain of pneumonia and as soon as you have it, you get over it within 2 to 3 weeks then get on with your life. Unless your immune system is weak, you're old, or you have failing organs. You don't have to worry about dying. You should worry more about the ones being released from the permafrost at the poles
    • October808

      It damages your lungs. You will never be the same again.

  • Passinggas
    With all the traveling I did, I caught it and it sucked. I thought I had a knife in my throat, blowtorch on my head and I couldn’t work out because of full lungs, but it is gone. I had blood out my nose and mouth with green sht, lovely. However, I have a tremendous immune system because I rarely get sick and when I do, it is usually minimal. I am still living in my cabin alone and my girlfriend has been leaving my supplies on the porch while she stays at the house. Best damn vacation I had in awhile. I think I will go for a hike. Enjoy…what doesn’t kill ya will make you tougher.
    • Well, I'm glad you seem to be feeling better. :)

    • Passinggas

      @Flower7 Thanks... that is nice of you.

    • Naydyonov

      Did you actually?

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  • bailey11
    We have nothing to fear but fear itself.

    We all just need to calm down.
  • Darkening
    Great mytake, and I agree with a lot of what you say, but im just curious, you say that the media isn't announcing is that over 62,000 cases have fully recovered, and if you aren't getting information from the media then where are you getting your info? I want to know bc I have no idea where I should be getting information and what types of sources I should be believing because on the news and radio im constantly hearing that you shouldn't believe any other sources except for trusted media and news sources, but on the opposing side im hearing that the news/media is lying and to not believe them?
    • DiegoO

      Take this into consideration:

      Would you trust a professional journalist who has access to valuable information, who travelled to get them sometimes, who have serious contacts with people who hold that information? Or... Some jane or john dow who only can tell what he/she has discovered on the World Wide Web and what he/she thinks about the discovery, and who uses statistics without even understanding it?

  • "We don't panic that much every time we get in the car or catch a cold or flu, do we?"
    More people have died of flu because more people have had flu, but the mortality rate for people who catch the illness is much higher among people who get coronavirus than get flu.

    As for your chart. Most of the illnesses in your chart are one or more of the following:
    1) extremely rare or extinct, and/or preventable by vaccines (coronavirus doesn't have a vaccine yet)
    2) can't be contracted simply by being out in public and going about your day (HIV/AIDS)
    3) have much lower mortality rates among people who get it (flu)
    The ones who didn't meet the aforementioned characteristics also caused widespread panic (SARS and ebola).
  • Taylor_C
    The numbers regarding how contagious the Coronavirus is, are not up to date. It's 20 times as contagious as seasonal flu, according to numbers published yesterday.
    You should most certainly be stock piling food and necessities, not only because of this disease, but you should at all times be prepared to ride a societal crisis out. Anything else is irresponsible. The shortage in stores are due to just-in-time delivery system, which needs to change for security reasons. Preparedness is not panicking. It's being responsible.
  • 420Rachel
    Jeez my dad showed me a video today of these women fighting over toilet paper in a Walmart. Everyone needs to calm down and just wash their hands. 😂
  • lightbulb27
    here here! What is it about TP that has people so freaked? Maybe that it comes from china and they'll cut off the world supply? I'd be buying tissues?

    One thing I'd say is to be a little bit racist or culturalist. It appears, not fact, that these viruses are popping out of "open animal markets" and they remain open in other countries. China shut theirs down... who knows for how long.

    Seems like the world needs to motivate humans to improve their humanity and not slaughter whatever they find. that probably gets to financial conditions and such in those countries.

    otherwise, we get another one of these viru down the road... and we may anyways.
  • Yeah Mers is real deal. 1 out of 3 people dies. But coronavirus killed so many people already too. We can’t live with this forever